Vremi Dehumidifier Reviews

This is a review of the current line of Vremi dehumidifiers: the 50-pint, 35-pint, and 22-pint compressor units, and the 1-pint compact thermoelectric unit.

Vremi manufactures a variety of home appliances including portable dehumidifiers for different room sizes and conditions. Dubbed the Moisture Maniac, Vremi dehumidifiers are quick and effective in removing moisture in the air. They’re suitable for most rooms from small to large sizes. If you need something much smaller, Vremi also gives you an option for a thermoelectric dehumidifier.

Vremi features almost anything you’ll find in a modern dehumidifier, but like any other brand it still has a few shortcomings. If you want to know more, we’ll cover all of these below. 

  • Dimensions: 16.7 x 12.4 x 24.2 inches
  • Coverage Area: 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.8 gallons
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  • Dimensions: 16.7 x 12.4 x 24.2 inches
  • Coverage Area: 3,000 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.6 gallons
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  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 10.4 x 19.9 inches
  • Coverage Area: 1,500 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 0.8 gallons
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  • Dimensions: 7 x 4.9 x 11 inches
  • Coverage Area: 150 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 0.4 gallons
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Vremi VRM010369N Dehumidifier

Vremi Dehumidifier Review

High-Capacity Vremi Dehumidifier: 50-pint

Vremi’s flagship Moisture Maniac dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints of water from the air in a 3,000 to 4,500 square feet area. It has Energy Star certification like all Vremi dehumidifiers. It features an easy-to-use control panel with an adjustable humidistat, 24-hour timer, Comfort, Continuous, and Turbo modes. The standard auto shut-off, auto restart, and auto defrost functions are also present.

The sleek and modern design comes with convenient built-in wheels and two side handles for easy movement. This high capacity dehumidifier is great for a humid basement, garage, grow room, or a large living room. You can also use a single unit for a small open plan apartment with humidity issues.

This 50-pint dehumidifier comes with an average sized 1.8 gallon water tank. In extremely humid spaces, you may have to empty the tank up to four times a day. If you don’t want to manually drain water, you can use the automatic drainage functionality. Attach a standard garden hose (not included) to the drain hose outlet and direct the other end of the hose to a drain lower than the unit.

Most consumers report that the dehumidifier is relatively quiet considering it’s a compressor unit with a side exhaust. However, there are still a few random complaints about the loud operation. As long as you’re not using it in a bedroom or office, the noise will be almost unnoticeable. So, if you need an efficient dehumidifier for large spaces, then this 50-pint Vremi is a great choice.

• Energy Star certified
• Large coverage area
• High moisture removal rate
• Easy-to-use controls
• Continuous draining option
• Has to purchase drain hose separately
• Not suitable for small spaces

Vremi 35 Pint Dehumidifier

Mid-Sized Vremi Dehumidifiers: 35-pint and 22-pint 

For smaller and less humid rooms, Vremi offers mid-sized dehumidifiers with a 35-pint and 22-pint capacity. All features and functionality are similar to the high capacity 50-pint, save for the moisture removal rate and coverage area. They are also Energy Star rated for greater savings in your energy bills.

The 35-pint has the same dimensions as the 50-pint, but a smaller water tank which can only hold 1.6 gallons. This is around average for a 35-pint, since most 30-pint or 35-pint units from other brands have the exact same physical size as the respective 50-pint unit. As for the 22-pint, it is noticeably smaller with a 0.8 gallon water tank. You can also use the continuous drainage in these two units.

The 35-pint unit is recommended for spaces between 1,500 to 3,000 square feet, while the 22-pint is ideal for spaces smaller than 1,500 square feet. This can be a small to medium basement, garage, living room, or bathroom. Although small enough, you may not want any of these in your bedroom since they’re not very quiet.

• Energy Star certified
• Good for medium size spaces
• Easy-to-use controls
• Continuous drain option
• Has to purchase drain hose separately

Compact Vremi Dehumidifier: 1-pint

Vremi 1-Pint RV Dehumidifier

For even smaller spaces, like a bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room, Vremi gives you this compact and portable thermoelectric dehumidifier. Using the Peltier technology, it’s extremely quiet and energy efficient. It can remove 480 ml (1 pint, or 17 oz) of moisture a day and its tank can hold 1.5L (0.4 gallon). This means you will only have to empty it every three days up to once a week. And yes, you have to empty it manually since continuous drainage isn’t an option here or for almost any Peltier dehumidifier.

