Whole House Humidifier

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As the cold months approach, your body has probably already shown signs that it needs extra care. Winter might be delightful as the most endearing holidays take place during this time of the year, but it also brings health issues like irritated sinuses, infected throats, itchy eyes, dry skin, and the list goes on. This happens as a result of reduced air moisture levels, and while you cannot fix this issue outdoors or in all the environments you spend time in, there is one place you can fix it in, more precisely your own home.

The device you can use to replace the moisture in the air is the humidifier, and nowadays, you can find quality products that provide whole-house coverage, ensuring that all the rooms in your home benefit from proper humidity levels. As normal humidity is reestablished, airborne allergens and microbes are reduced, your allergies are less likely to act up, and respiratory issues won’t develop. Thus, you should see this as a mandatory investment in your health rather than a caprice.

Top 14 Whole House Humidifiers Compared

Aprilaire 800 Image

Best Choice
1. Aprilaire 800
  • Area coverage: 6,200 square feet
  • Evaporative capacity: 34.6 gallons per day
  • Adjustable output: 6 levels
  • Automatic mode: Yes
  • Dimensions: 20.9” x 10.1” x 7.1”
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Aprilaire 700 Image
2. Aprilaire 700
  • Area coverage: 4,200 square feet
  • Evaporative capacity: 18 gallons per day
  • Fan speeds: 1
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 16” x 11” x 18”
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Honeywell HE280A Image
3. Honeywell HE280A
  • Area coverage: 4,000 square feet
  • Water-saving technology: Yes
  • Automatic moisture control: Yes
  • Dimensions: 16.25” H x 18.5” D x 9.75” W
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Aprilaire 500 Image

Our Choice
4. Aprilaire 500
  • Area coverage: 3,000 square feet
  • Evaporative capacity: 12 gallons per day
  • Automatic mode: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13” x 15.7” x 10.3”
  • Warranty: 5 years
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AirCare EA1407 Image
5. AirCare EA1407
  • Area coverage: 4,000 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 5 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 3
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 22.8” x 24.2” x 15”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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AirCare HD1409 Image
6. AirCare HD1409
  • Area coverage: 4,000 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 5 gallons
  • Evaporative capacity: 12.81 gallons per day
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17.5” x 22.75” x 24.25”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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AirCare MA1201 Image
7. AirCare MA1201
  • Area coverage: 3,600 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 3.6 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 4
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 21.5” x 23.5” x 16.5”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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AirCare H12600 Image
8. AirCare H12600
  • Area coverage: 3,700 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 5.4 gallons
  • Evaporative capacity: 11.9 gallons per day
  • Fan speeds: 4
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 13.8” x 21.8” x 23.5”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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AirCare EP9 800 Image
9. AirCare EP9 800
  • Area coverage: 2,400 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 3.5 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 9
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 18” x 18” x 27.25”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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AirCare 831000 Image
10. AirCare 831000
  • Area coverage: 2,700 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 6 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 3
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 17.5” x 22.5” x 12.5”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Honeywell HCM-6009 Image
11. Honeywell HCM-6009
  • Area coverage: 2,300 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 3 gallons
  • Evaporative capacity: 9 gallons per day
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 21” x 13” x 17.5”
  • Warranty: 3 years
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AirCare MA0800 Image

Budget Pick
12. AirCare MA0800
  • Area coverage: 2,600 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 2.5 gallons
  • Evaporative capacity: 8.1 gallons per day
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 12” x 16.5” x 18”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Vornado Evap40 Image
13. Vornado Evap40
  • Area coverage: 1,000 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 4 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 3
  • Automatic shut-off: No
  • Dimensions: 19.5” x 10.5” x 13.5”
  • Warranty: 5 years
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Levoit LV600HH Image

Budget Pick
14. Levoit LV600HH
  • Area coverage: 753 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Fan speeds: 1
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes
  • Dimensions: 11.3” x 7” x 10.5”
  • Warranty: 2 years
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1. Aprilaire 800

Aprilaire 800 Picture
Designed to operate independently from the HVAC system and deliver steam humidity throughout the house to upkeep moisture at a healthy level, the Aprilaire 800 relies on the existing ductwork to do its job. The direct water line fill design is one of its more convenient traits as it implies that you don’t have to refill a tank once every few days yourself.

Another convenience-enhancing trait stands in the regular drain cycle it performs to maintain moisture freshness. This cycle activates after 168 hours of operation pass automatically. When routine maintenance is needed, the system notifies you with the help of indicator lights to eliminate guesswork. Its top humidity enhancing capacity is 34.6 gallons per day, but you can adjust it as needed as there are 6 levels of output to pick between.

As it uses electrode technology in its operation, it eliminates impurities in the water during the electricity transfer process, thus water filtration not being quintessential when you install it as the moisture released is already pure. It is designed to provide optimal performance in buildings of up to 6,200 square feet.

