Cool Mist Humidifier

Whether you opt for an ultrasonic or an evaporative system, a cool moisture humidifier is a necessity in households where humidity levels are low. Without it, itchy skin, sinus problems, dry lips, coughing, and other issues arise. What makes it desirable option for normalizing moisture levels indoors is the fact that the mist it releases, as the name suggests, is cool. Thus, the temperature of the room you place it in is bound to drop slightly as well, making you feel a lot more comfortable if the weather in that specific time of the year is hot.

Top 14 Cool Mist Humidifiers Compared

1. Honeywell HCM350W

Honeywell HCM350W Bedroom Humidifier

Quieter than rivaling models and able to eliminate up to 99.9% of the impurities lurking in the water you pour in its tank so that a clean mist is released into the air, this Honeywell entry is one worth checking out for health freaks who care about indoor humidity. Its break-resistant water tank boasts a 1.1-gallon capacity, and it is able to run uninterrupted for up to 24 hours if you select the lowest humidification speed setting. Speaking of, there are a total of 3 speed settings that you can pick between, so you enjoy full customization of its operational process.

It can provide optimum performance in spaces of up to 500 square feet due to its effective self-regulating evaporative system. Another aspect that delights is that it is easy to fill and clean, the wide opening of the tank ensuring you won’t spill water when pouring it. The tank and tray it features are dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to manually clean them. As it comes with a large recessed tank handle, it will be easy to pull it out and insert it back in when needed. Additionally, it is backed with a 3-year warranty by the manufacturing company.

What We Like

  • It puts 3 speed settings at your disposal
  • Kills 99.9% of germs in the water to keep the air clean
  • Water tank and tray are dishwasher safe

What We Dislike

  • It is hard to access and clean the fan and motor
  • Can get noisy at times


It might not be perfect, but the fact that it sanitizes the water before turning it into mist and releasing it into the air, as well as the fact that it is easy to use and maintains complete quietness throughout its operation make it quite an appealing product.

2. Levoit LV450CH

Levoit LV450CH Bedroom Humidifier

We start by praising the clean lines and modern design it boasts as it makes for a great addition to any space or room. Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that it comes at quite a cheap price, so you won’t have to dig a hole through your pocket to acquire it. The tank has an impressive 1.1-gallon capacity that, depending on the mist level you select, ensures it will provide continuous operation for 15 to 36 hours. Speaking of mist levels, it puts a total of 3 settings at your disposal to pick between, so you have full control over its operation. Furthermore, it boasts a one-button design which ensures you will have an easy time switching between these settings. The elevated mist nozzle it comes with rotates 360 degrees to ensure even moisture-enhancing of the room. As it outputs up to 250 milliliters per hour, you can rely on it to fix low humidity levels in a matter of hours after turning it on for the first time.

Evidently, for you to enjoy its best performance, you must use it in rooms and spaces ranging from 430 to 538 square feet, as recommended by the manufacturing company. As it produces only 40 decibels when it runs, it should not present a nuisance – however, we must warn you that there were a few customers who found it to be a bit too loud for them. It even features an aroma box where you can add essential oils to enjoy the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, soothing your senses and helping you relax after a hard day of work. Another notable aspect is that it turns off automatically when the water drains to prevent overheating that could lead to the device getting damaged.

What We Like

  • Can run continuously for up to 36 hours when the tank is full
  • Low power consumption – rated at 30 watts
  • One-button design for changing between mist levels ensures an intuitive use

What We Dislike

  • Some customers find it to be louder than they had expected
  • Not the most dependable option in the long run according to some customers


Imposing through its design and able to deliver an astounding 250 milliliters of moisture per hour to a 538 square feet area to enhance humidity levels, all while maintaining a relatively cheap price, the LV450CH is a smart acquisition you won’t regret making.

3. Pure Enrichment MistAire

Pure Enrichment MistAire Bedroom Humidifier

On the off chance that the area you plan to put it in doesn’t surpass 250 square feet in size, we recommend that you settle on the MistAire. What influences us to hold it so dearly is its high efficiency as it can output up to 150 milliliters for each hour, accordingly settling any low moisture issues in a matter of hours, a couple of days tops. The tank is somewhat smaller when compared to our other picks as it can hold up just 1.5 liters of water, however thinking about the smaller size of the device itself, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Between refills, it provides up to 16 hours of runtime, so you should refill the tank just once every couple of days on the off chance that you run it while you rest.

