The best method of adjusting the air humidity remains the dehumidifier and as technology evolves, you need to stay connected to the latest advancements in the field. The BLACK+DECKER BDT70PWT is a novelty that was released in 2016, and at that time, it boasted the most innovative features.

This large capacity 70 pint dehumidifier may no longer be available, so you might want to check out the Black+Decker 50 pint model still dehumidifies up to 4500sf, which is a really large space.

If you are considering purchasing this older model dehumidifier, keep reading to discover the main particularities of this innovative appliance. For more large space dehumidifiers, check out the different sizes for home use or commercial dehumidifiers.


The first thing that comes to your mind when you see this dehumidifier is that it’s a very big model that will surely handle large rooms, garages, and basements. The measurements in inches are 15.2 wide x 24.9 high x 11.2 deep and the weight reaches around 50 pounds so it’s not a unit you will love to move around. Luckily, it comes with 4 large caster wheels that ease transportation and a top handle for convenient maneuvering. The white design keeps some simple lines that don’t make it stand out but help it integrate into any room decor if this is a matter of importance to you.
You can see how much water the bucket has collected through the small opening on the front. At the top, there is the digital LED display that shows the controls and information on the air humidity.


The features of a dehumidifier say much about its quality and you shouldn’t expect less from this product. Such an advanced model is packed with some interesting and helpful features that make it extremely easy and convenient to use. The device can collect as much as 70 pints of water every day and it can lower the air humidity level to 30% even though it initially exceeded 90%, meaning it’s a hard-working item. To provide this performance, it is equipped with a compressor and features an integrated pump with a drain that can be used for continuous draining of the water. This means that you can keep it running for as long as you need and the water will be drained without any risk of overspilling.
It comes with 6 preset programs that include Pump, Filter Fan, Humidity Up/Down, Power, Timer, and Mode, making it easier for you to make your selections and settings. The timer allows you to set it to work for a certain amount of time. There is also an automatic shut-off feature that turns the machine off when it has reached the desired humidity and what is worth mentioning is the auto restart feature that turns it back on when the humidity level is starting to increase. This is possible due to the integrated dehumidistat that keeps tabs on the air humidity level.

Another useful feature of this great dehumidifier is the washable air filter that enables it to remove impurities from the air as it absorbs the water moisture. This means that it will also handle mold spores and bacteria and will keep them from spreading through the air. To keep the filter running smoothly, it includes a Clean Filter indicator that lets you know when it’s time to wash the filter and put it back on. There is also a Full Bucket indicator on the display for when the drain is not connected.
You can choose from three intensity speeds that regulate the absorption rate and the noise level so that you can use the dehumidifier in a living space. For that matter, the device has been designed with 4 operating modes that include Sleeping Space, Living Space, Basement, and Continuous.

Specifications Sheet

Dimensions15.2” x 24.9” x 11.2”
Weight50 Lbs
Area CoverageN/A
Dehumidification Capacity70 Pints
Reservoir Capacity14.8 Pints
Maximum Noise OutputN/A
Continuous DrainingYes
Fan Speeds3
Built-In Timer24-Hour
Full Bucket Indicator/AlertYes
Digital DisplayYes
Warranty1 Year, 5 Years

Energy Efficiency

A large and bulky unit like this is unlikely to be energy efficient because the motor has to match the size but it is not the case with this BLACK+DECKER model because it was designed to provide performance at a low energy consumption. Being Energy Star certified guarantees it will not add too much to your regular household bill so you can keep it on for as long as you need to. Thanks to features like the adjustable thermostat, the shut-off or the programmable timer, you will maximize the energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Other Considerations

Given that this device is designed to be used in basements and garages, it can perfectly operate in low temperatures down to 41 degrees F or 5 degrees C so you won’t have to worry about it freezing or consuming more electricity if the temperatures drop too low. However, you shouldn’t keep it running in hot rooms with temperatures exceeding 95 degrees F because there is a chance of overheating and breaking down. It’s one of the most silent models that won’t become annoying even after extended use. The warranty covers it for 1 year and the compressor for 5 years so you can rest assured regarding potential repairs.

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