Quietest Portable Air Conditioner

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AC units tend to get very loud when they run, especially on the higher speed settings. This isn’t the case with all products, evidently, and we took our time to search the market for the quietest portable ACs that will cater to your cooling needs while delivering the silence and portability you desire. Feature-rich and discrete in their operation, you will be able to go through the most torrid summer without breaking a sweat so that you feel as comfortable as possible when you’re at home.

Top 9 Silent Portable ACs Compared

1. Honeywell HL09CESWK

The Honeywell HL09CESWK ranks first for obvious reasons as it provides an effective 3-in-1 functionality, working as an AC cooler, a fan, and a dehumidifier while maintaining a quiet operation as it produces only 45 decibels when it runs. Its 9,000 BTUs make it suitable for use in rooms ranging in size from 250 to 400 square feet, so you can rely on it to cool any room in your home.

Seeing how it is able to withdraw up to 80.1 pints of moisture per day from the air, it eliminates the need for a dehumidifier in the room you use it in. Furthermore, its neat caster wheels combined with its design make it easy for you to move it from room to room when needed, so you can benefit from the cooling and dehumidification services anywhere in your home.

As it features the useful 24-hour timer function, you will be able to set it to run for the exact amount of time you need it to, lowering operational costs by doing so. Its smart digital thermostat control provides a user-friendly manner to set the desired temperature for it to reach and maintain indoors. Other features that add to its ease of use include the digital display and the soft-touch control panel. It comes with a dual filtration system that tackles airborne pollutants to leave the air indoors cleaner, and you can clean the filter under a faucet instead of replacing it to save on maintenance costs.

It comes with the window vent kit for vertical/horizontal windows that includes a bracket that is adjustable from 26.6” or 33.1” to 49.6”, and an exhaust hose that measures 10.6” to 59” in length. The full function remote control included with the purchase lets you change settings remotely for added convenience. Lastly, we mention that it is backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, so in the event that it malfunctions or gets damaged, repairs are free while the agreement is active.

What We Like

  • 3-in-1 function – works as an AC cooler, a fan, and a dehumidifier
  • 24-hour energy saving timer lets you customize its operational span to save on costs
  • There are 3 fan speeds that you can select between
  • Digital control panel makes it user-friendly


Easy to use, able to cover large areas of up to 400 square feet, and maintaining a whisper-quiet operation throughout, our top Honeywell pick is sure to lower temperature and create a pleasant ambiance indoors without making its presence known or bothering you.

2. Koldfront PAC802W

The compact frame and design might mislead you, but the truth is that this AC packs more than enough power to make the environment feel cool and pleasant when the hot weather takes over. It is recommended for use in rooms of up to 250 square feet, the 8000 BTUs of cooling power it delivers ensuring that the atmosphere will feel great in a matter of minutes. The louvers are multi-directional, so you can point them anywhere you like for optimal cooling of the room.

You can even opt for automatic swing so that they move up and down continuously. The temperature range you can set spans from 62 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, and it features a 24-hour timer that helps save on operational costs while providing you with more power over its operational customization.

It puts 3 fan speeds at your disposal and doubles as a dehumidifier as it removes up to 61 pints of moisture per day. The digital display on the control panel ensures an intuitive use, while the included remote control lets you conveniently change settings without leaving the couch.

The caster wheels it features make it easy to move it from one room to another, its portability being enhanced by the design it boasts as it weighs only 57.2 pounds and measures a compact 34.5 inches in height, 18.75 inches in width, and 15.75 inches in depth. When it comes to backing, expect the manufacturing company to have you covered for 1 year after purchasing it.

What We Like

  • You can pick from 3 speed settings
  • 24-hour timer help save energy
  • Features an ozone and climate-friendly CFC-free refrigerant
  • Directional louvers let you position the air as you like for optimal comfort

What We Dislike

  • Doesn’t cool rooms where the temperature is higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Some customers complained that a drop in cooling efficiency was witnessed after several months of use


It might rank low, but when it comes to maintaining quietness when it runs, it’s one of the best options to go for as it produces a mere 43 decibels on its lowest speed setting. Combined with its high efficiency when it comes to cooling small to medium-sized areas, it makes for a smart option to get through summer comfortably.

3. Frigidaire FFPA0822U1

A modern and effective unit that outputs 8,000 BTUs cooling power, the Frigidaire FFPA0822U1 is a smart acquisition if you plan on using it for rooms and spaces of up to 350 square feet. It produces only 51 decibels when set on the highest of its 3 speed settings, which is extremely silent. Moreover, on the lowest setting, it produces considerably less noise, so you can use it in the bedroom when you sleep without even noticing that it’s turned on.