One of its most noteworthy highlights is the 360-degree pivot of the nozzle through which the mist is released, a design that enables you to coordinate the stream as you see fit. There are two speed settings you can pick amongst, high and low. Another noteworthy function it gives is the nightlight that creates a pleasant environment in the bedroom, helping the occupants of the room nod off speedier and rest better too. Furthermore, it is sponsored by a 2-year guarantee against defects, so you will be secured with regards to part substitutions and different costs.

What We Like

  • Features a 360-degree rotating design for the nozzle, allowing you to decide what the direction of the mist flow should be
  • Provides two speed settings for you to choose between – low and high
  • Nightlight function ensures a soothing sleeping habitat

What We Dislike

  • You might encounter difficulties when you clean the tank
  • Some reported that they did not receive the expected help from customer service


Feature-rich and designed to increase moisture levels as fast as possible to soothe symptoms like coughing and itchy skin, the MistAire is a must-have for any health freak. It delivers a sanitary environment where the water that will be released as mist into the air is kept, and it comes from one of the most respected brands at the moment, so there are no real downsides to it.

4. Levoit Dual 100

Levoit Dual 100 Cool Mist Humidifier

Modern in its design and made with BPA-free plastic, the Levoit Dual 100 is one of the more reasonably priced yet effective entries you will encounter. Its main highlight, however, stands in the fact that it boasts a 2-in-1 functionit can be used either as a humidifier or as an essential oils diffuser. It uses the spiral air-duct and ultrasonic technologies to break down the water into small mist particles that measures less than 8um to avoid wetting or fogging the floor and furniture.

The 0.48-gallon capacity tank provides up to 20 hours of runtime when it is filled, and when the water runs out, it automatically shuts off until you replenish it to prevent overheating. To enjoy an optimal performance on its part, it is recommended to use it in spaces of up to 260 square feet, so you can confidently rely on its humidification abilities to restore and maintain proper moisture in rooms like the office, nursery, or bedroom. Moreover, it produces only 28 decibels when it runs, which means that it will not present a nuisance in any manner.

If you are usually bothered by lights when you sleep, you need not fret as all the lights it produces can be turned off whenever you want. It boasts a top-fill design that makes it easy to refill it or add the essential oils when you are in the mood for a relaxing aromatherapy session. Furthermore, the big opening of the tank makes it easy to clean it inside with a damp cloth when needed. Lastly, we mention that it is backed by a 2-year warranty on parts and labor on the manufacturer’s part.

What We Like

  • Runtime of up to 20 hours on the lowest mist output setting
  • Produces less than 28 decibels when it runs
  • Can be used as a diffuser for essential oils


With a top-fill design that makes it easy to use, and boasting a whisper-quiet operation so that it doesn’t wake you up if you use it in the bedroom, the Levoit Dual 100 delivers humidity enhancement in a convenient manner.

5. Homech HM-AH001

Homech HM-AH001 Bedroom Humidifier

As it can provide up to 60 hours of continuous use on a full tank, the Homech HM-AH001 makes for one of the more convenient options in our top. The reason is quite simple – you don’t have to refill the 4-liter water tank all that often. When it does run out of water, don’t worry as it automatically turns off to prevent any damage.

To control the amount of mist it outputs, you simply have to turn the dial knob to the point you find optimal. Moreover, the humidity release can be set from 60 to 300 milliliters, so there is a generous range to pick from. It features a 360-degree nozzle that you can target in any direction you want. It draws from 15 to 25 watts when it runs, so operating it won’t add to the electric bills all that much.

The opening of the tank measures 3.62 inches in width, which makes it easy for you to clean it when needed, as well as refill it when it empties. For convenient transport and to easily separate the water tank from the base, the HM-AH001 features a handle. To upkeep a silent operation, it features an ultrasonic altomizer that vibrates silently when it turns the water into mist. Additionally, it is backed by an 18-month warranty on parts and labor.