Unlike most other Peltier units, this Vremi dehumidifier features an adjustable humidistat with a digital humidity display. Other dehumidifiers will continue operating until the tank is full even when humidity is already too low. This wastes energy and gives you no control over humidity levels. With the adjustable humidistat, you can set your desired humidity level from 20% to 80% RH in 5% increments. The unit will stop when the room humidity is 5% lower than your setting and start again when it’s 5% higher. If you don’t input your target humidity, it’s set to 50% by default.

When the tank is full, the unit will automatically shut off and the “Full” indicator light will illuminate. Remove the tank from the back of the unit, pour the water into the sink or drain, and put the tank back into its place. 

Running on 36 Watts, this energy efficient dehumidifier will barely make a difference in your electricity bills. When used in the right space, it can work really well in keeping your room fresh and moisture-free. Since it’s Peltier-based and doesn’t use a compressor, this Vremi dehumidifier is whisper-quiet and perfect for use in the bedroom. Although, the optimal temperature range is around 68°F to 86°F (20°C to 30°C), and the performance will decline exponentially in lower temperatures.

• Compact, light, and portable
• Whisper quiet operation
• With adjustable humidistat
• Large tank capacity
• Low energy consumption
• Small capacity and coverage
• Limited operating temperature

Key Features of Vremi Dehumidifiers

Digital Controls

Vremi Dehumidifiers Digital Controls

Vremi’s full-size dehumidifiers feature a top control panel with a digital display, soft touch buttons, and indicator lights. The Power button is on the farthest right.

Digital Humidistat

The unit has an adjustable humidistat which automatically maintains your set humidity level. Use the arrow buttons to select your desired humidity. The two digit display shows the set humidity level from 35% to 85% and the room humidity from 30% to 90%, both in 5% increments, or the time while setting. When the humidity is at least 5% lower than your setting, the unit will stop dehumidifying. It will start running again when it senses humidity 5% higher than your setting. 


You can also set a timer to automatically start or stop operation after the selected time. To program the unit to automatically turn on, press the Timer button when the unit is off. The ON indicator light above the TIMER will illuminate. Set the timer in 0.5 hour increments up to 10 hours, and one hour increments up to 24 hours. To program the unit to automatically turn off, press the button when the unit is on. The OFF indicator light will illuminate. While setting, you can see the number of hours on the digital display.

Turbo Mode

The Turbo button controls the fan speed. Press to select High speed for maximum moisture removal. The indicator will light up when operating in High fan speed. For quiet operation, press the button once again to set the fan to normal speed.


The Continuous button enables continuous dehumidification (theoretically, down to 0% RH). The indicator light will illuminate when using the continuous operation. The dehumidifier is in Continuous mode by default. Press the button to enable manual setting.


This button enables Comfort mode. While in Comfort mode, the indicator will light up and humidity cannot be adjusted manually. Instead, it will set the recommended humidity levels based on the ambient temperature. If the temperature is below 65˚F, the humidity will be set at 55% RH. Between 65˚F and 77˚F, it will be set at 50% RH. Above 77˚F, the humidity will be set at 45% RH. Press the button again to manually select the humidity level.


Vremi has a washable and reusable filter to catch dust and other impurities as the air enters the unit. After 250 hours of use, the Filter light will illuminate to remind you to check the filter. Remove the filter from behind the air intake on the back of the unit. Wash the filter with warm, soapy water and let it dry completely before reinstalling. Press the Filter button to reset the filter indicator and the light will turn off. 


Vremi Dehumidifiers Drainage

The Vremi dehumidifier collects water in its tank, complete with a transparent water level indicator, auto shutoff feature, and an LED indicator light to notify you when the tank is full. As mentioned, each Vremi unit has an average sized tank for the respective dehumidifier size. If the room is excessively humid, then you may have to empty the tank multiple times a day. If you don’t have the time for this, then it’ll be more convenient to use the gravity drainage functionality.

Like most dehumidifiers, Vremi gives you this option for continuous draining. Just find a standard garden hose and attach to the drain outlet with a female threaded end. Make sure the unit is higher than the drain, there are no kinks or obstacles, and that the end of the drain hose is level with the floor drain. Remember to detach the hose if you want to use the tank instead. 

