The Best Dehumidifiers for Crawlspace

Mold and mildew are the worst “guests” that can make an appearance in your home, high humidity being the growing ground that favors their appearance. If you have a crawl space in your home, know that most likely it harbors mold and mildew because such an environment is characterized by dangerous levels of humidity. Worst of all, even insects and termites might be attracted by the conditions in the crawlspace, so it’s more than necessary for you to handle lowering the humidity before it’s too late. For this, you need a great performing dehumidifier for crawlspaces like any of the models found in the following comparison, these models being the best choices that you can go with at the moment.

Top 5 Crawlspace Dehumidifiers Comparison

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1. Thermastor Santa Fe Compact 2

  • Removes up to 70 pints of moisture per day
  • Recommended for areas of up to 1,600 square feet
  • Low-temperature operation – 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No built-in humidistat
  • Integrated pump to automatically drain moisture

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Thermastor Santa Fe Compact 2 Picture

2. Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution

  • Removes up to 80 pints of moisture per day
  • Recommended for areas of up to 7,000 square feet
  • No automatic defrost for low-temperature operation
  • Built-in humidistat that automatically turns on and off to save energy
  • Integrated pump to automatically drain moisture

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Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution Picture

3. Ebac CD30E

  • Removes up to 17 pints of moisture per day
  • Recommended for areas of up to 1,000 square feet
  • Low-temperature operation – 33 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built-in humidistat that automatically turns on and off to save energy
  • Integrated pump to automatically drain moisture

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Ebac CD30E Picture

4. AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

  • Removes up to 90 pints of moisture per day
  • Recommended for areas of up to 2,600 square feet
  • Low-temperature operation – 34 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Built-in humidistat that automatically turns on and off to save energy
  • Integrated pump to automatically drain moisture

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  • Removes up to 60-120 pints of moisture per day
  • Recommended for areas of up to 400 square feet
  • Low-temperature operation – 33 degrees Fahrenheit
  • No integrated pump to automatically drain moisture

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Reviews of Dehumidifiers for Crawlspaces

If you haven’t found all the information that interest you in the comparison chart above, read this section to learn more about the top of the line crawlspace dehumidifiers of the moment. You will discover the technical specifications that will help you make up your mind.

The Best Dehumidifier for Crawlspace Picture

Thermastor Santa Fe Compact 2

The incredibly small footprint of this model allows you to install it in low crawlspaces with ease. St 12″ wide and 12″ tall, it can fit in places where other dehumidifiers don’t fit so you can use it anywhere you need. It can remove moisture from rooms up to 1,600 feet large and it provides superior air filtration. To facilitate the installation of this unit, you can separately purchase the optional hang kit, condensate pump, and duct kits. The adjustable humidity control allows you to set the relative humidity as you like, within +/- 5% of the set point. Since it’s designed to operate in basements, crawlspaces, or garages where the temperatures often drop very low, the defrost thermostat that it comes with prevents any internal damage caused by excessive frost that might form in the unit. To ensure optimal performance, it features an Auto Restart that resumes the moisture absorption in case the power runs out.

  • Integrated vertical/horizontal exhaust outlets
  • Automatic restart after power outage
  • Ducting options for divided spaces
  • Energy Star certified

The Best Dehumidifier for Crawlspace Picture

Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution

This unit boasts an impressive air movement that ranges between 206-306 CFM. It can handle rooms as large as 7,000 sq. ft., which is impressive, to say the least. It’s ETL listed to CSA standards, so you can rest assured that it’s safe to use. To prove it, we can tell you that it features an automatic restart that turns it back on from where it was at the moment of a power outage, and it includes a built-in pump that throws away the water it collects from the air. What makes it such a great option to go with is the fact that it delivers a hard-to-top performance while remaining incredibly easy to operate. In addition, the construction of this model ensures that it is specifically designed for water damage restoration.

  • Superior low-grain performance
  • Compact design
  • Stackable and easy to transport
  • Durable and rugged rotomolded housing

The Best Dehumidifier for Crawlspace Picture

Ebac CD30E

This top of the line unit is extremely durable due to its quality construction and it performs faithfully throughout the years. It’s best to place it in rooms no bigger than 1,00 sq. ft. if you want to obtain the desired performance. In humidity levels of 80% and temperatures no higher than 80F, this dehumidifier can absorb around 17 pints of water per day and thanks to the built-in pump, the water will drain freely out of the unit. This will prevent any spillage and accidents. The Hot Gas defrosting feature that it comes with automatically melts the frost build-up to provide a constant operation even when there are low ambient temperatures. The Hours Run Meter feature of this unit offers an accurate run time measuring while the adjustable alarm humidistat allows you to set the humidity level you want to achieve. In addition, it comes with a useful wall mounting bracket and it features convenient carrying handles.

