Best Commercial Portable Air Conditioners

Fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can compromise the performance of heat-sensitive equipment in computer rooms, workstations, offices, events venues, and other commercial spaces. When regular portable air conditioners cannot meet the required cooling power in high temperature environments, you’ll need a heavy duty commercial unit. While permanent installation may be the better choice for some cases, a portable air conditioner offers an equally effective solution with greater flexibility. If you only need cooling in specific areas, or for temporary, then you should go for a portable unit. To help you choose the right unit for you, check out our top five picks below and learn more about what features you need to look for exactly.

Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Comparison

  • Dimensions: ‎27 x 21 x 44 inches
  • Weight: 165 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft.
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  • Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 155 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: 400 sq. ft.
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  • Dimensions: 19.69 x 12.6 x 32.68 inches
  • Weight: 73.9 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: Not Indicated
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  • Dimensions: 49 x 32 x 42 inches
  • Weight: 463 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: Not Indicated
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  • Dimensions: 18.7 x 10.4 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 51 Pounds
  • Coverage Area: Not Indicated
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MovinCool Office Pro 12

Dimensions: ‎27 x 21 x 44 inches

Weight: ‎165 pounds

Power Draw: ‎1.3 KW

First in our list is the Office Pro 12, the smallest among the portable air conditioner line from the MovinCool brand. This portable unit provides 12,000 BTU/h of cooling in small server rooms or other office settings. It can operate in temperatures from 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively cool down heat-generating equipment.

It features two speed settings you can choose from, producing very minimal noise, 50 decibels on low setting, and 52 decibels on high setting, if operating with a condenser. The maximum air flow of the centrifugal fan-type evaporator is 410 cubic feet per minute (CFM), while the maximum air flow of the hermetic condenser is 820 CFM. The Office Pro 12 is rated at 1.3 kilowatts and it plugs into a 15-amp outlet.

The digital LCD display shows the room temperature and set temperature, the program start time and stop time, Tank Full indicator, and the status of operation. The programmable controls enable automatic operation during weekends or after-hours in order to maintain the right environment in the room even without your supervision. The supply hose goes up to 40 feet and the exhaust hose is 60 feet long. Although the advertising would have you believe it involves an easy installation (simply rll i in, plug it in, and turn it on), you still have a few things to consider before installing and operating the unit. 

Like most appliances of its capacity, the MovinCool Office Pro 12 comes with a one-year warranty on parts and labor provided by the manufacturer, which can also be extended up to 3 years if you register the product on their website. Being portable, it also features rolling casters and side handles. For larger spaces, we recommend the MovinCool Office Pro 60 unit.

KwiKool KPAC1411-2

KwiKool KPAC1411-2 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 37 inches

Weight: ‎155 pounds

Another heavy-duty yet compact industrial air conditioner and spot cooler that we recommend is the KwiKool KPAC411-2 unit. It can deliver 14,000 BTUs of cooling power for server rooms and other commercial spaces up to 400 square feet. This rugged portable air conditioner can operate in temperatures ranging from 60 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It operates in two modes: Cool and Fan only. Select your desired temperature (from 60 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit) and you can choose the digital display in Celsius or Fahrenheit. For a safe and efficient operation, it features an insulated motor and an internal which cools down the motor to prevent overheating. You can also set the fan to Auto Fan mode so that the supply air fan only operates when the compressor is running.

To ensure your safety, it also features a high-pressure switch and alarm which protects the unit from potential damage to the mechanical system. It will shut down, sound an audible alarm, and display a fault code when the operating pressure of the system exceeds the recommended safe conditions. In the event of a power failure, it resumes operation in your previously selected settings as soon as power is restored.

This KwiKool unit requires a standard outlet and exhaust ducting depending on the application. It also comes with a 5-gallon internal condensate tank to collect the excess moisture from the air. When the tank is full, the unit will stop operating and sound an alarm to prevent water overflow. Equipped with Freeze Protection, the unit will not operate if the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit or frost is detected on the evaporator coils. KwiKool is made in America and built to last long, with a standard one-year warranty.

Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K

Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

Dimensions: 19.69 x 12.6 x 32.68 inches

Weight: 73.9 Pounds

For those on a budget, one good choice is the Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K SmartRack Portable Air Conditioner. This compact and portable spot cooling system provides 12,000 BTUs of cooling power into small server rooms or offices with heat-sensitive equipment. Due to its size and portability, it is also fit for residential as much as industrial applications.

Smallest among the Tripp Lite SRCOOL line of portable air conditioners, this self-contained unit cools small spaces using the adjustable louvered vents. You can also attach the included flexible output duct to direct the cold air where it’s most needed. The SRCOOL12K also dehumidifies and filters the air to provide better air quality with minimal power consumption. It can remove up to 2.5 liters of excess moisture per hour from the air. The built-in evaporator expels the warm and most air through the exhaust duct, so that there’s no need for a drain pipe or water collection tank.

