Managing Humidity Basics

Most people already know that dehumidifiers are used to reduce humidity. But not all humidity is actually bad – it’s actually important to keep humidity in the right range based on your goals.

To manage and control controlling humidity for growing

This guide includes information about: 

Table of Contents

Understanding Humidity

We specialize in sharing reviews and recommendations for dehumidifiers, but when picking the best dehumidifier it helps to understand some of the basics about what relative humidity is, how to measure it, and what is a good humidity level to maintain in your home. 

Comment Questions About Humidity

Some of the most common questions we get about managing humidity are covered in the article links below. If you’re specifically looking for information on humidity levels for growing plants, check out this related page.

Ideal Humidity Levels in the Home

Experts recommend a target ideal range for indoor humidity – however, there are a few special situations that I get a lot of questions about. Some of the most common areas for optimizing humidity levels for the home are highlighted in the articles below.