Who Makes Inofia Dehumidifiers?

If you’re searching for the best portable dehumidifier for your room, you want to choose from the most reliable brands. Dehumidifiers come in a wide range of sizes with many different features and it can be overwhelming to choose only one from countless brands and models available today.

The name Inofia is known in the industry of mattresses, providing sleeping comfort at an affordable price. However, Inofia dehumidifiers are manufactured under the Colzer group of brands, offering a range of home appliances and air cooling solutions. The current Inofia dehumidifier line includes a 30-pint and 70-pint model. Following the new DOE rating standards, they would be considered 20-pint and 50-pint, respectively. 

Inofia is one of many portable dehumidifiers with a similar design and features. It is not Energy Star certified but the affordable price and compact structure are the best selling points. You can find mostly positive reviews online for the 30-pint unit currently available.

Who Makes Inofia Dehumidifier?

Inofia dehumidifiers come from the same manufacturer as Colzer dehumidifiers. Colzer was founded in the year 2015 and has been one of the leading brands in producing quality home appliances at the most competitive price in the market.

Colzer appliances range from portable air quality solutions such as the Inofia residential dehumidifiers to professional air treatment equipment for mold remediation and water damage restoration including commercial dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and air scrubbers. The company also offers smart kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, wine coolers, and ice makers.

Colzer appliances including Inofia dehumidifiers are FCC certified and ETL listed to meet the quality and safety standards of many American and European nations. However, like most other similar brands of home appliances, the majority of the manufacturing process is done overseas for lower costs.

Inofia Dehumidifier

Inofia Dehumidifier

• Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.2 x 17.3 inches
• Weight: 24.9 Pounds

This 30-pint Inofia is one of the best-selling mid-sized dehumidifiers. It is ideal for light to moderate humidity in a small room up to 1,500 square feet. Under the new DOE standards, it would be considered a 20-pint now, unlike other 30- to 35-pint dehumidifiers that are previously rated to remove 50 pints per day. 

Like most refrigerant dehumidifiers, this Inofia dehumidifier features a simple digital display with easy-to-use control buttons, automatic humidistat, on/off timer, and the standard auto shutoff, auto restart, and auto defrost features with indicator lights. You can also choose between two fan speeds to maximize moisture removal. The lights illuminate to let you know when the unit is operating at Low or High fan speed and if the timer is set. 

Inofia Dehumidifier Overview

Inofia consumes a very low amount of power compared to other similar dehumidifiers. However, it works more slowly due to its. While it’s not the best in energy efficiency, its size and portability make it a perfect choice for small spaces with excess moisture problems.

• Small and portable
• Intelligent humidity control
• Easy to use control panel
• Continuous drainage with hose included
• Small tank capacity
• Low energy efficiency

With its 4-pint (0.5-gallon) water tank, Inofia is probably the smallest “30-pint” you can find. The tank can be accessed from the back of the unit below the air grille. If you don’t want to empty the water manually, you may opt to use the automatic gravity draining option. Just attach the included 6.56 ft (2 meters) hose to the continuous drain hose outlet to enable continuous drainage to a low-level drain. 

Inofia Dehumidifier Design and Features

Inofia Dehumidifier Design and Features

The Inofia dehumidifier features most of the same functions as many of the top-selling dehumidifiers today. It has a similar design and appearance compared to almost any model from a different brand. It features a control panel on top with four simple buttons and an LED display where you can monitor and adjust the operation.

Humidity Setting

On the display, you can select your desired humidity level between 30% and 80% with the digital humidistat. The unit will stop automatically when it reaches your set humidity, then resume operation when the room humidity levels rise again. Additionally, you can set a timer to turn the unit on or off after one to 24 hours. It even has a temperature display, which is extremely useful but not common in residential dehumidifiers.

The four buttons correspond to the fan speed, timer, humidity setting, and power switch. The digital display shows the current humidity, temperature, or the time remaining in the timer, and working status. The standard auto shut-off, auto restart, and auto defrost features are also present to ensure worry-free operation.

The design is not unlike other brands, with four built-in wheels and a handle on the top for easy movement from one humid room to the next.  It also has a top exhaust, an air filter behind the grilles at the back, and a transparent water tank. The “70-pint” model is similar to most 50-pint dehumidifiers today. However, this larger unit has been out of stock for a long time. Currently, both the PD161C and HD161A 30-pint models may be purchased from online stores and local home appliances or hardware stores.

How Does Inofia Compare to Other Dehumidifier Brands?

Design and Build Quality

Inofia can be ranked around average in terms of build quality compared to the best portable dehumidifiers such as Frigidaire, hOmeLabs, LG, and Honeywell. The 30-pint models have a similar design and features to a lot of other low-cost dehumidifiers like Ivation and non-Energy Star brands like Waykar and Airplus. They feature most of the same controls on the panel, including the digital humidistat, timer, and operation modes. The compact and lightweight build of Inofia allows you to place it on top of a table, shelf, or counter to create proper flow inside the room.

Dehumidification Performance

Inofia offers 30-pint and 70-pint dehumidifiers, although only the 30-pint is currently available in most online stores. Note that these units are not certified by Energy Star but still have very low power consumption compared to similar size models. You’ll notice significant room humidity reduction within a couple of hours. 

Inofia also works at low temperatures down to 41℉ with auto defrost function to prevent damage due to frost buildup on the coils. The defrost indicator light can be seen on the LED screen when the unit is on defrost mode. The humidity and temperature gauge are also useful.

Noise Output

Quietness may not be on top of your priority, but a lot of users may find it annoying to use a compressor dehumidifier that tends to be loud when running. Some dehumidifiers have a better way of masking the compressor noise with the fan by using a top exhaust. Considering its small size, Inofia is relatively quiet when operating at High speed.


Overall, Inofia is a good choice for those who are looking for a light and portable dehumidifier to solve high humidity problems in small spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom, garage, or basements with continuous drain. Coming from a lesser-known brand, this dehumidifier is available for a cheaper price than most. Despite the low electricity consumption, it can accomplish the job well within a reasonable amount of time. However, without the Energy Star certification, we cannot guarantee its energy efficiency. 

Another potential disadvantage is that the water tanks are some of the smallest we’ve found. Fortunately, Inofia offers the standard continuous gravity drainage with an included drain hose so you need not worry about the tank capacity. Inofia dehumidifiers are manufactured under the Colzer brand of home appliances and air quality solutions. As long as you use the right dehumidifier size for your room and always observe proper maintenance, it can help prolong the life of your appliance. 

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