Due to the dual sensor features, it can run 24/7 on the automatic mode as it monitors and responds to indoor RH and outdoor temperature to maintain an optimum humidity in the house. Moreover, the convenient digital controls ensure ease of use, and you can even set it to run continuously or only when the furnace runs and extra moisture is needed. When it comes to backing, Aprilaire has the system covered when it comes to defects for the first 5 years after you acquire it.
What We Like

  • Regular drain cycle preserves freshness by automatically draining the canister after 168 operational hours pass
  • Perfect for whole house use, as well as attic or crawlspace installation
  • Indicator lights let you know when maintenance work is needed

With the use of electrode technology, the Aprilaire 800 steam system releases from 11.5 to 34.6 gallons of clean moisture into the air each day to ensure your home never falls victim to the effects of dry air.

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2. Aprilaire 700

Aprilaire 700 Picture
A great solution to fix lowering humidity levels in the house is to use the 700 from Aprilaire, a humidity rising device you can rely on for years on end, a fact that is underlined by its lengthy 5-year warranty. Although it is a bit more expensive than its competitors, the fact that it raises moisture rapidly, releasing up to 0.75 gallons per hour, makes it one of the most effective products in its niche. Additionally, it allows you to pick the operation you find most convenient, whether it is manual or automatic.


As you expect it to provide humidity level rise in your entire home, it’s clear that the area coverage provided must be hefty. The 4200 square feet that the Aprilaire can effortlessly cover even large residences or office spaces, raising moisture to prevent any damage to the structure of the building or furniture, and obviously to protect your health.

Humidity Control

If you have full control over the device’s operation, you can ensure a proper, healthy moisture level will be maintained. With the 700, you can control its operation either manually or with automatic digital control. When manually doing the procedure, you close the device on your own when the desired level is reached. However, the much more convenient automatic mode option provides you with the possibility to set the moisture level to be reached and let it do its job as it will automatically turn off when that level is achieved.

Mention Worthy Details
  • As long as you perform annual maintenance tasks on time, it will remain quiet in its operation.
  • As humidity levels indoors raise, you will feel comfortable in your home at lower temperatures, even in wintertime.
  • Features indicator lights that announce you when certain actions are required – the yellow indicator shows that you should change the water panel, the red light shows that service is required or there is a malfunction, and the green indicator should that the device is running normally.

Although this aspect doesn’t affect the device’s performance, design matters when buying any product as you have to think about its footprint and convenience when it comes to installation. It measures 16 inches by 11 inches by 18 inches, and the 15-pound weight ensures you won’t have trouble maneuvering it while the installation process takes place.

What We Like

  • Automatic control ensures a convenient manner to preserve healthy humidity levels without having to constantly monitor the device yourself
  • Remains quiet in its operation as long as its maintenance work is done on time
  • High evaporative output ensures a rapid raise of indoor humidity levels

Quality comes at a price, and it’s one you won’t mind paying when it comes to the 700 model as it delivers a rapid method to raise dangerously low moisture levels indoors. Delivering an automatic operation which makes it highly convenient to use, and keeping you informed on its status through intuitive indicator lights, this is a must-have for health-conscious people.

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3. Honeywell HE280A

Honeywell HE280A Picture
A whole house model that uses the HVAC system of your home to spread moisture throughout and ensure a proper, healthy habitat indoors during dry-air seasons, this Honeywell entry might not be the most feature-rich option you will stumble upon, but it does provide a hearty moisture enhancement for areas of up to 4000 square feet. The installation kit is included, so you don’t need to purchase any parts separately, and it features a flow-sensing pressure switch and shut-off damper to make the procedure of installing it easier.

As opposed to other furnace-type systems, it comes with the intelligent water-saving technology that ensures it will use up 30% less water than similar models to achieve the same moisture-enhancing goals. Another feature that helps add to its efficiency is the PerfectFLO water distribution tray that optimizes water usage. As it measures only 16.25 inches in height by 18.5 inches in depth by 9.75 inches in width and weighs only 14 pounds, you’ll have an easy time maneuvering it when you install it. When it comes to backing, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty for it so that you won’t spend your own money if anything happens to it.
What We Like

  • Water-saving technology ensures it uses 30% less water to provide the same performance other models do
  • Uses the HVAC system to enhance moisture throughout the house
  • Humidity control lets you pick the moisture level it should maintain

What We Dislike

  • Comes at an expensive price
  • Installation and use instructions seemed unclear to some customers

Replenishing moisture in the air by relying on the HVAC system of the house, it is able to maintain the healthy humidity level you select for the entire house without requiring much in the way of maintenance as time passes.

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4. Aprilaire 500

Aprilaire 500 Picture
This model really shines when it comes to moisture level upkeep as it boasts an automatic profile, meaning that you set it and forget it, the Aprilaire 500 using dual sensors to monitor and respond to environmental conditions that affect humidity like temperature and RH to deliver the right amount of moisture release 24/7.

It is recommended for use in spaces of up to 3,000 square feet, so it is more than enough for use in a large home, and as it releases up to 12 gallons of humidity into the air, moisture levels are bound to be a non-existing issue after installing it. It features convenient digital controls that make it intuitive to use, and as it boasts a direct water line fill design, you don’t have to tend to the refill of any tank.

Another highlight stands in the built-in drain that flushes the mineral build-up which inevitably gathers with the passing of time, preventing damage to the system. Moreover, the manufacturing company covers it for 5 years against defects, so as long as you install it properly and use it as instructed, when issues occur the manufacturer handles fixing them free of charge.