What We Like

  • 360-degree nozzle lets you direct the mist output as you prefer
  • Runtime of up to 60 hours on a full tank
  • 3.62” wide opening for easy filling of the tank


As it can release up to 300 milliliters of moisture into the air per hour and draws little power to run, the Homech HM-AH001 makes for one of the most effective solution to opt for if you want to regulate moisture levels indoors.

6. PurSteam Ultrasonic

For those who are on a budget, this is a selection that must not be overlooked. In addition to coming at a cheap price, it delivers everything that you could ask for in terms of performance, as well as features. We start off by praising its generous 400 square feet area coverage that makes it ideal for small and medium-sized rooms. The 350-milliliters per hour moisture output that it boasts which enhances its performance quality ensures that low humidity issues will be resolved in a matter of hours. It features a low water indicator light that keeps you updated with the status of the reservoir, while the automatic shut-off function ensures it will turn off when the tank is empty to avoid overheating. The 0.6-gallon capacity of the tank delivers up to 17 hours of continuous runtime when full, so you can get a restful sleep without worrying about maintenance work.

It uses the ultrasonic technology which ensures that any bacteria and impurities in the water will be eliminated before the mist is outputted. As expected, it features the useful nightlight that provides a soothing ambiance in the room. However, there is a minor downfall to it, more precisely the fact that it lacks a rotating design for the nozzle. Thus, you will have to move the device in the direction you want it to output the moisture. Lastly, we must put emphasis on the noiseless technology it utilizes that makes it appropriate for use even in the room where you sleep or work.

What We Like

  • Provides up to 17 hours of operating time when set on the low speed setting
  • Nightlight creates a soothing ambiance in the room
  • Comes at an accessible price

What We Dislike

  • You cannot direct the mist flow as you please without moving the device as a whole
  • Flismy design


Cheap, feature-rich, and dependable as it can easily cover raising moisture levels in medium-sized rooms where the air is generally dry, the PurSteam is a must-have for anyone who is on a budget and looking for a smart acquisition.

7. TaoTronics TT-AH001

TaoTronics TT-AH001 Bedroom Humidifier

The TaoTronics is designed to provide optimal humidification in spaces ranging from 100 to 320 square feet. It is one of the more modern entries in this niche as it features a digital display where it indicates current humidity levels to keep you up to date with your surroundings and help you decide how much you should crank up its mist release. Speaking of, it relies on the ultrasonic technology to increase humidity in the air, and it releases up to 300 milliliters of mist per hour to upkeep a healthy environment to live in. It features a 1.06-gallon capacity tank that you will have to refill once every 12 to 30 hours if you let it run continuously, depending on the output setting you choose.

As it produces less than 38 decibels when it runs, there’s the added benefit that you can basically place it in any room of your home you like without worrying it might be a nuisance. Its 30-watt power draw makes it energy efficient, another bonus as you won’t spend too much money when the bills come as a result of running it continuously. It even features low water protection in the form of the automatic shut-off that activates when it starts to run out of liquid to prevent overheating. When it comes to backing, the manufacturing company has it covered on parts and labor during the first year after you acquire the product.

What We Like

  • Can run continuously for up to 30 hours before the tank empties
  • Produces less than 38 decibels when it runs
  • 30-watt power rating makes it an energy efficient solution for moisturizing the air

What We Dislike

  • It is a bit difficult to clean the tank
  • Some users report inaccuracies in the readings provided by the humidistat


Featuring a humidity monitoring system that lets you track environmental conditions and able to output 300 milliliters of moisture into the air per hour, the TT-AH001 is the right air moisturizer for spaces of up to 320 square feet.

8. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L

Worked through and through to convey dampness improving while at the same time keeping up a charming temperature inside when the climate is hot because of its chilly dampness yield, the Everlasting Comfort is the model that truly caught our eye. It comes at a reasonable price that makes it an accessible acquisition, while the modern design it flaunts makes it a commendable expansion to any room inside the house. It delivers even when it comes to portability, so you will have the capacity to move it as required. Moreover, the organization that produces it backs it for a lifetime – at whatever point any part breakdowns, it will be repaired or supplanted for nothing out of pocket.