Other brands also offer high-capacity units with a built-in condensate pump, but this isn’t the case for Vremi. A pump pushes the water out vertically up to a certain height. You can direct the hose into a sink or out of a window. If you want this functionality, you can purchase an external condensate pump.

Getting the Right Size Vremi Dehumidifier

The Department of Energy determines performance ratings and the testing standards for dehumidifiers. As of early 2020, dehumidifiers are tested at 65°F and 60% humidity, 15° lower than the 2012 standards of 80°F and 60% humidity. This new condition is supposed to give a more accurate representation of the dehumidifier’s actual performance in a basement setting. With the new standards in place, Vremi’s previously 30-pint, 50-pint, and 70-pint dehumidifiers are now rated 22-pint, 35-pint, and 50-pint, respectively.

Each unit has a recommended area of coverage, but keep in mind that this is only a guide. The right size for your space will also depend on its current conditions. For a damp or slightly damp area within 1,500 square feet, the 22-pint unit may be enough. For a wet or extremely wet environment with the same dimensions, choose the 35-pint. If the room area is around 2,000 square feet, start with the 35-pint up to the 50-pint for larger and damper spaces. For more details, you may check this guide by Energy Star.

How Does Vremi Compare?

Build Quality and Warranty

In terms of the quality of construction, Vremi dehumidifiers are just around average compared to highly-rated dehumidifiers like the Frigidaire, hOmeLabs, or Honeywell. It actually has a similar design as hOmeLabs. They have almost the exact same features on the control panel, as well as the side exhaust and a handle on each side. Additionally, Vremi comes with an industry-standard one-year warranty. Most dehumidifiers, including Frigidaire, have a one-year warranty. Only hOmeLabs has two years, while Honeywell comes with a longer five-year warranty.

Dehumidification Performance

Vremi offers the 22-pint, 35-pint, and 50-pint dehumidifiers, just like most other brands. All of these units are Energy Star certified, which only means they satisfy the EPA’s energy efficiency requirements for dehumidifiers. Similar to most dehumidifiers, they can operate in low temperatures down to 41℉ with an Automatic Defrost control to prevent frost buildup inside the machine. Unlike a few other brands, Vremi has an auto defrost indicator light that will illuminate when the unit is currently defrosting. In addition, Vremi also gives you an option of a light and compact Peltier dehumidifier for smaller spaces in warm and humid climates.

Noise Output

Noise can be subjective, but compressor dehumidifiers are naturally loud when operating. Although, some models have a better way of masking this buzzing noise with the more pleasant and quiet fan noise. On units with a top exhaust, the fan noise is distributed more evenly, making an overall more pleasing noise than in side-exhaust units. Vremi is relatively quiet considering it has side exhaust. The manufacturer claims noise levels of 55 to 60 decibels, which is on the quieter side for compressor-based units. On the other hand, the Peltier unit is very quiet with noise output as low as 35 decibels.


Is Vremi a good dehumidifier?

Yes, Vremi is one of the highest rated dehumidifiers today. It has almost all the features you’ll need in a dehumidifier and works effectively against excess moisture and its harmful effects.

Where are Vremi dehumidifiers made?

Vremi is based in the USA, but most of the production processes are done overseas like most other home appliance brands. This ensures lower costs with good quality for consumers.

How many Watts does a Vremi dehumidifier use?

The Vremi 50-pint draws a maximum of 570 Watts on operation. Since it is Energy Star rated, you can expect a high energy efficiency.

How long does it take for a dehumidifier to work?

It will depend on the size of the room and the level of dampness. Keep the doors and windows closed and you should feel a significant change within 6 to 7 hours of operation. 

Should I leave my dehumidifier on all the time?

Only when necessary. Although dehumidifiers are equipped with safety features like the automatic shutoff, it’ll be safer not to leave it running unsupervised for long periods. For example, if the humidity isn’t that severe during the night, turn off your dehumidifier to save energy.

Will a dehumidifier help with mold?

Yes, a dehumidifier can help stop mold from growing and spreading. Mold is only one of the effects of excess moisture in your home. With the right dehumidifier, you can keep the humidity within the optimal range to prevent mold and other damages caused by moisture.

How long does a dehumidifier last?

With proper care and maintenance, your dehumidifier should last up to five years. Clean the tank and filter at least every few weeks to maintain proper functioning and help your unit last longer.

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