Speaking of, you will be glad to learn that the bypass damper and left/right discharge change-over design make it easy for you to install it on your own rather than call in a professional and spend a few extra bucks on the whole ordeal.
What We Like

  • Direct water line fill design enhances convenience in use as there is no tank to routinely refill
  • Built-in drain flushes mineral build-up in the machine to prevent damage
  • Bypass damper alongside right/left discharge change-over grant ease of use and make it easy for you to install it on your own

Evenly distributing up to 12 gallons of moisture per day, the Aprilaire 500 is a ducted bypass system that provides utter convenience when it comes to humidity increase as it doesn’t need you to refill a tank due to the fact that it relies on the direct water line.

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5. AirCare EA1407

AirCare EA1407 Picture
A console-style model that is able to cover areas of up to 4000 square feet, the EA1407 from AirCare maintains proper humidity levels throughout the entire house without consuming whopping power in the process. As the tank is able to hold up to 5 gallons of water, you are required to refill it only once every 55 hours or so, depending on the operational speed you select. Speaking of, there are 3 humidifying speeds that you can pick between, so you can customize the moisture output to your specific needs at that moment. It actually features dual water bottles, so you won’t have a hard time refilling it when needed. The adjustable humidistat lets you pick the exact humidity level you want to maintain indoors for proper environmental conditions to be preserved at all times. It even features automatic moisture control, which means that it automatically turns on and off as needed, depending on how humidity levels evolve.

When the tank is empty, a refill indicator lets you know of the occurrence. Additionally, it turns off on its own when the tank empties to prevent overheating. The casters make it easy to relocate it when you need to, while the compact size it boasts ensures it won’t take up much space, measuring only 22.8 inches in height, 24.2 inches in width, and 15 inches in depth. The control lock feature comes in handy to those who have kids as it doesn’t allow the small ones to tamper with the humidity settings. Another useful feature is the check filter indicator that takes the guesswork out of routine filter maintenance work, letting you know exactly when it needs to be cleaned. Lastly, we praise the 2-year warranty that accompanies it as few models in its niche are covered on parts and labor for so long.
What We Like

  • Control lock feature prevents the small ones from tampering with the settings
  • Check filter indicator lets you know when you should clean the filter
  • Caster wheels and compact design make it easy to relocate it when needed

What We Dislike

  • Can get noisy at times
  • Some customers find its built to be a bit flimsy

Suited for spaces of up to 4000 square feet and able to run for up to 55 hours on a single fill depending on the moisture level you select, this AirCare entry is one we recommend you seriously take into consideration as its price to quality ratio is hard to match.

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6. AirCare HD1409

AirCare HD1409 Picture
While there are countless aspects to praise performance-wise, we will immediately get to those as first we should cover the aesthetics of this stunning product. A console-style model that boasts a handsome brushed nickel and black finish which makes it perfectly fit into any décor, even though it is able to provide enough moisture output to stability humidity levels throughout the house, it measures a mere 17.5 inches in depth by 24.25 inches in width by 22.75 inches in height. It is able to cover areas of up to 4000 square feet, outputting up to 12.81 gallons of moisture per day. The water tank it features boasts a 5-gallon capacity, so you won’t end up refilling it too often if humidity levels aren’t extremely low and you don’t choose the highest output setting.

The digital control enables you to easily select the humidity level to be reached, and it indicates when you need to refill the tank and check the filter. Due to the 3-speed control it features, you have control over the noise it makes when it runs as well, which means that you can let it run during the night without fearing it might wake you up. Another convenient feature stands in the 4 casters that allow you to move it with ease from one room to another when needed. Furthermore, a 2-year backing on parts and labor is provided by the manufacturing company, so you won’t have to pay to fix or replace it during this period of time.
What We Like

  • Console indicates when to refill it and when to check the filter
  • Digital controls grant a simplistic adjustment of the airflow
  • Features 4 caster wheels for enhanced mobility

What We Dislike

  • Doesn’t boast the sturdiest build out there
  • Some users report there have been inaccuracies in the readings provided by the humidistat

If you want to save money on your energy bill and keep a healthy environment in your home, this evaporative humidifier is exactly what you need. Easy to use, conveniently priced, and easy on the eyes, it is a real force to be reckoned with in terms of performance.

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7. AirCare MA1201

AirCare MA1201 Picture
An evaporative model which adds invisible moisture as it moves the dry air indoors through its saturated wick filter before outputting it, the MA1201 delivers a simplistic yet reliable operation you will become dependent on especially when those cold and dry winter months arrive. It comes at a cheaper price than most top quality entries on this market, which is an undeniable benefit as you are more likely to afford it. Furthermore, its automatic operating mode makes it highly convenient to use as you can set the humidity level to be reached and forget about checking on it until the tank needs to be refilled.

Coverage and Capacity

It’s obvious that you expect it to cover your entire house as you specially buy it for this purpose, and the 3600 square feet area coverage provided by the MA1201 is more than enough to ensure that even a large home will be serviced. Not only is its area coverage generous, but it doesn’t require refilling of its tank all that often as it boasts a generous 3.6-gallon capacity that should provide, on average, with up to 36 hours of continuous runtime until it is fully depleted.

