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It is no mystery anymore that tap water is filled with chlorine, bacteria, copper, and many other contaminants, this being the main reason why it has an unpleasant taste and smell. Worst of all, it is dangerous to drink as it exposes you to a lot of health issues. However, there is a fix that you can turn to in the form of water filtration systems, and none is more convenient to use than the filtration pitcher, a cheap solution to hydrate with clean, impurity-free water.

Top 12 Water Filter Pitchers Compared

1. Aquagear Filter

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Although the reasonable price tag might have you thinking that it won’t serve you all that well, the truth is that it delivers one of the best performances in its niche. Not only can it remove chloramines to leave the water tasting and smelling fresh, but it tackles other dangerous contaminants as well, having no issue when it comes to the removal of lead, chromium 6, and even the dreaded fluoride.

It uses triple capacity filters to provide this quality filtration, filters that need to be replaced only after purifying up to 150 gallons of water each. Best of all, the manufacturing company backs it with a lifetime warranty, meaning that regardless of when you encounter issues with it along the way, it will be fixed or replaced free of charge. Balancing all of these benefits, it is easy to see why we praise it so much.


  • High efficiency against fluoride, one of the more common and dangerous water contaminants
  • Reasonable priced considering its capabilities – affordable option
  • Exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53
  • Durable build makes it a dependable product


  • Slow filling time
  • If chlorine content in the water is too high, it might not be the most effective solution to get rid of the smell and taste of this contaminant


Not only does it promise to deliver clean drinking water, but it actually manages to do so due to the triple capacity filters it uses that can handle a wide range of contaminants, including fluoride and chloramines. Reasonably priced, easy to use, and built to last, it makes for a smart option if you want to enjoy proper hydration.

2. Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Advertised as one of the most advanced products on the market for all the right reasons, it works to remove over 230 contaminants lurking in the water you hydrate with. The average life of the Affinity filter it uses is approximately 100 gallons, so you can expect to change it only once every 4 months or so.

Its basin capacity is 64 ounces, so it can contain up to 8 cups of water at once. As the reservoir is clear, you know exactly when to refill it. Additionally, it comes with a staggering lifetime warranty.


  • Affinity filtration technology ensures beneficial minerals will be preserved in the drinking water
  • Removable lid provides an easy manner to fill it
  • Filter has an approximate lifespan of 4 months
  • Made with 100% BPA-free medical-grade Tritan


  • Comes at a spicy priced as opposed to other entries on this market
  • Some complained that the filter leaks badly


Designed to remove up to 99.9% of the contaminants lurking in the water you will consume, it presents you with not only an effective water purification system, but one that is hassle-free in terms of use. Just fill its 64-ounce basin, let it do its magic with the Affinity filtration technology, and you can trustfully consume water knowing that it is free of impurities.

3. Brita Everyday

Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Drinking water that is actually healthy and tastes good is what we all desire, and the Brita Everyday delivers on both fronts. It is a cheap and convenient solution for proper hydration, its compact size making it a perfect fit for storage in the refrigerator. The contaminant it mostly focuses on is chlorine, which is ever present in our drinking water as it is used by the municipality to clear the water of bacteria and other contaminants.

However, there is one downside to chlorine purification of the water, more precisely the fact that it alters its smell and taste. Luckily, Brita gets rid of this issue completely, finally making it a pleasure for you to drink water that comes from the tap.


To provide you with clean drinking water, it uses a GAC filter which drastically reduces chlorine content in the water, while tending to the removal of other harmful contaminants, including copper, lead, mercury, and cadmium. Its efficiency is astounding, to say the least, being capable of reducing chlorine with up to 95%, thus removing the unpleasant taste and odor it leaves behind. When it comes to lead reducing, it boasts a 99.3% efficiency, while it tends to eliminate up to 90% of copper content in the water.


Not only does the Brita help save the environment as it makes you an active participant in the battle to reduce plastic water bottle waste, but it provides aid as it is made with BPA-free plastic. This construction is both Eco-friendly, and it ensures that the water you end up drinking won’t be contaminated with particles that detach from the plastic housing.

