Amana Dehumidifier Reviews

This is a review for Amana dehumidifiers currently available as of spring 2022: the AMAD481BW and AMAD351BW.

Amana is an American manufacturer of household appliances that’s been around for decades. While most Amana appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioning units, have excellent quality and receive highly favorable reviews, Amana dehumidifiers are a different conversation. After its acquisition from Whirlpool, Chinese company Haier now manufactures the Amana dehumidifiers. In short, these dehumidifiers are not made with the same standards you may have expected in the past from the Amana name.

If you’re looking to purchase a dehumidifier for your house, then you may find this review helpful. I’ve gathered the important details you need to be able to decide if this is the right unit for you. I looked at each of the features and customer reviews from multiple online stores to let you know the real score on the Amana dehumidifiers.

ModelAmana AMAD481BWAmana AMAD351BW
Moisture Removal48 pints per day35 pints per day
Coverage Area1,200 sq. ft.800 sq. ft.
Current Draw5.5 Amps5.3 Amps
Dimensions23 x 12 x 14 inches23 x 12 x 14 inches
Weight41.9 lbs39.8 lbs


  • Energy Star certified
  • Custom humidity control
  • Continuous draining option
  • Light and portable


  • Poor design and build quality
  • Small coverage area
  • Auto off timer up to 14 hours only
  • No defrost light indicator
Amana AMAD481BW Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Performance

The US Department of Energy gives dehumidifier performance ratings and determines the test standards used depending on the dehumidifier’s moisture removal capacity and energy efficiency. 

Moisture Removal Capacity

Dehumidifiers are rated by the amount of moisture removed from the air per day, typically in pints per day or PPD. As of June 2019, the DOE changed the dehumidifier testing conditions to 65°F and 60% humidity, 15° lower than the 2012 standard of 80°F and 60% humidity. This new condition is supposedly a more accurate representation of the dehumidifier’s performance in a basement setting. Amana currently offers a 35-pint and 48-pint dehumidifier suitable for small rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Each Amana dehumidifier is Energy Star certified. This simply means that they are energy efficient as per the EPA’s requirements for dehumidifiers. Energy Star measures the energy efficiency based on the amount of power the dehumidifier consumes while dehumidifying and while on standby, so called the integrated energy factor or IEF.

Noise Level

Noise isn’t usually a big problem for basement dehumidifiers, but it can be a dealbreaker for some if you want an all-around portable dehumidifier for your home. Amana dehumidifier makes a noise output of 55 decibels on high fan speed. This is around the average range for compressor dehumidifiers, while the quietest models can go from 45 to 50 decibels.

Key Features and Functionality

Digital Controls

Amana Dehumidifier Digital Control

Digital Humidistat

Amana features a basic design with a digital display and a few buttons on the top control panel. Using the arrow buttons, you can set the relative humidity level from 30% to 80% in 5% increments. With the built-in adjustable humidistat, the dehumidifier will cycle on and off to maintain your desired humidity level while conserving energy. The auto restart function will save your settings in case of a power outage and resume operation automatically when the power comes back.


It’s easy to set up the dehumidifier to automatically turn off after a target amount of time, up to 14 hours, unlike other dehumidifiers which you can program to auto start or stop up to 24 hours. To program auto shut-off, press the Timer button to select the timer in 2-hour increments up to 14 hours. After 14 hours is selected, pressing the Timer button once again will cancel the timer function.

Fan Speeds

Most dehumidifiers offer two fan speeds, and the same applies for Amana. The leftmost button on the control panel controls the fan speed. Choose between High speed (H) or Low speed (L) and the indicator light for your selected mode will illuminate.

Bucket Full Indicator

Like other dehumidifiers, the Amana unit will automatically shut off when the bucket fills up with water. It will emit a sound and the Bucket Full Indicator will illuminate to let the user know.

Auto Defrost

Amana operates from  41°F (5°C) to 95°F (35°C), as is standard in compressor dehumidifiers. If you operate the dehumidifier in lower temperatures for long periods, this may lead to frost buildup on the coils. In this case, the compressor will stop running while the fan will continue to melt all the ice. Unlike most other dehumidifier brands, Amana doesn’t have an indicator light to let you know when the unit is defrosting.


Just like any dehumidifier of its size, Amana collects water in an internal tank. The unit features a removable water tank with a transparent water level window on the front for monitoring. It’s also equipped with the standard auto shutoff feature, along with a corresponding bucket full indicator light to alert you when you need to empty the water. Pull the tank from the front of the dehumidifier and hold with both hands to pour the water into the sink or drain.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have to empty the bucket, you have the option to operate in continuous mode with a drain hose connection. To enable continuous drainage, remove the drain fitting plug on the back of the unit and attach a standard garden hose to the outlet. Place the unit higher than the drain and make sure there are no kinks or knots and the other end of the hose is level with the drain. Most brands also offer high capacity units with a built-in pump, but this isn’t the case for Amana

Build Quality and Warranty

Amana AMAD351BW Dehumidifier

Both the current Amana dehumidifiers stand at around 24 inches tall, which is the average for similar sized units. What I’ve noticed with these models is they are actually slimmer from the front view but the design makes them look chunkier. 

The louvers cover the unit from each side and it’s definitely something I would want out of sight in my own home. The small control panel could also use some upgrade in its design and layout. On the upside, the dehumidifier has four caster wheels and recessed handles on each side for mobility. 

While the unit comes with a removable washable filter, you can only access it by first removing the water bucket and pulling the filter down from under the unit. Additionally, there is no available information on the bucket capacity. Like most dehumidifiers, Amana comes with a standard one-year warranty.

Consumer Feedback on Amana Dehumidifiers 

Amana dehumidifiers have little to no reviews in multiple online retailers. However, based on its features which we discussed in detail above, Amana lacks in comparison to most other dehumidifier brands. 

Since we do not have nearly enough data on their actual performance after months or years of usage, it’s difficult to say for sure how effective and efficient the Amana dehumidifiers work. Although, with the knowledge I’ve learned and shared with you, I cannot yet recommend these products. 

If you want the best dehumidifier for your home, some of the top rated brands today are Frigidaire, hOmeLabs, Vremi, and Honeywell. They all offer a similar range of dehumidifiers with most of the standard features and functionality, including a built-in pump for the high-capacity units.
Now if you’re still interested in real customer reviews, you can check out this similarly designed older Amana unit, the AMAD501AW. Or, if you prefer, you may look at your local store and find an expert to help you pick the best dehumidifier for you.

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