The Best Dehumidifiers with Built-in Pumps

When humidity becomes a problem at your home, you’ll need a dehumidifier to keep the place safe and comfortable for everyone. First time owners may wonder if it’s too complicated to set up and operate. What size dehumidifier do you need? Where will the collected water go? 

The most common dehumidifiers work by condensing the moisture in the air into water. This water is usually collected in an internal tank, but you can also connect a hose to drain the water automatically. However, if a floor drain isn’t available in the area and ‘downhill’ from or underneath the dehumidifier tank, a condensate pump is the easiest solution.

While most dehumidifiers give you an option for continuous drainage via gravity, some of the higher capacity units also include a built-in pump. The integrated pump pushes the collected moisture out of the dehumidifier in any direction, even ‘uphill’. You can have the hose run up to a sink or out through a window to divert the water. 

To choose the best dehumidifier with built-in pump included for your situation, make sure that the dehumidifier is properly sized (big enough for your space), and that the built in pump has enough power to pump the water where you need it to go.

I’ll cover more detail on this below if you want to learn more, but if you’re in a hurry here are my top picks.

Dehumidifiers with Pump Comparison Table

  • Dimensions: 12.19 x 15.97 x 24.25 inches
  • Coverage Area:
  • Capacity: 50 Pints
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  • Dimensions: 11.38 x 14.76 x 24.02 inches
  • Coverage Area:
  • Capacity: 50 Pints
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  • Dimensions: 11.1 x 15.28 x 23.5 inches
  • Coverage Area: 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 50 Pints
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  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 15.2 x 23.2 inches
  • Coverage Area: 2,600 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 198 Pints
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  • Dimensions: 25.7 x 19.7 x 16.3 inches
  • Coverage Area: 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: 145 Pints
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Why Choose a Dehumidifier With Built-in Pump

Dehumidifiers collect water in a built-in tank. If it’s particularly humid in your area, you may have to manually empty the tank multiple times a day to keep your unit running. While this method may be easier for most, not everyone has the time to check and empty the tank every few hours. If your unit is in the basement, garage, or any area you rarely visit, it can be easy to forget. In the meantime, moisture levels will increase again.

For your convenience, you can attach a drain hose so that the water automatically flows out via gravity. However, the main problem with this type of drainage is you need to keep the unit at a higher placement than the drain.

Perhaps the most convenient way to drain your dehumidifier is via a condensate pump. With a pump, you don’t need to worry about the level of your drain. You can pump the water into a sink or out of a window. Most pumps can push water up to 15 feet vertically or horizontally. It’s ideal for basements or other large spaces where a floor drain is not available.

Types of Dehumidifiers With Pump

Depending on the type of installation and the size of your space, you’ll need a different type of dehumidifier. If you have humidity issues in only one specific area, a portable unit may be enough. Most high-capacity units (40-pint or 50-pint and above) have a built-in pump version. They appear just like the regular household dehumidifier with a collection tank and drain hose outlet. 

On the other hand, if you need to dehumidify multiple rooms or larger spaces, then you may need a high capacity model specifically built for permanent installation in addition to your central HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. A lot of dehumidifiers for crawl space or whole home applications come with an internal pump. Some brands like Aprilaire and Santa Fe offer an external pump and hose kit to install with selected dehumidifier models.  

Top 5 Dehumidifiers with Pump Reviews

Frigidaire FFAP5033W1

Frigidaire FFAP5033W1 Dehumidifier

Dimensions: 12.19 x 15.96 x 24.25 inches

Weight: 43 pounds

Power Consumption: 730 Watts

Our top choice comes from a popular brand of quality home appliances. Frigidaire offers a range of dehumidifiers, all of which are regarded as one of the top performers in their respective sizes. This particular unit extracts up to 50 pints of moisture per day with a large 16.9-pint water tank, an auto shut-off feature and bucket full alert to prevent water overflow.

Manual draining is a breeze using the front loading bucket with handle and splash guard. For even more convenience, this model comes with a built-in condensate pump. To enable automatic drainage, attach the drain hose onto the outlet port and direct it up to a sink or out a window. Unlike most other brands with internal pumps, the Frigidaire pump is built with the same high quality of the rest of the dehumidifier’s components.