It is relatively compact in size and doesn’t weigh much, but what makes it ideal in terms of portability is the fact that it features casters, so you can simply push it gently to move it from room to room. It features a 24-hour timer that you can schedule for truly convenient operation for the AC to start and stop functioning at pre-selected hours of the day or night. It uses a washable anti-bacterial mesh filter to trap airborne particles, bacteria, and room odors to help enhance the air quality in the room.

In the event of a power outage, when the power comes back, it automatically restarts its operation with your pre-selected settings. It provides dehumidification as all quality AC units, and as it is able to remove up to 2.8 pints of moisture from the air per hour, it can handle even damp spaces just fine, normalizing humidity levels to create a safer living space.

The louvers swing to ensure complete room coverage so that you feel comfortable regardless of where you sit exactly. Furthermore, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and a 5-year warranty for the sealed system.

What We Like

  • Automatically restarts after a power outage with your pre-selected settings
  • Programmable 24-hour on/off timer lets you set it to turn on and off at the desired moment of the day
  • Washable filter helps reduce airborne particles, bacteria, and room odors
  • Features wheels that help you relocate it easily when needed


Quiet as it produces only 52 dB on the high speed setting, discrete and modern in its design, and proficient when it comes to cooling, this Frigidaire product is worth every cent.

4. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1

It might come at an expensive price, but as it is able to fulfill 3 functions, more precisely removing excess moisture, cooling the room, and ventilating the air inside it, it’s safe to say that it’s worth every cent. Add to its already impressive roster of functions the fact that it features an easy-access filter which reduces airborne particles, bacteria, and room odors for a healthier environment, and you have a truly impressive appliance on your hands. The 5.9-foot long cord it features allows mobility in placement, while the omnidirectional casters help you relocate it more easily when needed.

For further convenience when moving it from room to room, it features side handles that make it easier to lift and carry it. When humidity levels rise indoors, it removes up to 5.3 pints of moisture per hour to reduce them and upkeep a healthy environment. The variable electronic temperature control lets you set the desired temperature indoors, providing you with quite a generous range that spans from 62 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. There are 3 fan speeds that you can pick from to customize its operation, and it comes with a remote control that lets you change settings from anywhere in the room.

When power is restored after an outage, its auto-restart function resumes operating with the previous settings. When it comes to backing, the manufacturer has it covered for 1 year on labor, 2 years on parts, and 5 years on the compressor so that you won’t spend money on repair work when needed.

What We Like

  • Multiple operating options – fan, dry, cool
  • Auto restarts helps it resume its operation with the previous settings after a power outage
  • Variable temperature control from 62 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features an easy-access filter that reduces airborne particles and room odors for healthier air indoors

What We Dislike

  • Wheels don’t work very well on carpet
  • Comes at an expensive price


Not only does it cool and dehumidify the air in the room, but it captures airborne particles to further enhance air quality and make indoor living more comfortable for you.

5. Honeywell MN10CESBB

Easy to install and maintain, it makes for a great addition to a room you want to cool discretely as it produces only 53 decibels when it runs. Able to produce up to 10000 BTUs to quickly lower the temperature in the room, it is perfect for use in the summertime. What makes it even more appropriate for the warm season is that it can remove up to 70 pints of moisture from the air per day, which is a heaven-sent considering that humidity levels tend to rise considerably in this period on the year. as it features self-evaporation, there is no need for a collection bucket. Where humidity is outstandingly high, however, you can opt for continuous drainage.

It is recommended for use in spaces of up to 450 square feet, wide enough area coverage to handle bedrooms and offices. If you don’t want it to cool the room but rather just circulate the air gently, you can opt for the fan only mode. There are 3 fan speeds put at your disposal – high, medium, and low – so that you may customize its operation to your liking. The programmable timer it features can be set from 1 to 24 hours to save you on energy costs.

It comes with a full function remote control that, evidently, lets you remotely change settings and functions in a convenient manner. It features a washable filtration system that prevents dust, pet hair, and pet dander from entering the AC while eliminating these impurities from the air to keep it clean as well. Furthermore, there’s a 1-year warranty provided for it on parts and labor.

What We Like

  • Features a 24-hour programmable timer that helps save on operational costs
  • 3 fan speeds to select from – low, medium, high
  • Comes with a remote control for a convenient operation
  • Washable filter captures dust particles to leave the air clean

What We Dislike

  • Asking price is a bit spicy
  • Some customers had issues with customer support, they did not receive the help needed


Packing 3 technologies in a single, compact body, you can rely on the Honeywell to cool, ventilate, and dehumidify the room it is placed in. Easy to use and built to last, it’s worth every cent the manufacturer asks for it.