It measures 14.2 inches by 12.4 inches by 7.8 inches and weighs a minor 4.6 pounds, so moving it from room to room is an easy errand to take up. Notwithstanding being lightweight and compact, it flaunts a cutting-edge design because of the dark housing, making for an in vogue addition to any room, paying little mind to its stylistic theme. In any case, the design element that impresses the most is the 360-degree turning profile of the nozzles that enables you to coordinate the fog stream as you require, giving you full control over the gadget.

Output and Capacity

It is intended for rooms and spaces that measure up to 400 square feet in size, consequently giving a solid working even in medium to large-sized rooms. Therefore, you can unhesitatingly depend on it to bring moistness up in the workplace, bedroom, living room, or some other zone of your home. To guarantee that dampness levels will increment quickly, it yields an amazing 270 milliliters per hour. As the tank flaunts a 6-liter or 1.6-gallon capacity, when you set it on the lowest working speed, you will be remunerated with up to 50 hours of runtime between refills.

Mention Worthy Details

  • Doubles as an oil diffuser, circulating the oils you add into the mist before outputting it to freshen up the room you place it in.
  • Provides a lengthy 50-hour runtime between refills when the lowest mist output setting is selected.
  • Ultra quiet operation makes it usable even in the bedroom, office, or nursery.

Economical Solution

There are two aspects to look into if you want to figure out whether or not the device is economical – the absence of a filter and its power consumption. As it does not have a filter that would have expected you to supplant it on a regular basis, you won’t need to make any extra buys on the off chance that you decide to acquire it. Moreover, its conservative design influences it to draw little power when it runs.

What We Like

  • Nightlight function provides a soothing ambiance that comes in handy for those who have trouble falling asleep
  • Antibacterial ionizer and vaporizer that enhances humidity while ensuring impurity-free air
  • Reasonable asking price makes it an affordable selection


Even if we were to try our hardest, we couldn’t find a real flaw to this humidifier. Able to cover wide areas and outputting sufficient moisture to normalize humidity levels in a matter of hours, all while maintaining a decent asking price, it is our top recommendation.

9. Onson

Onson Bedroom Humidifier

The modern design of the Onson is what first catches your eye, but once you get a glimpse of its stats, you are bound to fall in love with it. It features a large 1.2-gallon water tank that provides up to 30 hours of continuous use, depending on the mist release setting you pick. Speaking of, there are 3 settings to choose between – low, medium, and high. Keep in mind that it provides optimal performance in spaces of up to 480 square feet, so you can basically use it in any room of your home without worrying it might not handle the area coverage. As it uses the effective ultrasonic technology to release the cool mist, it maintains a whisper-quiet operation as well, producing only 30 decibels. Thus, you can even use it in the office, nursery, or bedroom without it presenting a distraction.

It features a built-in 12-hour timer that helps save on operational costs and provides you full control over the Onson. As expected, when the water tank empties, it turns off automatically to prevent overheating. It features an informative LED display and a built-in humidistat, so you can check the screen at any time you want to see what the current relative humidity level is. Due to the stainless steel filter it comes with, it blocks impurities so that they don’t get released into the air and contaminate it. The internal base it features is made with materials that limit stains and dust growth for a sanitary environment for the water to be kept in.

What We Like

  • Built-in humidistat keeps you aware of the current relative humidity level
  • Produces only 30 decibels when it runs
  • Features a 12-hour timer that helps save energy


One of the newest entries on the market, the Onson humidifier uses the effective ultrasonic technology to release cold mist into the air and raise moisture levels, all while making the environment feel a bit cooler.

10. Tekjoy

We start off by mentioning the fact that it is one of the more compact devices on the market, which means that you can even place it on the nightstand or a crowded table. Another design aspect that enchants is the fact that it is easy to use, all you have to do being to press buttons for its settings to be changed. You can adjust the mist output it provides up to 280 milliliters per hour, and when it comes to its continuous operation on a full tank, know that it can hold up for a maximum of 24 hours before refilling will be needed. It outputs soothing cool mist after you fill the 2.5-liter tank that it features.

