Who Makes Pelonis Dehumidifiers?

If you’re looking for a portable dehumidifier for your home, it can be an overwhelming task to choose the best one among hundreds of different models from different brands. When purchasing any appliance, it’s only natural to want to know the best brand you can get. 

Pelonis is a manufacturer of space heaters and fans, providing comfort for your home throughout the seasons. Although not as commercially successful as the other products, portable dehumidifiers are also available under the Pelonis brand. The current dehumidifier line offered by Pelonis includes five models with capacities ranging from 20 to 60 pints. Each model is recommended for a certain range of coverage areas, but we found no exact values indicated. 

There are also very limited customer dehumidifier reviews found online for these dehumidifier units. Most of the feedback you can get on the Pelonis brand is for the fans and heaters they sell. If you want to learn more about the manufacturer and the dehumidifiers they offer, then keep reading.

Who Makes Pelonis Dehumidifiers?

The Pelonis brand started in the mid-90s manufacturing heaters and fans for home comfort. Their head office is located in Exton, Pennsylvania, and has branched out in different states after over 25 years of providing safe and reliable solutions for your home.

Each product by Pelonis is tested and certified to quality and safety standards set by government-recognized bodies including EB, CUL, UL, and TUV. Like the majority of appliance brands, most of the manufacturing is done overseas. Rest assured each of their facilities has been certified to satisfy quality and environmental requirements for electrical units.

Today the Pelonis name presents tough competition against multi-national companies in the home appliance industry. Besides the high-performance heaters and fans that Pelonis is most known for, it also offers portable dehumidifiers certified by Energy Star for top quality and energy efficiency. 

These dehumidifiers are designed for a variety of purposes for residential applications. They come in a range of sizes suitable for different room sizes and conditions. At the time of writing, there are no product reviews available online for the new dehumidifier models, However, if you have experience with other Pelonis products, these dehumidifiers are no different in terms of quality and reliability.

Pelonis Dehumidifier Lineup

Pelonis PAD60C1AGR

Pelonis PAD60C1AGR

Pelonis PAD50C1ABL

Pelonis PAD50C1ABL

For those who need a high-capacity dehumidifier for extremely humid large rooms, consider the Pelonis 50-pint and 60-pint models. Both units come with older designs from the brand but include most of the same features and functionality you can get from the newer models.

The 50-pint dehumidifier has a small 1.6-gallon water tank, which you may have to empty up to four times a day in a very humid room. The 60-pint has a tank capacity of almost 3 gallons. However, if you don’t want to drain the water manually, you can opt for continuous gravity drainage by connecting a hose. For even more convenience, you can use the built-in pump that comes with these dehumidifiers.

Pelonis PAD40C1AWT and PAD30C1AWT

Pelonis PAD40C1AWT and PAD30C1AWT

Both the Pelonis 40-pint and 30-pint models have most of the same controls, digital display, and indicator lights you may find in the 50-pint unit. Both are also Energy Star certified with an IEF rating of 1.8L/kWh. It’s ideal for small to medium size rooms with moderate to heavy dampness. 

The 40-pint has the same dimensions as the 50-pint unit including the same 1.6-gallon tank capacity. Meanwhile, the 30-pint model is built smaller with a water tank of 6.3-pint capacity, one of the smallest for a 30-pint. Not to worry though, you may also opt to use continuous drainage by connecting a standard garden hose (not included) to the drain outlet then direct the hose to a drain below the unit. Note that these models do not have a built-in pump.

Pelonis PAD20C1AWT

Pelonis PAD20C1AWT

If 30 pints is still too much for your room, Pelonis also offers a smaller dehumidifier in 20-pint capacity Like its larger counterparts, this unit is Energy Star rated, with a 1.57 IEF rating. It’s recommended for small rooms like bedrooms or home offices.

This quiet dehumidifier is physically the same size as the 30-pint model along with the 6.4-pint tank capacity. It also has the same functionality and features. However, compared to other dehumidifiers in this class, this unit has a smaller tank despite its bigger build.

Pelonis Dehumidifier Design and Features

The Pelonis dehumidifier is not unlike most of the top-selling dehumidifiers today. It has similar features and appearance when you compare it to almost any dehumidifier you can pick from the market. 

