GE APEL70LT Dehumidifier Review

Updated: The GE APEL70LT is an older model that we have recommended in the past. It is likely not easy to find now, but the newer models are great, especially the 50-pint dehumidifier (ADHR50LB).

GE is one of the top dehumidifier brands, and we do recommend several newer GE dehumidifier models.

If you do happen to find a used 70-pint model, we’ve left the original review up on the site for your reference. See all the features of this large space GE APEL70LT dehumidifier below. If you’re looking for a large space dehumidifier, check out our picks for best 50-pint dehumidifiers.


There’s not a lot to say regarding the design, except the fact that it comes in a white finish and has the following dimensions: 23 5/8 in x 15 3/8 in x 11 in. It is relatively big for a small room, such as the bedroom or even for the kitchen area. It’s more recommended to be placed in the basement, where there’s also a higher level of humidity than in other rooms. It features a 7.5-pint bucket with dehumidification of 70 pints per day. On a rainy day, when there’s a level of 75% humidity, it can lower the humidity level down to 60% or even 50%. Moreover, the built-in pump empties the bucket into the sump pump, while working 24 hours a day. The top handle and the casters make this device easier to transport from room to room.


The GE APEL70LT comes with practical features, such as a digital display. This digital display has soft touch control that enables you to control the humidity in an easier manner. Moreover, the air filter is washable, this means that you don’t have to replace the filter as time goes by. It can be quite troublesome to not be able to know if the tank has reached the maximum level. This device features a “water full” indicator lamp and an auto shut off feature that lets you know when the bucket is full. Therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t be faced with an overflow or any dangers of water spilling over. Another great feature is the external drain connector that eliminates the burden of emptying the bucket. You should also know that the bucket is very easy to reach and remove whenever you choose to.

Specifications Sheet

Dimensions23 5/8” x 15 3/8” x 11”
Weight45 Lbs
Area CoverageN/A
Dehumidification Capacity70 Pints
Reservoir Capacity17.5 Pints
Maximum Noise Output59 dB
Continuous DrainingYes
Fan Speeds2
Built-In TimerNo
Full Bucket Indicator/AlertYes
Digital DisplayYes
Warranty1 Year

Energy efficiency

When it comes to choosing a dehumidifier for your home, you must ensure that it’s energy efficient because it’s a lifetime investment. That’s why it’s important to mention here that this model is Energy Star qualified meaning it can remove the same level of moisture as conventional units, but uses up to 15 percent less energy. Besides being energy efficient, another great aspect is that there’s no loud motor sound or rumbling; it’s, in fact, very quiet. The maximum sound level is 59 dBA.

Other considerations

The product has a 1-year replacement warranty. Although the 1-year warranty may not seem sufficient, keep in mind that if you do some maintenance work from time to time, it can last for a really long time. These are some things you have to consider: the unit will not function properly at temperatures below 65 degrees or under low levels of humidity. At extremely low temperatures, the evaporator coils may freeze. When this happens, all you have to do is to defrost the coil at short intervals of time, at least once an hour. The frost controls turn it off before a freeze up occurs but it doesn’t clean up freeze ups that occurred at temperatures below 65 degrees.

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