You can choose between Cool mode and Dehumidify mode when operating. In Cool mode, you can set the temperature using the electronic controls and select the fan speed: Hi, Mid, Low. When fan speed is set to Auto, the fan will be elected automatically based on the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the fan will run. If the ambient temperature is higher, the unit will start cooling.

This portable design allows for quick, simple installation with the window/ceiling kit, and set-and-forget operation, the SRCOOL12K rolls on durable built-in casters and plugs into a standard 15-amp outlet. In case of power outages, it will restart automatically once the power comes back. Additionally, you can set the timer for automatic shutdown and startup. You can also monitor the control settings and receive alerts from anywhere you are by installing the SRCOOLNET remote management accessory sold separately.

MovinCool Classic 60

MovinCool CL60 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

Dimensions: ‎49 x 32 x 42 inches

Weight: 6 pounds

Power Draw: 6.6 kW

For more powerful spot cooling in indoor or outdoor environments, the MovinCool Classic 60 provides industrial-grade cooling at temperatures as high as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. At 95 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% relative humidity, it’s rated at 60,000 BTUs per hour. The condenser has a maximum air flow of 3800 CFM while the evaporator has a maximum air flow of 1580 CFM.

The unit operates in Cool and Fan modes. When the Fan is selected, the Fan On LED will light up, and the fan will start running while the compressor is off. Another press of the button will stop the fan. When the COOL button is pressed, the room temperature will be shown on the display, while both the compressor and fan operate to provide cooling. When the room temperature reaches your desired temperature, both the compressor and fan will stop running. 

The MovinCool Classic 60 industrial spot cooler offers flexibility and effective spot cooling for a wide range of commercial applications in large areas including server rooms, warehouses, automotive repair shops, as well as outdoor venues, sporting events and more. Its rugged design can handle even the hottest environments. 

Installation can be done within minutes even without a professional. It features T-section drops that enable you to customize a cooling solution for your manufacturing or assembly lines. You can also add casters to move the cool air as your process line changes. 

If you want a powerful air conditioner or spot cooler for industry-specific needs, then be prepared to spend more than a few thousand dollars, especially for the MovinCool models. It comes with a standard one-year parts and labor coverage, which you can extend up to three years when you register the product.

TurquoPower PAC6000

TurquoPower PAC6000 Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

Dimensions: 18.7 x 10.4 x 24 inches

Weight: 51 Pounds

Power Draw: 0.8 kW

For quick spot cooling or air conditioning in a tiny room, the TurquoPower industrial portable air conditioner is your most budget-friendly but effective option. It’s ideal for most any place needing spot cooling, such as server rooms, data center, warehouses, manufacturing production lines, and even outdoor events. Since it’s small and light, you can also use it for residential applications. 

This compact and portable air conditioner provides 6130 BTUs per hour (½ ton) of cooling power. It operates at temperatures between 75 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and offers two speed options for custom control. The maximum air flow of the centrifugal evaporator is 147 CFM while the maximum air flow of the condenser axial fan is 294 CFM with a maximum noise level of 53 decibels. The hermetic rotary compressor consumes 0.65 kilowatts of power and the unit plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet.

The TurquoPower PAC6000 portable air conditioner is easy to install and use. Simply roll it in, plug it in, and turn it on. It features an 86-inch long power cord and a 0.9-gallon internal condensate tank. The unit also includes flexible ducting to direct the cool air to the space where you need it to go. The handle on each side makes it easier to transport the unit from room to room. Although, keep in mind that with this capacity, it can only handle very small rooms and lower the temperature by around 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling Power

To find the right commercial portable air conditioner or spot cooler for your space, consider the BTU (British Thermal Units) rating. This refers to the unit’s capacity for cooling and heating a given area. It is also often directly related to the unit’s coverage area. Portable air conditioners typically range from 6,000 to 14,000 BTUs. Depending on the ambient temperature and the number of equipment in the room, it may require at least 20 BTUs cooling capacity per square foot area. Measure the size and the temperature in the room to ensure you get the right unit.


The very thing that sets apart portable air conditioners is their compact size and portable design without compromising effectiveness and efficiency. You want to look for a unit that can easily fit in your server room or closet or any other place where you may need it. Most models are built with casters for mobility. Also take note that you need to provide space around the unit to allow air circulation.

Ease of Installation and Use

Most portable air conditioners include an exhaust hose and ducting kit. Some may also come with an internal tank to collect the condensate, while there are a few units that use an evaporator to exhaust the resulting warm air outside. When making a purchase, consider the power outlet required and if needed, employ your local electrical contractor to add a dedicated outlet with the proper voltage. Consider all of the features you need to make operation simple and hassle-free. 

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