When the tank does empty, if you forget to refill it or you are not around, it will turn off on its own to prevent any mishaps like overheating from occurring. It uses a whisper-quiet technology to run, so it won’t wake you up in the middle of the night if you place it in the bedroom as the maximum noise output it is capable of is 32 decibels. There are 7 different options that you can pick between when it comes to the LED lights it outputs, so if you have trouble falling asleep, you can pick a color that soothes you to a quicker sleep transition. Furthermore, it features 3 timer settings, which means that you can set it to run continuously for 4, 8, or 12 hours, after which it will turn off on its own to save power and water.

What We Like

  • Features a smart 3-setting timer
  • Produces less than 32 decibels when it runs
  • 7 LED color light options to pick between for a soothing sleep

What We Dislike

  • Tank isn’t as large as what other models feature
  • It’s hard to clean the tank on the inside


Providing with long-lasting relief as it ensures proper humidity levels in the room that you place it in, the Tekjoy is a worthy acquisition for anyone in need. It is easy to use and boasts quite a few eye catching features that place it above competitive models quality-wise.

11. Vicks VUL520P

What is sure to first catch your eye is the cute design it boasts, being available in two color options – pink and blue. Of course, there’s the cheap asking price that makes it a smart deal. It measures 9.5 inches by 9.6 inches by 10.6 inches, so you won’t have trouble finding a spot for it. It delivers a quiet operation that makes it ideal even for rooms like the bedroom or nursery. As it features an integrated scent pad heater, you can insert soothing scents in it to relieve cold symptoms, for example. Another feature worth mentioning is the SoftGlo nightlight that creates a rather soothing ambiance in the room, this function being ideal for activation when you go to bed as it will help you fall asleep faster.

On a fill of the 0.5-gallon tank that it features, you are provided with up to 20 hours of runtime if you select the lower speed setting of the 2 that are put at your disposal. Due to the fact that it boasts an area coverage of up to 350 square feet, you can basically use it in any room of your home as it is unlikely for it to underperform. With the 220-milliliter per hour moisture output it provides, any issues related to low humidity are bound to be solved in a matter of days. In addition, there’s a 2-year warranty provided for it against defective parts and faulty workmanship.

What We Like

  • Features an integrated scent pad heater that allows you to use soothing scents with it
  • SoftGlo nightlight provides a soft light to help those who have trouble falling asleep
  • Cheap acquisition – one of the budget-smart selections you could go for

What We Dislike

  • Some customers have complained that it drops in performance as the months pass
  • Some found its design to be a bit flimsy


Ideal for the nursery due to its cute and compact design, while maintaining a proper efficiency in any other room you intend to place it in due to the high moisture output it delivers, this Vicks entry is a budget-friendly solution for fixing low indoor humidity issues.

12. Anypro CF-2520

The straightforward operation it delivers at your disposal 2 mist output adjustment settings makes the Anypro a standout for individuals who want a stress-free device to help them normalize moisture levels indoors. As it measures just 8.7 inches by 8.6 inches by 9.9 inches, you won’t experience difficulty finding a spot where to put it. It outputs 120 milliliters of moisture per hour, which is less when contrasted with our other entries, yet at the same time gets the job done to guarantee a proficient operation. It delivers its best performance when utilized in rooms and spaces of up to 215 square feet, and the 0.5-gallon capacity of the water tank guarantees up to 10 hours of runtime when you select the low speed setting.

As it produces less than 40 decibels when it runs, you can even place it in the bedroom while you rest as it won’t bother you. Another feature that makes it engaging for use is the blue nightlight that can help soothe you to sleep. The mist discharging spout it features flaunts a 360-degree rotational design that guarantees moisture will be spread out in the room in the direction you desire. Also, there are 3 timer settings that you can choose from so as to completely control its operation – you can set it to turn off after 1, 3, or 6 hours. Of course, there’s another mention-worthy aspect we must highlight, more precisely the 1-year warranty that accompanies it.

What We Like

  • Timer function lets you set it run continuously for 1, 3, or 6 hours
  • Blue nightlight creates a pleasant ambiance in the room
  • Produces 20-40 decibels when it runs, maintaining a quiet operation

What We Dislike

  • Smaller moisture output when compared to our other selections
  • Some customers reported that it makes a bothersome noise when it runs


It might not output as much moisture per hour as our other selections do, but the Anypro still makes for a trustworthy humidity raising device to opt for. It uses the ultrasonic technology to ensure the mist released into the air is free of impurities, and in terms of durability and design, it is one of the products that are hard to top.