As it measures 10.47 inches in height, 5.59 inches in width, and 10.49 inches in length, it won’t occupy a lot of space in the refrigerator. Furthermore, it weighs only 2.29 pounds so you won’t have any difficulties maneuvering it when you pour yourself some water.

Mention-Worthy Details
  • Filter change indicator lets you know when the time comes to perform maintenance work.
  • A single cartridge provides enough filtration to replace approximately 300 standard-size 16.9-ounce water bottles.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee is provided for it so that you can receive a full refund if you are displeased with its performance.

As aforementioned, you needn’t check on the cartridge or keep track in your calendar regarding when you should replace it as there is the filter indicator change feature which lets you know when you should do this task. However, it’s useful to know approximately when you will be required to do it in order to figure out what costs are involved with it. For the Everyday, as it requires replacement after purifying approximately 40 gallons of water, you will need to do this procedure only once every couple of months or so.


  • Soft-grip handle that ensures you will pour water with it easily
  • Removable lid for easy re-filling
  • Oval design that ensures it won’t occupy a lot of space in the refrigerator
  • BPA-free


A 10-cup model you and your entire family will love using, the Brita is one of our top recommendations not only due to its generous capacity, but due to the reasonable asking price as well. Furthermore, it boasts a safe, BPA-free design which adds to its appeal.

4. ZeroWater ZP-010

ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

You can rely on it to deliver you 10 cups of clean, purified water to hydrate with. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit in the fridge, measuring only 11.63 inches in length, 5.93 inches in width, and 11 inches in height. As it employs a 5-stage filtration process during which it even uses the highly regarded ion exchange technology, it boasts the capability to reduce total dissolved solids with up to 99.6%.

Other contaminants it helps eliminate include inorganic and organic compounds, and it even takes care of water cloudiness. The push to dispense spigot design makes it incredibly convenient to use as you won’t even have to lift the cup or bottle to refill it with water. Unfortunately, the 90-day warranty provided for it isn’t all that great as opposed to what other models deliver.


  • Ingenious design – push to dispense spigot enhances convenience in use
  • Compact design – measures 11.63” x 5.93” x 11”
  • Uses ion exchange technology to thoroughly purify the water
  • One of the best-selling products on the market right now


  • Short warranty – only 90 days
  • Replacement filters are expensive


Petit, convenient to use, and boasting a high 10-cup capacity, it is the right choice to go for if you want to stay healthily hydrated. It comes at a reasonable price and provides a thorough water purification, so you have no reason to overlook it as your new filtration system.

5. Brita Small Metro

Brita Small Metro Water Filter Pitcher

As even the name states, it is a small-size model that can hold up to 5 cups of water, eliminating the impurities that reside in it so that you may hydrate healthily. It uses a single filter media for the job, and you must replace the cartridge after it purifies 40 gallons of water or approximately once every 2 months. Don’t worry if you don’t keep track, however, as it features an electronic filter indicator that tells you exactly when replacement is required.

Its space-efficient design lets you easily fit it in the refrigerator to keep the water fresh and cool. During the filtration process, it reduces zinc, cadmium, copper, and mercury from the water, as well as chlorine taste and odor. The locking lid design ensures spill-free handling so that you don’t make a mess when you pour yourself a glass of water. Lastly, we highlight the 90-day warranty it is backed by – it might not be the longest, but it’s reasonable considering the cheap asking price.


  • Locking lid prevents spills when you pour water with it
  • Comes at a cheap price – budget-smart selection
  • Space-efficient design ensures it occupies little space in the fridge
  • Electronic filter indicator reminds you when filter replacement is needed


The Brita Small is the ideal budget pick as it not only comes at a cheap price, but it provides the same thorough water purification more expensive products do. Easy on the eye, not requiring maintenance often but rather only once every couple of months, and able to reduce contaminant content from the water you drink, it is a product we encourage you to buy.

6. Levoit LV110WP

Levoit LV110WP Water Filter Pitcher

This model delivers on the promise to provide you with clean drinking water as it uses a 5-layer filtration system to tackle the contaminants which lurk in it. Among the water quality issues it fixes through its operation are included chlorine, particles, limescale, unpleasant odors, and even heavy metals like mercury, copper, aluminum, and cadmium. The 5-layers of purification it uses include ion-exchange resin, two micro nets, and two layers of activated carbon, each layer tackling specific contaminants or issues. It maintains a steady filtration speed so that using it is a delightful experience.