Operation Customization

It’s ideal for you to have control over the device as you are the one who benefits from its operation, and the fact that this machine provides you with 4 different fan speeds to pick between ensures that you are granted this decision making power. There is the automatic mode that you can select as well, a mode that makes your life a bit easier as it ensures the machine with start running when humidity levels drop below the point you have set, customizing the operating speed in accordance with the situation at hand.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Provides up to 36 hours of runtime when the water tank is at its full capacity.
  • Features useful indicator lights that let you know when the time comes to refill the tank or check the filter.
  • Features a digital display that makes it quite easy to use.

As you are likely to need to move it around from one room to another over time, it’s important for the device to be portable. Designed to make this action convenient for you, the MA1201 measures 21.5 inches in height, 23.5 inches in width, 16.5 inches in depth, and weighs only 13.5 pounds. This compact design helps when it comes to finding a permanent location for it as well as it won’t occupy much space, being a perfect fit even in crowded rooms. Furthermore, it features four caster wheels that make it easier for you to move it whenever it is needed.

What We Like

  • Features an evaporative wick which has the role of trapping mineral deposits to make maintenance easier
  • Energy efficient operation ensures you won’t notice bills rising as a result of using it
  • One of the best deals you could make – reasonably priced

What We Dislike

  • Some customers have complained that the filters need tending to too often
  • Tank is a bit undersized considering its moisture removal capacity

One of our favorites as it delivers an unbeatable reliability in terms of moisture level stabilization indoors, the MA1201 is not only effective in its operation, but it comes at a reasonable price which makes it more accessible than some of our other entries.

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8. AirCare H12600

AirCare H12600 Picture
As the AirCare H12600 is manufactured by one of the leading brands on the market, you know that you are spending your money on a long-lasting device. It can cover areas of up to 3700 square feet, so it is sure to do just fine when it comes to covering the entire surface of your home. The water tank it features boasts a 5.4-gallon capacity to ensure you won’t have to refill it all that often, and it can output up to 11.9 gallons of moisture per day into the air to upkeep humidity at a healthy level. There are 4 fan speed settings that you can pick between to customize the pace at which it provides humidity increase, and it produces only 43 decibels on the lowest setting to not present a nuisance when you’re in the same room with it. The cord measures 5 feet in length to not make extension cords necessary, and it features caster wheels that provide a convenient manner to move it from one room to another when needed.

The digital humidistat it features can be set between 25% and 65% in 5% increments, and the H12600 shows current humidity and desired humidity on the display to keep you aware of environmental conditions at all times. When the humidity level you pick is reached, it turns off automatically and retakes its operation once the level goes beneath what you chose. It uses an evaporative wick filter to remove impurities from the water in the tank before turning it into humidity increasing mist to ensure the air won’t be contaminated. Furthermore, there’s a filter check indicator that lets you know when the time to replace it comes. Lastly, we mention that the unit is backed by a 2-year warranty on parts and labor.
What We Like

  • Lets you pick the exact humidity level in 5% increments from 25% to 65%
  • On average, provides a 45-hour running time between refills
  • Check filter indicator lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced

What We Dislike

  • Some users complain that it uses too much water
  • Some users complained that the tank isn’t clear, so they had difficulties when filling it

With a digital humidistat that can be set from 25% to 65%, the AirCare H12600 provides a convenient manner to keep moisture levels in check in your entire house, the 3700 square feet coverage placing it among the most prolific entries on the market.

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9. AirCare EP9 800

Essick Air EP9-800 Picture
Keep the indoor environment safe to live in and reduce energy costs with the simple addition of the EP9 800 in your home. As it features a digital humidistat, it helps automatically maintain the humidity level of your choice. One of the features which impress the most is the fact that it provides with 9 different fan speed settings to pick between, ensuring better control over the operation of the device. It uses an evaporative wick to ensure that minerals which could lead to white dust releasing in the air are retained inside it. When it comes to the warranty provided by the manufacturing company, the 2-year agreement provided is up to industry standards.


As it provides a total area coverage of up to 2400 square feet, you are ensured of the fact that it will handle raising humidity levels indoors regardless of your home’s size. To run it, you simply have to select the desired humidity level from 25% to 65%, being able to set it in 5% increments and let the device do its job. Another element that positively influences its performance is the fact that the water tank has a 3.5-gallon capacity which ensures up to 60 hours of continuous operation until the tank needs to be refilled, thus providing convenient operation.

Convenience in Use

If you are the forgetful type, you are likely to forget about checking the water level of the tank. Fortunately, the EP9 has you covered as it automatically turns off when the tank if fully depleted, thus preventing overheating from occurring. It also turns off on its own when the desired humidity level is reached to maintain your selected setting and to avoid useless energy consumption. Another convenience element is the check filter reminder which announces you when the wick filter needs to be replaced. Additionally, there is a refill indicator that visually alerts you of the fact that you have to pour water into the tank. Of course, we cannot overlook the caster wheels which ensure an easy roll of the device when you need to move it from one room to another.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Maximum daily output is approximately 7.4 gallons of moisture.
  • When set on the lowest speed setting, it provides with up to 60 hours of runtime until the water tank is completely emptied.
  • Produces from 40 to 68 decibels when it runs, depending on the fan speed you have selected.