Frigidaire is Energy Star certified, ensuring high energy savings. With custom humidity control and a 24-hour timer, you can select a target humidity level from 35% to 85% and delay start or stop operation after a set time. For maximum moisture removal, choose from three fan speeds: Low at 167 CFM, Med at 194 CFM, and High at 229 CFM. 

Frigidaire’s SpaceWise design includes rolling casters and a top handle for added portability. The unit also comes with an easy-to-access washable mesh filter and an indicator light that will remind you to check the filter. Frigidaire dehumidifiers stand out for their exceptional performance even in temperatures as low as 41°F. They work continuously in lower temperatures without an auto defrost mode that turns off the unit periodically to melt ice. 

One downside is that Frigidaire comes with the standard one-year warranty. With its high end quality, Frigidaire is also at the high end in terms of cost. 


• Energy Star certified
• High quality build
• Quick and efficient moisture removal
• Three fan speeds
• SpaceWise portable design
• Works well in low temperatures


• Higher price
• One-year warranty


GE APER50LZ 50 Pint Dehumidifier

Dimensions: 11.38 x 14.76 x 24.02 inches

Weight: 46.8 pounds

Power Consumption: 770 Watts

Another high quality dehumidifier with a built-in pump is the 50-pint GE APER50LZ. This Energy Star rated dehumidifier comes with almost all the standard features found in household dehumidifiers. The full dark grey exterior and sleek design will look great in any modern home, as opposed to the bright white plastic in most other brands. The digital display and control buttons allow you to adjust the settings depending on your needs. 

Set your desired humidity level from 35% to 80% in 5% increments, and choose from the different fan speeds: High, Medium, and Low. 

You can also set the unit to operate continuously (Nonstop) at its maximum settings for 24 hours or until the 15-pint water tank is full. If you do not want it to shut off automatically, connect a drain hose for continuous drainage, or use the internal pump. Attach the included drain hose to the outlet on the side of the unit and press the Pump button to activate the pump functionality. It can push out the collected water up to 16 feet away to your chosen location.

While most dehumidifiers have a 24-hour auto start and auto stop timer, GE only allows the user to program the unit to automatically turn off after two or four hours. When the dehumidifier is on, press the Delay Off button to set the unit to turn off in two hours or four hours. Furthermore, the air filter is inconveniently located behind the front intake air grille. To access the filter, you will first have to remove the water tank and get under to pull the filter down. Lastly, the unit doesn’t feature While these drawbacks do not actually affect the performance of the GE dehumidifier, they can be inconvenient for a lot of users.


• Energy Star rated
• High quality build
• Easy to set up and operate
• Three fan speeds


• Only two or four-hour delay timer
• Removing the filter can be inconvenient

Ivation IVADH50PWP

Ivation IVADH50PW

Dimensions: 11.1 x 15.28 x 23.5 inches

Weight: 40 pounds

Power Consumption: 860 Watts

Ivation offers a wide range of dehumidifiers, from mini Peltier units to high capacity compressor-based models such as the IVADH50PWP. This unit is rated to remove up to 50 pints of moisture per day from large rooms up to 4,500 square feet. Like most Ivation dehumidifiers, it is Energy Star certified for maximum energy efficiency.

This unit has an adjustable humidistat with digital display and control buttons on the top control panel. Select your target humidity from 30% to 90% and the dehumidifier will work to maintain this level. You can also set the timer to enable auto start or stop after 0.5 to 24 hours. You’ll also find the fan speed button with lights to indicate whether the unit is in Low or High speed. 

The unique feature we like about this model is the temperature sensor and display you can view in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. This is also where the timer is shown during setting. The control panel doesn’t have any text labels for the buttons and indicator lights. However, the icons are easy enough to understand.

This 50-pint dehumidifier features a large 2.25-gallon tank with a water level window. When the tank is full, the unit will shut off automatically and the Full Tank indicator will light up until you remove and empty the tank. Alternatively, use the built-in pump with the included drain hose to divert the water up to 16 feet away if you don’t have a floor drain nearby.