6. LG LP1017WSR

You can put it in the office or bedroom without worrying it might present a distraction as it produces only 53 decibels when it runs. Its 10000 BTUs enable it to cool a room of up to 300 square feet in a matter of minutes so that you will sit comfortably indoors, using an R410A refrigerant to deliver this high efficiency.

There are 2 fan speeds put at your disposal, and the louvers can be set to automatically swing up and down for more effective cooling of the room. It features a 24-hour timer that you can use to program its operation and help lower costs.

As it is able to remove a staggering 2.5 pints of moisture per hour from the air, it even doubles as a dehumidifier, making the air in the room truly comfortable and healthy. It even features an air filter that captures impurities to leave behind healthier air for you to breathe, a filter that is washable and reusable, thus saving money in terms of maintenance. When the power comes back after an outage, it will pick its operation up from where it left off as it features the automatic restart.

The easy-roll casters make it a cinch to relocate it from one room to another when needed. Its portability is further enhanced by its design as it measures 16.9 inches in width by 27.4 inches in height by 12.8 inches in depth and weighs a mere 59.5 pounds. Last but not least, a 1-year warranty for parts and labor is provided with it.

What We Like

  • Easy-roll casters help you move it from room to room with ease
  • Washable filter helps save on maintenance costs
  • When the power returns after an outage, it takes off its operation from where it left off due to its automatic restart
  • Water full indicator lets you know when the moisture it has collected from the air needs to be emptied

What We Dislike

  • Power cord is inconveniently short
  • Some customers complained that it started leaking after months of use


Able to cool areas of up to 300 square feet in a matter of minutes, it doesn’t only boast a high efficiency, but maintains quietness as it runs as well, producing only 53 decibels to not present a distraction.

7. Shinco SPF2-08C

This model produces less than 52 decibels on the lowest of its 2 fan speed setting, so you can understand why it makes an appearance in our top. The Shinco is great in more ways than one, actually, as it not only maintains a discrete operation but manages to provide quite a hearty 8,000 BTUs cooling power to help make the indoor space perfect to be in even in the hottest summer days. It is suitable for spaces of up to 350 square feet, an aspect you must take into consideration if you want to enjoy an optimal performance on its part.

It is a 3-in-1 model as it can not only function as an AC but provides dehumidification and can even be used in the fan-only mode. Seeing how it is able to wick up to 60 pints of moisture from the air per day, it’s safe to say that it should help normalize humidity levels indoors on its own. It relies on the self-evaporative cooling technology, a major perk as the water from the air is used to cool the condenser coils, which means that you won’t have to empty the collection tank all that often as it will fill a lot harder.

To provide you with full control over its operation and cut on running costs, it features a 24-hour on/off timer that you can set as you see fit, programming it to start and stop functioning at specific moments of the day. The control panel and LED display the unit features are designed to make your life easy when you use it, the whole process being quite intuitive.

A remote control is included with the purchase so that you can change the temperature, settings, and turn it on or off from anywhere in the room. In addition to being portable through its design as it doesn’t weigh much, it features caster wheels that help you move it easily from room to room. Furthermore, it is covered against defects for 1 year after you make the acquisition.

What We Like

  • Self-evaporating cooling technology helps reduce water collection in the tank
  • 24-hour timer lets you set it to run when and for as long as you like to cut on costs
  • Reasonably priced – affordable option
  • Caster wheels make it easy to relocate it when needed

What We Dislike

  • Not the most powerful entry when it comes to cooling
  • Hose attachment is a bit fragile


Suitable for spaces of up to 350 square feet and silent so that you can place it in any room you like without it being a distraction, the Shinco SPF2-08C is a suitable cooling solution for anyone looking to make a budget deal.

8. JHS A001-10KR/D

The JHS A001-10KR/D is a multi-function appliance that comes at a fair price and anyone who is looking to make the indoor environment feel more pleasant due summer should consider acquiring. The functions it provides include: dehumidifier, AC, and fan-only, the latter allowing you to opt between 2 fan speeds. When used in the dehumidifier mode, it removes up to 50.7 pints of moisture from the air per day, so it efficiently eliminates the need for a separate dehumidification unit.

The built-in water tank boasts a 0.7-liter capacity, and when it is full, a reminder tells you to drain it. It even comes with a drain hose that you can set up in a matter of minutes if you want to enjoy automatic drainage and not have to cater to the chore of manually emptying the tank anymore.

