Is It Safe To Run a Dehumidifier Overnight?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than waking up in the middle of the night due to uncomfortable humidity. In addition to being sleep-deprived, excessive humidity can trigger respiratory health issues. It’s natural to crave better sleep and relief from symptoms, so you are likely considering a dehumidifier for your home. However, you may wonder: is it ok to leave a dehumidifier on all night?

The short answer is yes. It is safe to leave a dehumidifier on overnight. Doing so can potentially help you sleep better at night. The long answer is complicated because all dehumidifiers vary in size and power. Some units are better suited to overnight use than others.

This article will cover the factors to consider before using a dehumidifier overnight. We’ll also teach you the benefits of having a dehumidifier. Plus, we’ll answer some of your questions about this device.

Is It Safe To Run a Dehumidifier Overnight? Or Should I Turn It Off?

Is It Safe To Run a Dehumidifier Overnight

Technically, yes, it is safe to leave a dehumidifier on overnight. Most modern units have built-in safety features that let you use the unit unattended at night. 

Running a dehumidifier all night can maintain optimal relative humidity levels in your room while you sleep. At the same time, it can get rid of mold and mildew growth, which minimizes respiratory health issues. 

That said, some dehumidifiers are better for independent, overnight use than others. However, it’s important to note that devices can still malfunction, despite having safety features, like auto shut-off. So, you must be careful when leaving a dehumidifier on overnight or for long periods.

Remember, not all units are designed equally. They come in various sizes and power capacities, making it difficult to tell how long you can run them safely. 

What Are the Factors to Consider When Leaving a Dehumidifier Overnight?

As mentioned, some dehumidifiers can perform better overnight than other devices. Now, you may be wondering what makes them special. Below, we will cover the features you must look for in a dehumidifier to use them safely overnight.


Imagine waking up in the middle of the night because of the noise coming out from your dehumidifier. It’s supposed to help you sleep better and not ruin your rest.

So when shopping for the best humidifier for night use, consider the noise rating of the unit. Read the product description carefully. If information about the decibel level is not readily available, call the manufacturer and ask them about it.

Expect high-end models to produce some type of whirling sounds one way or another (it’s normal!). However, you are less likely to find them too disruptive. That leads to better sleep quality!

Large Reservoir

The water capacity of the dehumidifier is another factor to consider before buying one. Since you will be asleep throughout the night, you want to ensure there are no floods in your room once you wake up. 

Look for a unit with a massive water tank capacity, so it can store excess moisture overnight without overflowing. Then, in the morning, make sure to drain the water that has accumulated in the tank.

Alternatively, you can invest in a dehumidifier with a continuous drain pipe. It can empty out the reservoir without interruption. So even if you have a device with a small tank capacity, you can rest easy knowing the water will not flood your bedroom.

Energy Efficiency

The last thing you want is to pay several thousands of dollars in electric bills when running the dehumidifier overnight. So, consider getting an energy-efficient model.

Look for Energy Star-certified dehumidifiers or those units with high-efficiency ratings. They consume less power but still offers effective humidity control. 

You must also consider the size of the dehumidifier. You can get a smaller unit to save some money on energy costs. However, avoid it if you need to maintain a desired humidity level in a large room.

Advanced Functions

There are several functions to consider if you want to use your dehumidifier overnight.

First, you want a device with auto shut-off and restart capabilities. This way, you can run the dehumidifier independently whether you are there or not. And you can expect it to restart automatically after a power interruption.

You must also look for a dehumidifier with a humidistat. Fortunately, most dehumidifiers already have this function, so you can select the optimal humidity level. Once the appliance reaches your preferred setting, it shuts itself off. You can save a lot of money without compromising your respiratory health.

Finally, get a unit with a timer. Note that this is completely different from a humidistat. Using a timer lets you program the device to turn on or off during specific periods. For example, you can set the dehumidifier to run for only half a night. You don’t have to bother getting up in the middle of the night. Plus, you minimize electricity costs.

How Will a Dehumidifier Help You Sleep Better?

How Will a Dehumidifier Help You Sleep Better

If you’re still having second thoughts about buying a dehumidifier, we understand you. The device can be quite a big purchase. However, we think it’s worth considering because it can improve your sleep and overall health. Now, you may wonder: how does a dehumidifier affect your slumber?

You may not see or notice the air inside your bedroom. But sometimes, it contains unhealthy levels of moisture that make it uncomfortable to sleep at night. By removing excess moisture and humidity, a dehumidifier can help you sleep better. You can now say goodbye to waking up sweaty and hot.

Most dehumidifiers also have a built-in humidistat. As previously mentioned, this feature lets you choose a target humidity level. You can literally set and forget it, and you still get comfortable air throughout the night.

A dehumidifier running constantly can even prevent mold and mildew growth. It can alleviate respiratory problems, which leads to better sleep.

Plus, this device can eliminate dust mites that thrive in humid air. It ultimately minimizes allergic reactions and breathing issues.

So, if you’re still asking yourself, “should I turn off my dehumidifier at night?” The answer is no because this device can help you sleep more peacefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dehumidifiers a fire hazard?

The answer depends. Many modern dehumidifiers have built-in safety features, such as auto shut-off. So even if they overheat due to continuous use, they can instantly switch off and cool down.

However, improper usage of dehumidifiers can cause fire. For example, using old outlets and outdated devices can be dangerous. 

In rare cases, manufacturing issues make the dehumidifier a fire hazard. Before buying a unit, check if it has been recalled due to overheating or smoke. 

Where to place a dehumidifier in a bedroom?

When placing a dehumidifier in any room, you must first figure out the source of moisture or high humidity. In bedrooms, this area is usually located near the windows or cracks in the wall. You can set the device near those locations to remove excess moisture quickly. 

However, avoid placing a dehumidifier against a wall or furniture. Leave some space to allow air to circulate.

What is the risk of leaving a dehumidifier on?

Although it is relatively safe to use a dehumidifier continuously, leaving it on for long periods has downsides. First and foremost, it is a fire risk, especially if you own an old model or a unit that has been recalled. It can also cause flooding in your room if it lacks an auto-off function. Plus, constant use can wear out the parts more quickly, reducing its overall effectiveness.


Running a dehumidifier overnight is safe as long as you follow the necessary precautions and buy a quality model. Look for an auto-off function, a large water tank, and a built-in humidistat. You might also want to consider the noise level and energy efficiency of the unit. Avoid old devices or connecting them to old outlets. Finally, make sure the humidistat has not been recalled due to being a fire hazard.

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