It features a control panel with buttons that is simple and easy to use for any homeowner. You can set your desired humidity level on the digital display and the unit will maintain this setting by automatically turning on and off as the humidity changes around it. You can customize the setting or select a pre-set mode such as Comfort, which adjusts the humidity depending on the ambient temperature, and Continuous, which allows the unit to work nonstop. 

Additionally, you can set a timer to turn the unit on or off after a selected time for up to 24 hours. The standard auto shut-off, auto restart, and auto defrost features are also present to ensure worry-free operation. It includes an air filter to trap dust and other impurities while removing moisture from the air.

The design is similar to other brands, with four built-in wheels and a handle on each for easy movement from room to room or even up and down the stairs. The 60-pint model features a smaller but wider body common in older dehumidifiers. It also has a top exhaust, as opposed to the side exhaust in the rest of the Pelonis models. 

Choosing the Right Size for Desired Humidity Level

The Department of Energy determines the pint ratings and the standards for testing dehumidifiers. In 2020, dehumidifiers were tested at 65°F and 60% humidity. This is 15° lower than the previous standards in 2012, providing a more accurate representation of a unit’s performance when used at home. With these standards in effect, Pelonis now offers 20-pint up to 60-pint dehumidifiers.

Each unit is suitable for a range of room sizes, but there are currently no exact values indicated. The right dehumidifier size for your use depends mostly on the total area and dampness level of your space. Generally, for light to moderate humidity levels in a room from 500 to 1,000 square feet, a 20- or 22-pint unit could be enough. For heavier dampness in similar sized and larger rooms, start with the 30-pint. You can find more information on dehumidifier sizing from Energy Star or from this article.

How Does a Pelonis Rank Compared to Other Dehumidifier Brands?

Build Quality and Brand Warranty

Pelonis is around average in terms of build quality or just below some of the best-rated dehumidifiers such as hOmeLabs, Frigidaire, Honeywell, and LG. The 20- and 50-pint models are similar in design to hOmeLabs and a lot of other brands today. They feature most of the same controls on the panel, and an exhaust and handles on the side. Like most other brands, Pelonis has a standard one-year warranty. This isn’t unusual, but a longer warranty can be a good indicator of better quality.

Performance: Dehumidification 

Similar to other brands in its class, Pelonis offers 20-pint, 30-pint, 40-pint, 50-pint, and 60-pint dehumidifiers. All of these units are also certified by Energy Star, meaning they satisfy the EPA requirements for energy efficiency. It has all the features you need to eliminate excess moisture and prevent mold growth. The Pelonis dehumidifier helps in humidity control even at lower temperatures of 41℉ with an auto defrost feature that prevents buildup of frost that can damage the coils. It includes an indicator light on the panel to alert you when the unit is in defrost mode. 

Noise Output

While noise level is subjective, you can usually expect compressor dehumidifiers to be loud when operating. This is because of the compressor cycling on to start the cooling system. However, some dehumidifiers are better at masking this noise with a more pleasing fan sound. Pelonis is fairly quiet even though it has side exhaust. Pelonis claims the dehumidifier produces a noise output of 49 to 53 decibels, which is actually quiet for compressor units that typically range from 55 to 65 decibels.


Overall, the Pelonis dehumidifiers uphold the name of the brand created by its more popular products. Because these models are relatively new, we cannot find a significant number of customer reviews from online shops to compare. Coming from a smaller brand, these dehumidifiers are more affordable than others. In any case, the Energy Star certification guarantees efficiency and low power consumption for more savings. 

Although, it’s noticeable that the water tanks are smaller for all their units. But, they offer the standard continuous drainage via hose so the size of the tank may not be important for people wanting to use this feature. The high-capacity units even come with a built-in pump for automatic drainage. Pelonis also offers five different capacities instead of the usual three options, giving you the freedom to choose the best for your specific need.

Finally, Pelonis energy efficient dehumidifiers meet every standard set by official organizations. You can rely on it to work effectively in any room you need it. But to help your unit last a long time, choose the correct size for the room and follow the proper maintenance schedule for your dehumidifier.

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