  • Adjustable alarm humidistat
  • Electronic defrost timer
  • Sound pressure level <47 dB(A)
  • Durable all steel construction

The Best Dehumidifier for Crawlspace Picture

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

This model is specifically designed for crawlspaces and basements measuring 2,600 sq. ft. and it’s powerful enough to collect 90 pints of water in 24 hours. It boasts an air flow rating of 310 CFM – 530 CFM. It comes with ducting options for divided spaces, a fact that increases its versatility and functionality. The Hot Gas defrosting system that it features ensures a quick and efficient clearing of the ice from the coil when there are low operating temperatures. It has a power consumption of only 5.5 amps per day. In addition, the epoxy-coated coils provide protection in corrosive environments, maintaining the heat transfer ability of the coil over its entire lifespan. Among the features of this dehumidifier, we must mention the humidistat and the timer that allow you to customize its operating. You must also know that it comes with a water full protection that prevents water spillage.

  • Condensate pump draining
  • Quick access to pump and main board
  • Sound pressure level <55 dB(A)
  • Energy Star certified

The Best Dehumidifier for Crawlspace Picture


For smaller crawlspaces, you could use a more compact unit with an equally satisfying performance as the larger previous models. Therefore, this one could be an excellent choice for you that can handle humidity levels of 95% without any effort. The machine can absorb moisture from spaces measuring 400 sq. ft. and it can collect 60 pints per day if the humidity is at a maximum of 60% or 120 pints per day in humidities of 90%. Unfortunately, the dehumidifier doesn’t include an integrated pump that would evacuate moisture at a higher point, it only comes with a hose that can throw water at ground level. Among the features of the HORIZON TITAN XG 60, we mention the washable filter, the 52dB quiet operation, and the digital control that makes it very easy to use.

  • Built in washable screen filter
  • Digital control panel
  • Sound pressure level 52 dB(A)
  • Energy Star certified

Should you Install a Dehumidifier in your Crawlspace?

Everybody knows that crawlspaces are extremely damp, even if they shouldn’t be. Moisture can lead to dangerous mold growth that will affect your health and it can damage the supporting structure as well. In most cases, even a well-insulated crawlspace can become a home for mold and mildew and that is a dangerous situation that should be solved immediately. The worst part is that chances are you will notice the moisture problem when it has already affected your house in a serious matter. That’s why a dehumidifier for crawlspace is in demand for keeping moisture under control.

The Advantages of Using One

Given the narrow design, crawlspaces require a special type of dehumidifier that will fit and will be powerful enough to absorb all the air humidity. While basement or industrial dehumidifiers can be too big and bulky for the space available and the regular room units are not powerful enough, the crawlspace dehumidifier is a perfect choice. Most units are compact, rugged and will be able to retain mold from affecting the walls of your home, thus, damaging its structure.
In addition, they will also protect your health. In fact, it’s important to know that what is hidden in your crawlspace will eventually end up in your homes. We all know that our homes are filled with invisible mold spores that float through the air. You might think that it’s a long way from the crawlspace to your bedroom, but mold spores travel very fast and it won’t be long until they will reach your entire house. These tiny particles are the main cause of allergies and other health issues. However, in order to prevent these problems, it’s recommended to install a quality dehumidifier in your encapsulated crawlspace. As mentioned before, by installing such a device, you can improve the air quality in your home. Plus, by controlling moisture you can reduce or prevents symptoms of allergies, such as eye irritation, headaches, and respiratory problems, as well.

Crawlspace vs. Basement Dehumidifier

Once you start seeing mold signs in your house, you must take immediate action and invest in a dehumidifier that can deal with large areas like the crawlspace. At a closer look at the market, you will notice that there are two types that are advertised to work in both basements and crawlspace. These two types are very similar and you can count on each one of them, considering that they are very much alike.
They are pretty much the same size, being designed for large areas like cellars, garages, crawlspaces, and basements. Also, they have a high absorbing power that enables them to deal with excessive humidity cases.
In addition, you must make sure that the one you choose can operate in low temperatures so a defrost feature is mandatory. Also, take into account that you will hardly reach it to empty the tank so it’s best to go with a model with a pump that evacuates the moisture on its own. The only noticeable difference between the two types is the shape, more exactly the horizontal position of the crawlspace dehumidifier. This one must be shorter in order to fit shorter areas but this is only required if your crawlspace is very small in height. Otherwise, you can go with a basement unit without any worries.

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  • Sienna


    I want to install the dehumidifier in the basement, but there’s where I have set up my home office. Can you recommend a model that is quiet enough to not bother me while I’m working?


    • June Spencer


      For you, the model that is best suited is definitely the EBAC CD30E, which produces under 47 dB(A) while operating.


  • Pharell


    Can I install the DRI-EAZ F413 Revolution model in the greenhouse?


    • June Spencer


      If there’s a special place in the greenhouse where you can set it up, it will be no problem to place it there. The DRI-EAZ F413 Revolution will surely handle the humidity in this space professionally.


  • Alen


    Is the Dri-Eaz F413 Revolution really up for the job in 7,000 sq.ft. spaces? I have a very large crawlspace of around 6,500 sq.ft. and I wouldn’t want to have to purchase two smaller range units.


    • Shannon Ward


      Rest assured as this product can handle that room size and above. It’s highly powerful and able to absorb a great amount of moisture from the air. It has been tested in rooms measuring 7,000 sq. ft. and it was up for the job.


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