In terms of design, you will be more than pleased as this device can be easily confused with a decorative piece due to its appearance. Its flat top even allows you to place light objects on it, making it look like a pedestal-shaped table. It measures 18 inches by 18 inches by 27.25 inches, so it won’t take up a lot of floor space. Furthermore, due to the fact that it weighs only 27 pounds, it won’t be hard for you to move it around as you please on your own.

What We Like

  • Automatically shuts off when the selected moisture level is reached or when the water tank is empty
  • You can set the humidity level between 25% and 65% in 5% increments
  • When there is no water left in the tank, the display panel will indicate a flashing “F” to let you know and refill it

What We Dislike

  • Some customers have found the wick filter system to be bothersome
  • Some users complained that the fill mechanism is complicated


Available in 3 finishes and making for a perfect decorative piece, this humidity raising device is one of our favorite selections not only due to its design but due to the moisture output it delivers which ensures it will make your home a safer habitat to live in.

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10. AirCare 831000

AirCare 831000 Picture
AirCare is one of the top manufacturers on the market, and with this product it really impresses as the evaporative device provides a healthy manner to increase humidity throughout your entire house, being able to cover areas of up to 2700 square feet. There are 3 fan speeds that you can pick from so that you may adjust humidity output to your needs or preferences. Design-wise, know that it measures 17.5 inches in depth, 22.5 inches in height, and 12.5 inches in width, so you won’t need too large of a space for storing it. As it weighs only 14 pounds and features caster wheels, you will have an easy time moving it from one room to another when needed.

The tank it features boasts a 6-gallon capacity, which makes it capable of running continuously for up to 70 hours when the lowest speed setting is selected. It features digital controls that ensure ease of use, so you needn’t expect headaches when it comes to operating it. As it features automatic moisture control, you can choose to let it adjust the humidity output on its own according to current indoor conditions so that you won’t have to monitor it anymore. If you do pick a certain humidity level with the help of the humidistat, when it reaches the point you choose, it automatically turns off. Furthermore, to help make its operation even easier and more convenient, it features an empty tank indicator that lets you know when refilling is required to eliminate guesswork.
What We Like

  • Up to 70 hours of runtime until the tank depletes
  • Tank empty indicator lets you know when it needs refilling
  • Digital controls ensure ease of use

What We Dislike

  • Construction materials are cheap
  • Some users complain that it gets too noisy

A device that helps save energy and money while promoting a healthier environment indoors, this AirCare enchants not only through these traits, but due to its quite reasonable asking price as well.

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11. Honeywell HCM-6009

Honeywell HCM-6009 Picture
As it covers areas of up to 2300 square feet, you can confidently rely on it to fix any low moisture problems you have. This console model outputs up to 9 gallons of cool mist per day, which makes it perfect for use during the warm months of the year as it help lower temperatures indoors. It uses the QuietCare technology that ensures it won’t produce much noise when it runs, being 30% quieter than most entries on the market. Due to the fact that it comes with an air-washing pre-filter, you are assured of the fact that it releases clean moisture into the air, mist that is free of dirt, dust, and pollen.

This filter even prevents surface growth of algae, bacteria, and other health threats to guarantee that the water tank remains sanitary. It puts 3 humidity output settings at your disposal, while the dual-tank design it boasts ensures a convenient manner to refill it when needed. It features a humidistat that cycles on and off depending on how dampness levels indoors are, ensuring it will turn on when needed and shut off when proper humidity is ensured. As the tanks run low on water, it turns off on its own to prevent any damage. Per filling, if you use it on the lowest operational setting, it provides up to 24 hours of continuous runtime. Furthermore, it is one of the most energy efficient entries we have stumbled upon, consuming only 80 watts to run.
What We Like

  • Features an antimicrobial filter that prevents the growth of mold, bacteria, and algae on the surface of the tank
  • QuietCare technology ensures a silent operation
  • Releases cool mist that helps lower temperatures when the weather is hot

What We Dislike

  • Some customers have complained about the fact that the filter requires cleaning often
  • Can get quite loud at times

Reasonably priced, quiet, and able to cover large areas of up to 2300 square feet, all of this in addition to the fact that it is manufactured by a market-leading brand, the HCM-6009 is an acquisition you won’t regret making.

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12. AirCare MA0800

AirCare MA1201 Picture
There’s a lot to praise with this machine, starting with its wide coverage all the way to its intuitive operation granted by the push-button operation. For your convenience, it features an indicator that lets you know when the tank needs to be refilled, and there is a check filter indicator that tells you when maintenance work is due. Furthermore, the automatic humidistat it features not only enables you to pick the humidity level to be reached, but it ensures your intervention won’t be required throughout its operation.


Unsurprisingly, the MA0800 delivers a generous area coverage of 2600 square feet which makes it perfect for whole-house use. Thus, with a single humidifier, you are able to raise moisture levels indoors throughout the house in an efficient manner instead of relying on separate machines placed in different areas of the house.


There are two aspects to look into when it comes to capacity, more precisely tank capacity and evaporative capacity. As the tank of the machine has a generous 2.5-gallon volume, you won’t need to replenish it too often, which raises its convenience in use. When it comes to the evaporative capacity it provides, the 8.1 gallons of moisture per day more than suffice to ensure even the driest air will be returned to healthy parameters.