One common issue with Ivation dehumidifiers is the noise output. This 50-pint unit in particular, can be louder than most other 50-pint dehumidifiers. Although, this won’t be a big deal if you operate in a secluded area like your basement or garage.

  • Energy Star certified
  • High moisture removal rate
  • Large water tank
  • With temperature display
  • Average quality and durability
  • Loud operation

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90

AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 Dehumidifier

Dimensions: 17.7 x 15.2 x 23.2 inches

Weight: 57 pounds

Current Draw: 5.56 Amps

The Sentinel HDi90 is a mid-size crawl space dehumidifier from the AlorAir brand of commercial dehumidifiers and air quality products. As the model name suggests, it extracts up to 90 pints of moisture per day under AHAM conditions (80°F and 60% humidity), and a maximum of 198 PPD at saturation (90F, 90% humidity). With an airflow rate of 210 CFM, this unit can dehumidify an area of up to 2,600 square feet. While a lot of crawl space dehumidifiers only come with a drainage hose, the HDi90 features a heavy duty internal condensate pump that pushes water out up to 15 feet above the unit. 

This compact dehumidifier has an Energy Star Most Efficient certification, with a rated energy factor of 2.69L/kWh. It has an onboard humidistat that allows the user to select the humidity level from 35% to 90% RH. The dehumidifier samples the air every hour, and if the humidity goes above the set level, the unit automatically starts dehumidifying. 

The two-digit display screen shows the current humidity level or the desired humidity during setting. The unit also features indicator lights to determine when the unit is powered on, when it’s on continuous or auto defrost mode, and whether the compressor is working or warming up. You also have the option to use this remote humidistat (which works with six AlorAir dehumidifier models) to control settings. This makes the HDi90 perfect for narrow crawl spaces or basements. 

The HDi90 is equipped with the Hot Gas Valve (HGV) defrosting system and operates in temperatures as low as 33F. Once it detects frost on the coils, the unit goes on auto defrost mode to avoid any damage that may be caused by frost buildup. AlorAir uses epoxy-coated coils to protect the device against corrosion and freon leakage. Each AlorAir dehumidifier is made in America with quality materials and guaranteed with up to a five-year warranty.


• Energy Star certified
• Powerful moisture removal
• Works in low temperatures
• Perfect for crawl spaces
• Remote control option


• Smaller coverage than similar sized units

Colzer CD70P

Colzer CD70P Dehumidifier with Pump

Dimensions: 25.7 x 19.7 x 16.3 inches

Weight: 87.9 pounds

Another crawl space dehumidifier with an internal pump that we recommend is the Colzer CD70P. With an airflow rate of 206 CFM, it removes up to 145 pints of moisture from the air per day at saturation, and 70 pints per day under AHAM conditions. It can cover large crawl spaces or whole homes up to 6,000 square feet. 

On the LCD digital display, you can set your desired humidity level between 30% and 80% RH, and monitor the ambient humidity and temperature. The timer function allows you to delay on or off after one to 24 hours, running the dehumidifier only for a specified time to save energy. As an alternate option, purchase the remote controller to be able to change the settings without getting into your crawl space or basement.

This crawl space dehumidifier comes with an internal pump and drain hose to automatically push out the condensate up to 16 feet vertically. You can run the drain hose up towards a basement sink or out a window, through a drilled hole in your door, or into your sump pump. The condensate pump features a float switch that triggers the motor to run only when the water in the reservoir tank is at a certain level.

The Colzer CD70P is built with a heavy-duty steel exterior to operate effectively in harsh conditions like in basements, crawl spaces, or garages. However, with a rated Energy Factor of 1.8 L/kWh, it’s not one of the most energy efficient crawl space dehumidifier you can get with its capacity. 

Additionally, it’s recommended to operate this unit in temperatures above 41°F. When frost is detected on the internal components, the automatic defrost system stops the compressor and melts the ice to prevent any damage caused by frost buildup. If your crawl space often gets cold, then your dehumidifier may shut off to defrost in longer periods, as opposed to other models engineered to operate in lower temperatures. If the temperature is not an issue, then this Colzer dehumidifier with built-in pump is the best deal you’ll find at this price.