13. Vicks V4600

Vicks V4600 Bedroom Humidifier

A filter-free air moisturizer that is compact and easy to use while providing quite a fierce performance, the V4600 is one of our top recommendations for medium-sized spaces of up to 400 square feet. You can rely on it to maintain a whisper-quiet operation throughout as it uses the ultrasonic technology. It features a dial knob that enables you to pick the mist release setting you consider best suited. Speaking of, it releases approximately 150 milliliters of moisture per hour, so humidity levels are bound to increase quickly.

As it features a 1.2-gallon water tank, you can expect it to run continuously for up to 33 hours on a single fill. The tank is translucent, so you’ll have an easy time figuring out when it’s time to refill it. As expected, it shuts off on its own when the tank empties if you forget to do the task at the right time to prevent overheating. Another mention-worthy highlight is the fact that you can use VapoPads from the same manufacturing company with it to fill the air in the room with soothing vapors. Lastly, we mention that a 3-year warranty is provided for it by the manufacturing company.

What We Like

  • Tank is translucent so that you can check the water level more easily
  • Provides up to 33 hours of runtime on a fill
  • Dial knob control enables you to adjust mist output to your liking

What We Dislike

  • Beware that hard water will cause deposits to appear on the tank
  • Tank is a bit difficult to clean


Recommended for small and medium-sized rooms, the Vicks entry provides up to 33 hours of continuous use on a full tank. It maintains a whisper-quiet operation and boasts a simplistic design that makes it user-friendly, so there are only benefits to reap if you opt for it.

14. InvisiPure Luna

Its ingenious design not only ensures it will occupy little space wherever you place it, but it provides you with a convenient top-fill manner so that there won’t be any spills involved with refilling it. It features a hidden water-level sensor that ensures when it runs low on water it will turn off automatically to prevent damage. The water tank boasts a 2.5-liter capacity, so refilling won’t be required more than once every 24 hours, depending on the mist setting you select. Speaking of, there are 3 settings you can opt for – the low setting provides continuous runtime for up to 24 hours, the medium settings ensures it will run continuously for 17 hours, while the high setting ensures a runtime of up to 10 hours. What delights is that it even features a timer function that you can set for either 4, 8, or 12 hours to limits its operation strictly as needed to save energy.

Its 360-degree adjustable nozzle enables you to pick the direction in which the moisture will be released for thorough coverage of the room it’s placed in. It even features a nightlight that you can set to produce the light which soothes you most, having 7 options that you can pick between when it comes to color. It provides an area coverage of up to 270 square feet, which makes it ideal for small rooms. Furthermore, there is backing provided on parts and labor during the first year after you purchase it so that you won’t spend money on eventual repairs in this time span.

What We Like

  • Allows you to use essential oils with it so that you may benefit from aromatherapy
  • 360-degree adjustable nozzle lets you pick the direction in which the moisture is released
  • 3 timer settings to pick between – 4, 8, or 12 hours

What We Dislike

  • Can get noisy as time passes
  • Some customers reported leaks


As it puts multiple mist output settings at your disposal and even allows you to adjust the direction in which the moisture is released into the room, it makes for one of the more versatile options that you can turn to when you need to raise humidity indoors.