Mention Worthy Details
  • The motor it features has 3 speeds at which it runs.
  • Due to the quiet nighttime setting it provides, you can enjoy a silent operation of the device.
  • Features indicators which let you know when it is time to refill the tank or replace the filter.
Automatic Operation

This is definitely the most desirable feature of the MA0800 as it ensures that, when the moisture level you have picked will be reached, the machine will automatically shut off to save energy. Thus, you needn’t worry about useless energy consumption as it isn’t the case here. Furthermore, this automatic operation increases safety in use as humidity levels won’t exceed healthy parameters due to it. Of course, there is the added bonus of the fact that you won’t have to keep a constant eye on it to manually turn it on and off when needed.

What We Like

  • Water bottle is easy to fill
  • Quiet operation makes it ideal to place even in the bedroom
  • Comes at a reasonable price

What We Dislike

  • Outputs benzene, a chemical which is dangerous for your health
  • Some users find its operation to be a bit too loud

The AirCare presents with a cheap yet high performing manner to upkeep moisture indoors to safe levels. It is a quiet machine that can be placed in any room of your home, and its slim profile ensures it won’t take up much floor space.

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13. Vornado Evap40

Vornado Evap40 Picture
It might come with the complete set of features as it lacks an automatic turn-off when it depletes of water, but the Evap40 still makes for a smart acquisition if you want to enjoy whole house moisture raise as it outputs up to 4 gallons of humidity per day, ensuring a healthy environment to live in. Best of all, it comes at a cheap price as opposed to most entries in its niche, thus making for a more pocket-friendly acquisition. With the purchase, 2 filters are included to further enhance indoor air quality and help upkeep your health.

It is recommended for use in areas of up to 1000 square feet and features intuitive mechanical switch-style controls to ensure you won’t have trouble operating it. Just turn the dial to select between the 3 humidification settings it provides, or turn the other dial it features to adjust humidity output at the exact level you desire. The two 2-gallon water tanks it features are easy to refill, ensuring no hassle is in play with routine chores. It even features a built-in humidistat that allows automatic humidity control if you want it to mind its operation without requiring your interference at any point. To top all this, it is backed by a 5-year warranty on parts and labor, which means that you won’t have to pay for eventual repairs or replacements for a longer period of time than what other models provide.
What We Like

  • Dial-style humidity control allows you to adjust moisture output as you please
  • Features 2 filters that ensure clean moisture will be released into the air
  • Lightweight design allows easy relocation if needed – weighs only 9 pounds

What We Dislike

  • Does not turn off on its own when it runs out of water
  • Hard to clean

Able to cover areas of up to 1000 square feet, the Evap40 is an easy to use humidifier that promises to enhance humidity levels in record time as it outputs a hefty 4 gallons of moisture into the air per day.

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14. Levoit LV600HH

Levoit LV600HH Picture
Due to the smart built-in humidity sensor the LV600HH features, it always knows what the precise moisture level indoors is, helping you set a comfortable level target more easily. There are 3 operating modes it puts at your disposal to pick between – Humidity Mode, Sleep Mode, and Auto Mode, each of them providing with a different set of perks. One of the most appealing elements is the fact that it can be used for aromatherapy, with the simple addition of a few essential oil drops in the aroma box it comes with making the ambiance indoors a lot more relaxing.

It provides a hefty continuous operation of up to 36 hours when the water tank is full, so you won’t have to replenish it all that often, which is quite convenient. There is one downside to it, though, more precisely the fact that it requires weekly maintenance in the form of cleaning it. Other than that, it is a perfect option for anyone who is on a budget.

Ultrasonic Mist

What makes it special is the fact that, as opposed to other products in its niche, it uses either warm or cool mist at three different levels to increase humidity. Seeing how warm mist is more effective with approximately 25% than cool mist when it comes to humidity raising, it’s safe to say that efficiency is one of this machine’s strong points.

Ease of Use

The touch controls it features make it one of the easiest to use machines out there, granting an intuitive operation and a hassle-free manner to select the desired settings. On the LED display it features, you can check on current humidity levels in a convenient manner to see how the surrounding environment is impacting your health. Furthermore, it comes with a remote control that provides you with the possibility to change settings without actually approaching the machine.

Mention Worthy Details
  • Perfect for the entire house due to the high 500-milliliter per hour mist output.
  • Smart automatic mode diffuses mist to adjust humidity to a healthy level.
  • ABS water tank won’t break easily on impact.
Quiet Operation

It is desirable for the device to be quiet as you are likely to place it in the bedroom or office, rooms where you need silence. The incredibly low 36-decibel noise output of this machine makes it ideal from this point of view as you basically won’t hear it running. Thus, you needn’t worry that it might wake you up or bother you when you’re working.

What We Like

  • LED screen displays current humidity levels
  • Provides with up to 36 hours of continuous use on a single tank fill
  • With a few drops of essential oil, it can be used for aromatherapy

What We Dislike

  • Needs to be cleaned weekly
  • Some users complain that it is surprisingly hard to clean

Although to some maintenance work might seem a drag with the LV600HH as it needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis, if you get past this small inconvenience, you will find a highly effective machine that is sure to re-stabilize humidity levels and ensure a healthy environment for you to live in.