Evidently, since it makes an appearance in this top, you are assured of the fact that it maintains a silent operation throughout, producing less than 54 decibels when it runs. It outputs 10,000 BTUs cooling power to keep rooms and spaces of up to 300 square feet at a steady, comfortable temperature that you pick. Speaking of, the digital thermostat control ranges from 61 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dust filter it includes helps keep the air cleaner and fresher, and seeing how it is washable, you won’t have to spend money to replace it when it gets dirty but rather rinse it water quickly. In the event of a power outage, the automatic restart function keeps your pre-selected settings so that you won’t have to reset them yourself.

Another useful feature is presented by the 24-hour on/off timer that lets you set the operational time span of the AC to gain higher control over the unit, as well as save on operational costs. At the highest speed, it produces 205 CFM, and it features automatic 2-way directional air louvers for optimal cooling. The power cord measures 60” in length to eliminate the need for extension cords.

It measures 14.6” in width by 12.6” in depth by 28.8” in height to occupy a small amount of space, and due to the fact that it only weighs 53 pounds and features 4 caster wheels, relocation is an easy task that you can perform on your own. Lastly, we mention that the manufacturer backs it with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

What We Like

  • 24-hour on/off timer helps save on operational costs
  • Digital thermostat range from 61 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic restart after a power outage
  • Automatic 2-way directional air louvers

What We Dislike

  • When the dehumidifier function is used, it needs to be drained quite often
  • Plug is low, which makes draining the collected water quite inconvenient


As it boasts a 3-in-1 functionality due to the fact that it can be used as an AC, dehumidifier, or in fan-only mode, it comes at a fair price, it is easy to use due to its intuitive controls, and comes with modern features like a 24-hour timer and automatic restart, the JHS A001-10KR/D makes for a worthy acquisition.

9. EdgeStar AP8000W

Its portable design ensures you don’t have to make a permanent installation so that you are able to use it for any room of your house, while the compact body and light weight make it a cinch to move it when needed. Evidently, it’s quiet in its operation, producing little noise to not present a distraction when you are in the same room with it, more precisely 53 decibels on the low fan speed setting, and 56 decibels on the high setting.

Multiple functions

It fulfills a total of 3 functions to provide you with a complete service. In addition to cooling the room, it can circulate the air inside it without lowering the temperature, and it can be used to remove excess moisture as well. As a matter of fact, it is able to remove up to 50 pints of humidity from the air per day, which makes it a perfect option for those who live in areas where summer air is extra wet.

Energy saving features

What delights is that it comes with a useful energy-saving feature which adds to its efficiency and ensures a low-cost operation. Evidently, the feature we are referring to is the 24-hour timer that allows you to set it to run when you need it, not continuously, thus saving on operational costs.

Mention-Worthy Details

  • There are 3 separate fan speeds that you can pick between – low, medium, and high.
  • Automatic drain system exhausts all the condensate so that you won’t have to manually drain it.
  • Running it continuously costs only 95 cents per day, which is considerably more cost-effective than most products in its niche.

Automatic restart

Its intelligent design enhances convenience in use as, after a power failure, the automatic restart feature it comes with interferes and takes the hassle out of the situation by retaking the operation from where it left off, with the settings you previously selected. Thus, you won’t have to reset it yourself as it does so on its own.

What We Like

  • Multiple functions make it perfect for year-round use
  • Self-evaporating system eliminates the need for draining when humidity levels aren’t absurdly high
  • Designed to be easy to move from room to room – compact and lightweight
  • Eco-friendly design granted by the R410A refrigerant it features

What We Dislike

  • Some customers found inaccuracies in its temperature readings
  • Comes at an expensive price


It delivers an effective cooling of small rooms and spaces in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it does so at the fraction of the cost of other similar appliances due to the energy saving programmable features it comes with.


Silence in operation and portability are the two most important specs to look into with this purchase. Evidently, when ranking our picks, we took other elements into consideration as well, like the cooling power and area covered to deliver you with a balanced top from all important perspectives.

The EdgeStar AP8000W was a no-brainer as it effectively cools a 250 square feet area in a matter of minutes due to the 8000 BTUs it employs. Its directional air discharge louvers that let you choose the direction in which the air should flow and the 24-hour programmable timer didn’t hurt its case either, adding to the AC’s appeal.

For those who need utter silence, the Koldfront PAC802W is the go-to option, however, its mere 43 decibels on the low speed setting making it likely for you to forget that it’s even turned on. Furthermore, it removes a staggering 61 pints of moisture from the air per day, which makes it effectively replace the functioning of a dehumidifier.

Silent and feature-rich is the Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC14RD1 that not only produces only 53 decibels when it runs, but features the power-saving 24-hour timer and comes with a convenient remote control.