Rating Our Picks

Rating CriteriaImportanceProduct to Receive the Best Score
Ultrasonic technologyUltrasonic devices contain a small-sized metal plate that produces vibrations at an ultrasonic frequency in order to break water particles into cool vapor. Whilst doing so, this technology also helps dislodge impurities from the water particles to ensure the mist released into the air is clean and safe for your lungs.Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L, Pure Enrichment MistAire, Anypro CF-2520, Vicks VUL520P, PurSteam Ultrasonic
Soothing nightlightThe role of the nightlight function is to help soothe those who suffer from mild insomnia to sleep, and to overall improve sleep quality in all individuals. If you plan on using the device in the bedroom or nursery, this is a feature that must accompany your selection as it makes a huge difference in its performance quality.Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L, Pure Enrichment MistAire, Anypro CF-2520, Vicks VUL520P, PurSteam Ultrasonic
CoverageIf it can cover a wider area than you need it to, it is ideal as at one point, you will inevitably need to raise indoor humidity levels in other areas of the house as well. Thus, a higher rating is bound to be given to devices that can cover larger spaces.Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L, PurSteam Ultrasonic
Moisture outputFor the gadget to be able to fix low humidity levels indoors as quickly as possible, it should release a hearty amount of moisture per hour. Evidently, the entry that delivered the highest output got the biggest score when it came down to this rating criteria.PurSteam Ultrasonic
Noise levelIt is quintessential for the device to produce as little noise as possible when it runs so that it won’t present a distraction. Ideally, the noise level shouldn’t exceed 40 decibels in order to make it possible for you to place it in the room you sleep in, or even in your office.Anypro CF-2520
Rotating nozzleIf the nozzle through which the moisture is outputted in the room can be rotated, you have the freedom to select the direction where the flow will hit first. This feature comes especially in handy if you plan on using it in the nursery as you can direct it towards the crib without moving the placement of the device.Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L, Pure Enrichment MistAire

How to Clean

Regardless of the model you own and the general opinions you read on forums, with cool mist devices, daily upkeep is required. That is, of course, if you want to make sure that you will keep all issues at bay and keep the moisture-enhancing device up and running at its peak for as long as possible. To make maintenance tasks more comprehensive, we broke them down in 3 general categories that you cannot skip on.

Daily cleaning tasks

  • Remove: Turn the device off, unplug it, and remove the tank from the base. Check out the manufacturer’s manual for directions regarding its proper removal.
  • Empty: There are two types of tank caps you will encounter – snap on and twist off. Remove the cap properly and dump the remainder of the water into a sink or tub.
  • Rinse: Fill it with lukewarm water halfway or more, and slosh the liquid inside the tank. Afterward, dump the water and either air dry or wipe the tank dry.

Scale removal

  • Wicking filter: Remove the tank, empty it, and turn the machine on without putting the tank back in its place. As you do this, you allow the wicking filter to dry out properly. When it is completely dry, turn the device off and unplug it. Remove the filter gently and set it aside until you are done with the entire procedure.
  • Tray: Slide it out or unclip it in order to remove it from the base of the device. After taking it out, fill it halfway with vinegar and let it sit for 20 minutes. When the time passes, use a slightly dampened sponge to wipe the parts that have not been submerged, and thoroughly rinse it to get the vinegar smell out.
  • Tank: Fill approximately two-thirds of the tank with water and add two tablespoons of white vinegar. Let the mixture sit in it for about 20 minutes, and when the time passes, proceed to dump the liquid, rinse the tank properly, and air dry it.


  • Tank: Remove the tank, fill it with water and a tablespoon of bleach, and leave the solution in it for 20 minutes. Afterward, empty the liquid, and proceed to rinse it by refilling the tank with clean water until the bleach smell disappears completely. Lastly, wipe the inside and let it air dry.
  • Tray: Remove it, and using a soft rag or a sponge that has been dipped in bleach and water solution, wipe the tray down. When you finish, rinse it properly and allow it to air dry before you reassemble the device.
  • Exterior: The outside of the device requires just as much attention as the interior does. Thus, using a clean rag that is damp, wipe down the exterior of the device and the base.
Child sleeping with cool mist humidifier

Maintaining Proper Humidity – Health Benefits

The upkeep of a proper comfort level indoors might be one of the reasons why you are inclined to buy a humidifier, but the utmost reason is definitely the fact that maintaining proper moisture levels indoors comes with an array of health benefits.