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Pros and Cons

As the ideal humidity level indoors which must be maintained for proper comfort spans from 40% to 50% and it is quite difficult to maintain it without the help of a moisture increasing device, it is obvious why people are inclined to make this purchase, especially those who live in areas where the air is rather arid all year long, not only during the famously dry winter months.

Among all humidifier types, the whole house model stands out as it provides a great solution to raise and maintain moisture levels throughout the entire house, not only in a specific room. However, there are upsides and downsides to the product as well, and it is advisable for you to know more about both aspects before you dive in and make a purchase as these machines can get quite expensive.

  • Adds moisture into the air in order to increase humidity levels and ensure that dry air won’t irritate your skin or sinuses.
  • Prevents wood furnishings and floors from cracking and shrinking, prolonging their lifespan.
  • Helps reduce indoor allergies due to the extra moisture that it releases into the air.
  • In households where asthmatics and people who suffer from various respiratory problems live, it helps alleviate their conditions.
  • Helps plants grow more healthily and flourish by creating a proper environment for them.
  • You are likely to require the help of a professional for the installation process, which implies additional costs that can get rather expensive depending on how complicated the procedure is.
  • If you are not careful when setting humidity levels, you could end up with high indoor moisture which promotes mold growth, putting your health at risk and having adverse effects on furnishings as well.
  • If you do not tend to regular cleaning of the machine and the water in it is impure, it will release moisture that is actually dangerous for your health when inhaled, triggering allergies and putting you at risk of developing respiratory diseases.


Rating Our Picks

Rating CriteriaImpact On PerformanceProduct to Receive the Best Score
Area coverageThe amount of space for which the machine can provide humidity level increase is, by far, the most pivotal aspect to take into consideration when talking about whole house products. This is because the coverage shows how big of an area it can cover, the bigger the better from this point of view as the machine is supposed to service all the rooms in your home.Aprilaire 700
Evaporative capacityThis specification shows what is the amount of moisture the machine can release into the air over the span of an hour or throughout an entire day. A big output is desired as humidity levels indoors are shown to increase a lot faster if there is a higher amount of moisture released into the air as the machine operates.Aprilaire 700
Tank capacityThere are two operational aspects that are influenced by the capacity of the machine’s tank, more precisely the rate at which you have to refill it when it empties, and the continuous runtime provided by it until the tank depletes completely. The higher the capacity of the tank the better as you won’t be stuck with refilling it all that often, and the machine will be able to operate unattended for a longer amount of time.AirCare MA1201
Automatic operationWhen you use the automatic mode, you select a desired humidity level you want to be reached indoors, and let the device run without requiring your interference as it shuts off on its own when that specific moisture level is met, and it retakes its operation when humidity levels drop below it. This is a convenience feature that takes out all the hassle involved with running the machine as your supervision is not required due to it.Aprilaire 700, AirCare MA1201, AirCare EP9 800, AirCare MA0800, Levoit LV600HH, Honeywell HCM-6009
Number of fan speedsIt’s important for you to be able to take proper control over the machine’s operation, and a high number of fan speeds provides just that, enabling you to decide how slow or fast mist should be released into the air in order to fix existing humidity level issues.AirCare MA1201
DesignThis aspect might not influence operational quality, but it can present an impediment for those who have limited free space available in their homes. A compact design is most desirable as it shows that you won’t need to clear up a big area in order to find placement for the newly acquired device.Levoit LV600HH
WarrantyThe length of the device’s warranty is one of the best indicators of its quality as it shows for how long the manufacturing company trusts it won’t suffer any performance loss or have any parts decrease in quality, even suffer damage to the point where they need to be replaced. Thus, the length of the warranty is used as guidance regarding how long the machine will be in a pristine shape.Aprilaire 700


Troubleshooting Tips

Issue #1 – Leaks

When it starts leaking water, you have to inspect and see where the leakage comes from. To find the problematic spot, remove the power source so that you won’t harm yourself during the checkup. Check the reservoir to see if it leaks, and empty it. If the reservoir isn’t the issue, you should check the water delivery system next, and see if there are any signs of damage in the hose or wick.

Issue #2 – Efficiency Loss
  • A common response to this issue is that you have most likely placed the device in an area that it is not suitable for. Check the manual to see its specifications in regards to provided coverage, and compare what you find to the size of your home.
  • Check to see if anything is blocking the device. If there is an obstruction that impedes it from releasing moisture into the air, it will obviously not be capable to raise humidity levels indoors as it should.
  • Another reason to a sudden drop in effectiveness is that proper maintenance has not been done. Check the filter the system features – if it is washable and reusable, take it out, clean it, and reinsert it; if it is not washable, remove the filter altogether.
Issue #3 – Loud Noise
  • Commonly, the abnormally loud noise that appears is produced by clogging in the drive mechanism. What you should do is do regular maintenance work on the device by cleaning the nozzle, the fan, and the water reservoir as often as it is recommended in the manual or when you consider it to be needed. You should also apply oil on the motor bearing to lubricate it.
  • Another source may be a vibration caused by one of the vibrating parts in the device. Check these parts to see if there are any loose screws and tighten them if this is the case. You can check to see if there is a loose connection to the shaft as well.
Issue #4 – Strange Smell

When this happens, it means that the water tank is dirty or that there is condensate inside the device. Remove the cover and clean up any dampness you find. Afterward, remove the tank and clean it thoroughly using a cleaning solution made with 1 gallon of water and 2 tablespoons of chlorine bleach.