The filter cartridge requires replacement once every 60 days or after filtering 40 gallons of water. Moreover, as it features an electronic filter change indicator, guesswork is eliminated and you won’t have to worry you might forget to make the replacement as the Levoit will let you know. It boasts a 10-cup capacity that makes it perfect for medium and even large-sized households. A neat feature stands in the tick marks that let you know how much water is left in it.

It is made with BPA-free plastic to prevent contamination, features an ergonomic handle that makes it quite convenient to handle it, and a spout lid that reduces chances for water spills when you pour. Furthermore, the manufacturer covers it against defects for 2 years after you make the acquisition, and there’s even a 90-day money back guaranteed provided so that you enjoy a full refund in case you are displeased with the product.


  • Filter needs to be replaced approximately once every 60 days
  • Maintains a stable filtration speed
  • Spout lid for precision pouring


A 5-layer filtration system that effectively tackles drinking water contamination, this Levoit product stands out not only due to its efficiency but because of the reasonable asking price as well.

7. AquaBliss 10-Cup

AquaBliss 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

As the name suggests, the AquaBliss 10-Cup can filter up to 10 cups of water at a time to provide you with clean water for hydration and other purposes. It is made with BPA-free plastic, which shows that the water sits inside a contamination-free environment, so you need not worry that its quality might be altered after purification in any way.

To eliminate as many impurities as possible from the water you pour inside it, it relies on an XL filtration cartridge that is able to remove odors, chlorine, sediment, metallic taste, dirt, grime, cadmium, zinc, mercury, copper, and more. It excels when it comes to maintenance costs as well as the cartridge needs to be replaced only once every 4 months, less frequently than what similar products require.

The gravity fed system provides quick filtration – it takes approximately 2-3 minutes for the water to be clean and perfect for consumption. The narrow spout ensures you won’t spill water all over the counter as you pour it in the glass. Furthermore, the manufacturer backs it against potential defects for 1 year after you make the acquisition.


  • Gravity fed system ensures quick filtration of impurities
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Made with BPA-free plastic


  • Some users have trouble filling it with water
  • Led seems a bit flimsily designed


Due to the superior filtration provided by the XL filter it uses, the AquaBliss 10-cup provides you with up to 4 months of clean, healthy water before cartridge replacement is due. Reasonably priced, compact despite the large capacity, and effective in its quest to purify the water you consume, it is one of our top recommendations.

8. Waterdrop Extream

Waterdrop Extream Water Filter Pitcher

The sophisticated design the Waterdrop Extream boasts alongside the ingenious multi-layer filtration technology make it one of the most appealing options on the market at the moment. It achieves high efficiency in restoring water purity as it even uses the activated carbon filter that uses wet molding technology, a filter that has good thermal stability, a high adsorptive capacity, as well as fast adsorption speed. In addition to removing a wide range of contaminants which include rust, sediment, suspended solids, heavy metal, water hardness, limescale, chlorine, and VOCs, it prevents the formation of biofilms to ensure optimal filtration effectiveness with each use.

The filter needs to be replaced only after filtering 200 gallons of water, so maintenance costs aren’t high at all. It is a 10-cup capacity model that is suitable for all-size households. One of its greatest highlights stands in the high-flow design of the filter, the 0.5 GPM flow rate ensuring fast and steady filtration.

The handle is made with sustainable wood, boasts a neat design and makes maneuvering easy. Lastly, when it comes to backing, expect the manufacturer to handle issues free of charge during the first 90 days after you make the acquisition.


  • High 0.5 GPM flow rate – fast and steady filtration is guaranteed
  • Sustainable tactile wooden handle for easy maneuvering
  • Anti-slip silicon on the bottom prevents unwanted accidents


As it integrates the prolific multi-layer filtration technique, the Waterdrop Extream helps reduce chlorine taste and odor, as well as numerous other contaminants to leave the water perfectly suited for consumption and use.

9. Soma 10-Cup

Soma 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The Soma boasts an impeccable design, being made with BPA-free plastics and featuring a high-quality filter that is made with 65% plant-based materials. Therefore, it is one of the most Eco-friendly options to go with.