  • Immune system improvement: The mucous membranes are the first defense line employed by the human body against viruses and bacteria, and for them to be able to do their job, they must stay moisturized. As humidity levels drop, the air you breathe becomes dry and moisture is pulled out of your membranes, which leaves them powerless when it comes to protecting you, thus weakening the immune system as a whole. On the other hand, a cool moisture humidity increase device fixes this issue, helping your immune system stay strong and fend off against nasty viruses and bacteria.
  • Congestion prevention: Congestion occurs when your body overproduces nasal mucus to return moisture to your nasal passages that have been dried up by breathing in dry air, and while in most cases it feels like a slight discomfort, at times it can even get painful. Humidifying the air properly will prevent nasal congestion altogether as your body won’t have to overproduce mucus anymore.
  • Aid with COPD: COPD, which stands short for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, could have devastating effects if lung irritations appear. Dry air is an irritating factor, so you must maintain proper moisture to manage the disease and prevent it from further advancing and putting your life in danger.
  • Allergy management: If you suffer from allergies and there are triggering particles in the air, you could develop allergic rhinitis, which causes inflammation, nasal congestion, irritation, vomiting, and redness, among other symptoms. By maintaining proper moisture, you not only treat these symptoms, but you might even be lucky enough to prevent them from ever reappearing.
  • Asthma control: In the cases of asthmatics, proper moisture is a sensitive subject, one that must be tended to as too much or too little of it has repercussions. Humidity level control provided by modern devices ensures the upkeep of proper moisture levels so that asthma attacks won’t occur, cool mist being the preferable choice over warm mist as it is less irritating for the lungs.
  • Prevention of skin conditions: There is quite a wide range of ways in which low moisture attacks the skin, including irritations, rashes, and cracking. Dry air is a trigger even for eczema, so if you don’t want to spend your time treating unpleasant skin conditions, you have to keep proper moisture levels indoors.

Customer Feedback

Until you get to form an opinion of your own when it comes to the quality of these products, it’s best to check out what others who have already acquired and used it have to say. Customer feedback is an essential part of any purchase, the experience a user has with the product in cause being worth more than the promises of manufacturing companies that are clearly advertising their products and putting them in a good light to convince you to buy them.

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic 6L

Positive reviews:Negative reviews:
”Best capacity-per-dollar product out there right now.”

”Large tank keeps it running all day.”

”Works great and stays silent.”

”Puts out a nice, heavy mystifying spray.”

”I love that the vents can go in different directions.”
”When I use tap water, it requires cleaning too often.”

”Top grille is a bit difficult to remove.”

Pure Enrichment MistAire

Positive reviews:Negative reviews:
”Easy to assemble and quiet.”

”My baby sleeps through the whole night since we have it.”

”The nightlight is nice, makes it easier to fall asleep.”

”We took it on our vacations too, it’s quite compact.”

”Love the price!”
”Uses up the water faster than I thought it would.”

”Mildew grew quickly inside it.”

”It’s smaller than the old version Pure Enrichment released.”

Anypro CF-2520

Positive reviews:Negative reviews:
”The indicator that shows it’s out of water isn’t troublesome.”

”Helped get rid of my sleep apnea.”

”Long lasting mist despite the small size.”

”Really like the timer, comes in handy.”

”Quiet and easy to fill.”
”Nightlight is a bit annoying at times.”

”Power button stays lit.”

”Distilled water has to be used for deposits to not form quick.”

Vicks VUL520P

Positive reviews:Negative reviews:
”Came in handy this allergy season, didn’t experience any symptoms.”

”Made me give up on sleeping with my inhaler next to the bed.”

”I use filtered water with it and I never had a problem.”

”Have been using it for 2 years now, had no problems with it.”

”Easy to use and fill, remains virtually silent.”
”Doesn’t output as much moisture as I expected.”

”Mildew builds up fast.”

PurSteam Ultrasonic

Positive reviews:Negative reviews:
”It runs really quiet.”

”Mouth and throat haven’t been dry since I started using it.”

”My husband stopped snoring since it’s in our bedroom.”

”Water tank doesn’t need refilling all that often.”

”My husband stopped snoring since it’s in our bedroom.”
”Doesn’t seal to the base right.”

”Makes an annoying dripping water sound.”


Moisture enhancement is needed in dry air environments, and a soothing manner to fix the issue is provided by cool mist release machines as these not only add humidity in the air, but make the atmosphere feel a bit cooler and thus more comfortable. The Honeywell HCM350W is your best pick to raise moisture indoors as it is effective in its quest and lets you pick the amount of mist it releases from 3 different levels. Furthermore, it can cover spaces of up to 500 square feet, so you can use it for any room in your home without worrying about underperformance.

Just as impressive we find the Homech HM-AH001 that is suitable for rooms and spaces of up to 430 square feet. On its maximum setting, it can release a staggering 300 milliliters of moisture per hour into the air, so low humidity is bound to be fixed in no time with this device.