  • Powerful moisture removal
  • Remote control option
  • Affordable price
  • Low energy efficiency 
  • Heavy for its size

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump

Dehumidification Performance

A dehumidifier’s performance is determined by the maximum amount of moisture it can extract from the air in 24 hours, typically  measured in pints per day or PPD. Standard home dehumidifiers have a moisture removal rate ranging from 20 to 70 pints per day on average conditions. The actual amount of moisture removed per day depends on the size and level of dampness of your room.

To determine which pint capacity is best, get the dimensions of your space and measure the humidity level. A larger space requires a larger capacity. At the same time, higher moisture content calls for a higher capacity dehumidifier. However, this doesn’t mean that you should get the highest capacity you can find. Use only the right size for your space to maximize its effectiveness and efficiency. 

Coverage Area

You want to get a dehumidifier that can cover as much space as you have. The efficiency of the dehumidifier will also depend on the amount of space that it has to cover. You can expect your unit to accomplish its task more quickly in a smaller area than a larger one with equal humidity levels. Standard 30- to 50-pint units have coverage areas between 1500 to 4500 square feet in size. Crawl space and whole house dehumidifiers can reach up to 6000 square feet and beyond. 

Energy Efficiency

Power consumption is a common concern among homeowners when purchasing a dehumidifier. Look for the Energy Star label to make sure you’re getting an energy efficient unit. Energy efficiency is measured in liters per kilowatt-hour (L/kWh). You can find the energy efficiency information in the manual or on the unit itself. For more specific information, check out the Energy Star website.

Drainage Height

If the drain pump functionality is critical to you, then you need to consider the maximum height at which the dehumidifier pump can raise the water. Most built-in pumps and external units alike have at least 15 feet vertical lift. This means it can only pump out water up to 15 feet above the unit. In most cases this is enough to reach a sink or window where you’re releasing the water.

How to Use and Maintain your Dehumidifier with Built-in Pump

Based on customer reviews for the products we recommended above, built-in pumps generally tend to have a short life. However, proper care and maintenance will go a long way in keeping your dehumidifier and pump operating efficiently for a long time.

The very first thing you must do is to make sure you get the right dehumidifier for your space. If you use a dehumidifier with a smaller capacity than you need, it makes the job harder and takes longer than it should be. If you use a larger size than you need, it may consume a lot more power, racking up your bills instead of helping you save.

Once you get the right dehumidifier, find the best location where it will operate. It is recommended to maintain at least 10-12 inches distance from walls or furniture to allow the air to flow. Drainage shouldn’t be a huge problem now with the built-in pump, but make sure you know exactly where to dump the water.

Steps for Draining through a Built-in Pump

  • Place your dehumidifier on a flat surface.
  • Attach the hose into the drain port and make sure it is secure.
  • Direct the hose into a sink, out of a window, or any other location. 
  • Turn on the dehumidifier to start continuous operation.
  • Press the Pump button on the control panel to push out the water.

After you set it up, it’s important to keep your dehumidifier clean. Frequent cleaning helps maintain proper functioning and prolong the life of any appliance. Dehumidifiers typically require little maintenance, but you must still check up on your unit every now and then. To ensure your health and comfort and keep your dehumidifier functioning properly, clean the unit at least every few weeks. Each model has detailed instructions for proper cleaning indicated in the owner’s manual. 

The general step is to wipe the exterior and vacuum the inside to remove any dust and debris. You will also need to clean or replace the filter. When operating, dirt and bacteria may accumulate in the filter and eventually get in the air. This can also cause the device to malfunction. Most filters are easily washable and each dehumidifier has a recommended period in which you need to change out the filters. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on filter cleaning and replacement to be sure. 

For refrigerant dehumidifiers, inspect the condenser coils for frost or ice buildup. If you operate in cool temperatures, condensate may freeze on the condenser coils. Frost buildup can damage the machine completely. Standard dehumidifiers have the auto defrost function that shuts off the unit to allow the ice to melt. Even with this feature, you must regularly inspect the coils to prevent any problem. If you really need to operate in cold conditions, use a dehumidifier specifically designed for this purpose.

Follow these general instructions or refer to your manual for more specific details.

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