It has an 80-ounce capacity, thus being able to produce up to 10 glasses of purified water at once. The oak wooden handle is not only stylish but easy to grasp as well. In addition, the lid door opens automatically, so it will be very easy to refill it.


  • Made with BPA-free plastic
  • Easy filling due to lid door that opens automatically
  • Easy to grasp oak handle
  • Filter is made with 65% plant based materials


  • Comes at an expensive price
  • Some customers complain that it spills easily when they pour water


Easy to use and made with Eco-friendliness in mind, it delivers clean, fresh water whenever you are thirsty, providing with up to 10 cups of water before it needs to be refilled. Although it is a spicy purchase to make, we stand by it and recommend you choose it as it is unsurpassable in terms of performance quality.

10. Mavea Elemaris XL

Mavea Elemaris XL Water Filter Pitcher

The European styling makes it a great addition to a modern kitchen. It is designed to occupy little space in the refrigerator despite the fact that it has a generous 9-cup capacity.

But what truly impresses is the fact that it features the Mavea Smart Meter. This ingenious meter measures water hardness, water volume, and the length of time it is in use. Therefore, you will not only know for sure how great the quality of the drinking water is and how much water is left in it, but you won’t have to guess when it is time to replace the cartridge either.


  • Pour-through lid design for easy re-filling
  • Soft handle that makes using it a pleasure
  • Micro-screen reduces black particle release in it
  • Consistent flow and filtration for the best results


  • Is not backed by the manufacturer with any sort of warranty
  • Some customers complained that its plastic build is fragile



Despite the fact that it is able to deliver up to 9 cups of purified water per charge, it takes up little space. Thus, if your fridge tends to get crowded, it is an option worth taking into consideration. Sure, it might lack an actual warranty, but its durability should not be an issue of worry as almost all customers who have already bought it are more than pleased with its durability.

11. CamelBak Relay

CamelBak Relay Water Filter Pitcher

There are no real downsides to this 10-cup model, so it is obvious that we had to include it in our top. There are 5 color selections you can pick from, and the fact that it is made with BPA-free tritan ensures a healthy depositing space for the water you will hydrate with. It is even dishwasher-safe, which means that you won’t get your hands dirty to clean it.

It utilizes a highly effective double filter technology which grants it speed in terms of cleaning the water you plan on drinking, and that ensures a complete lack of contaminants. Furthermore, it features a spill-proof locking lid design that guarantees water won’t end up spilling in the fridge.


  • 10-cup capacity ensures that you and your entire family will be able to drink clean water during the day without having to wait
  • Spill-proof locking lid design guarantees that water won’t spill in the refrigerator
  • Dishwasher safe components for a hassle-free maintenance
  • Utilizes a double filter technology that ensures a complete lack of contaminants in the water you consume


  • Not the cheapest product in its niche
  • A bit heavy when it’s full


A 10-cup capacity model that is sure to deliver clean drinking water as it passes the liquid through an effective filtration granted by its double filter technology, the CamelBak is one of our top recommendations to health-conscious people.

12. Brita Slim

Brita Slim Water Filter Pitcher

While it might have a small 5-cup capacity, this doesn’t take away from its quality. The filter it uses to remove chlorine, cadmium, mercury, copper, and other water quality deprecating contaminants needs to be removed only once every 2 months or after purifying approximately 40 gallons of water. Don’t worry that you might forget to do it as there is a sticker filter indicator that lets you know when the task needs to be done.

Its BPA-free build ensures the water is kept in a safe receptacle until you drink it all, and that there is no possibility for recontamination. When it comes to its design, its compact body will make it easy to fit it in narrow spaces, especially in crowded fridge cabinets.


  • Compact design that makes it a perfect fit in the refrigerator
  • BPA-free
  • Uses coconut-based activated carbon and ion exchange resin to offer impressive filtration capabilities


  • Small capacity when compared to better quality products
  • Takes quite some time to fill it up


As the name suggests, it will fit in perfectly regardless of where you want to store it. However, this design does come at a price, more precisely the fact that it does not boast as generous of a water storing capacity as other models. On the other hand, it comes at a great price, so for those looking for a cheap water filtration solution, it is a heaven-sent.