Issue #5 – It Does Not Start
  • Inspect the power source to see if it is the one causing the issue. Use a voltage tester to run verifications and if everything is alright, inspect the circuit breaker to see if there have been any short circuits.
  • Another cause might be the device itself. Use a humidistat or a hygrometer to check what the level of indoor humidity is. If it exceeds the maximum level that the device can tackle, wait for a few hours to see if it can adjust to these conditions and start operating. If not, reduce humidity as much as possible through other means, and the humidifier is sure to start running.


Customer Feedback

Aprilaire 700

Positive reactions
”Instant humidity improvement after I installed it.”Denis P.
”It was surprisingly easy to install, didn’t need to call in a pro.”Winona S.
”Works so quiet I forget it’s turned on.”Bonnie C.
”I really like the indicator lights, they make it upkeep a lot easier.”Julia P.
”Only do maintenance work on it once per year, can’t complain about it at all.”Jennie D.
Negative reactions:
”Upkeep gets quite expensive.”Chris S.

AirCare EP9 800

Positive reactions
”Been using it virtually non-stop since I got it, haven’t had any problems with it by now.”Sam Q.
”It was easy to assemble, and it’s even easier to refill.”Tucker F.
”Customer service folks were really nice when I needed their help.”Anna M.
”Best I bought in years, it raised moisture indoors in a few days.”Janette K.
”Great price and even better power consumption.”John C.
Negative reactions:
”The fan is moderately noisy, it bothers me a bit.”Miranda L.
”The cheap wheels snapped off after a few months.”Monica G.

AirCare MA1201

Positive reactions
”Best deal I ever made, thought it would be disappointing when I saw the price tag, but this is actually one of the best purchases I ever made.”Jennifer A.
”Doubled the humidity level in my house after only a few days of use.”Olivier P.
”Easy to clean, I use water mixed with vinegar when it time comes to rinse it.”Stan S.
”It’s easy to set up if you follow the instructions in the manual step by step.”Robert D.
”It’s great despite its small size, was a really pleasant surprise.”Johanna S.
Negative reactions:
”The fan is kind of loud, I can’t sit in the same room with it when it runs.”Ruby R.
”The filters need to be replaced more often than I thought.”Christine M.

Honeywell HCM-6009

Positive reactions
”I love the automatic shut-off and the setting options, they really come in handy.”Kate B.
”Holds enough water to reduce fill-up trips.”Simone J.
”Doesn’t output white dust.”Mike A.
”We haven’t had snoring or congestion issues since this humidifier entered our home.”Tina B.
”It helped me with my upper respiratory problems this winter, I strongly recommend it.”Gary O.
Negative reactions:
”It might be rated as silent, but this wasn’t my experience with it.”Lana W.
”It started getting moldy, even though I cleaned it regularly.”David N.

AirCare MA0800

Positive reactions
”The humidistat is impressively accurate, this is the best humidifier I bought up to now.”Sam S.
”High quality craftsmanship, been using it for an year now and I haven’t had any trouble with it.”Shawn M.
”I love that it’s easy and cheap to maintain due to the single filter it comes with.”Porter M.
”Perfect for my house, and a heaven-sent for my allergies!”Paula T.
”It’s so easy to use, even grandma got the hang of it.”Mina H.
Negative reactions:
”Covers everything around it with white dust.”Dianne P.
”More bother than it’s worth, constantly needs refilling.”Harold H.

Levoit LV600HH

Positive reactions
”It’s really easy to fill and clean, I don’t have any complaints about it.”Dean V.
”This is my favorite humidifier yet, it kept moisture levels high throughout winter effortlessly.”Britney C.
”I love the modern design and the fact that the water tank is transparent, it comes in handy for refilling.”Melanie K.
”Easy to use, and I must say I adore the remote it comes with.”Olivia D.
”Stays really quiet when it runs.”Sarah S.
Negative reactions:
”Hygrometer isn’t accurate at all, at least the one in my humidifier.”Diego S.
”Mold grew in the tank after an year.”Julien M.



A steam system that handles large spaces of up to 6,200 square feet, the Aprilaire 800 was a no-brainer as our top pick. It is manufactured by one of the best brands on the market, which stands proof of its reliability with the passing of time. Moreover, it doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance work as it boasts a direct water line fill design.

In case the aforementioned system is a bit too much for your needs, then you can go for the Honeywell HE280A as it is intended for spaces of up to 4,000 square feet. Using the water-saving technology, despite the rather spicy asking price it makes for a budget-smart pick in the long run.

Speaking of budget, if you want to enhance moisture throughout the house without spending too much money upfront, the AirCare MA0800 is the right pick for you. It is suitable for buildings of up to 2,600 square feet and releases up to 8.1 gallons of moisture per day, so you can confidently rely on it to solve dry air issues in no time.


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