Buying Guide

Water pitchers have become a popular option for those who want to drink clean water due to the fact that they are a compact solution, perfect for use at home or at the office. The cheap price also adds to their desirability, being accessible to all people. If you want to make the purchase yourself, you are probably wondering what exactly you have to look for in order to ensure that your money is being spent on a quality product.

First and foremost, you must pay attention to the type of filtration that it uses. It is ideal to go with a model that comes with carbon media as these filters are the most efficient in the removal of particles like chlorine, chemicals, and by-products, the harmful particles that are generally found in the largest numbers in the water that we drink.

Another aspect that you have to take into consideration is the capacity. What we recommend is for you to go with a model that has a 9 or 10-cup capacity as this generous size ensures you won’t have to refill it too often. After all, it takes a while for it to work and remove the harmful particles, so it is best to make sure that you won’t have to wait around for it to be done in order to proceed to drink the tasty, healthy water.

To make your life easier, another aspect that you must pay attention to is for it to come with a filter life indicator. The indicator is quite a necessity due to the fact that it announces you precisely when the filter needs to be changed, eliminating guesswork. It also prevents unpleasant incidents like forgetting to change the filter and actually drinking water that is contaminated because of this.

Test Results

Water purity

We tested the water for common pollutants before and after filtering it with the pitcher – this procedure was repeated for each of our picks. When we finished testing all the products, we compared results to see which one provided the purest water for consumption to rate them properly and to make sure that you will be safe from consuming health-threatening contaminants.


To get a better idea on exactly how easy it is to change the filters for each model, we replaced the cartridges ourselves. This way, we got a first-hand experience of the ease or toughness of the process, being able to honestly rate them according to their convenience when it comes down to maintenance work.

Easy fit

Design-wise, the most important thing is for it to fit in the fridge just right, without requiring you to reorganize and take your food out. This might not be the most important factor we tested for, its ease of fitting in a crowded refrigerator to be more precise, but it is one we had to take into consideration as it affects convenience in use.

Convenient design

How easy it is to fill it with water and how easy you pour the filtered water in a glass was another testing parameter we took into consideration as it weighs greatly when it comes to convenience in use. Of course, the shape of the handle was another design parameter that we paid attention to when handling them to figure out how comfortable it is to maneuver each of product.

Aquagear FilterClearly FilteredBrita EverydayZeroWater ZP-010Brita Small MetroSoma 10-CupMavea Elemaris XLCamelBak RelayBrita Slim

Why You Need One

Water safety should be a top priority for everyone, even more now that anyone can have access to water purifying systems of all types. Water pitchers are a common means of providing clean, safe, and fresh water at any time and they bring a wide range of benefits.

  • Affordability – If you are on a limited budget but you still want to enjoy clean water, it is a perfect acquisition to make. There are so many products available and even the most advanced ones come at reasonable prices.
  • Ease of use – If other types of water filtration systems are more complicated to install or use, the pitcher is the most simplistic, by far. All you have to do is fill it and allow it to purify the water to make it appropriate for drinking.
  • Efficiency – A simple operating mode does not mean that the results will be of poor quality and that you will not receive water as clean as if you would if you had a water filter installed. These products are very effective in removing water impurities so you can rest assured knowing that they will yield high.
  • Convenience – Another great advantage is their convenience. They are compact so you can keep them close to you on a table or counter and you can even put them in the fridge if you want to enjoy cold and crisp water in the summer.

Rating Our Picks

Rating CriteriaExplanationProduct to Receive the Best Score
CapacityIts capacity shows how many cups of water you can fit in it for the purification process. Generally, it’s better to go for a bigger size as it means you will have clean water at your disposal for a longer time. When it comes to large-sized households, this is a quintessential aspect to look into as it ensures you won’t run out of clean water too quick.Brita Everyday, Soma 10-Cup, CamelBak Relay
Cartridge replacement frequencyHow often you are required to change the cartridge shows what costs are implied with the product you pick. It is best for filter replacement frequency to be as reduced as possible as, while these cartridges might not be all that expensive usually, they do make for an unwanted additional investment.Aquagear Filter
Filtration efficiencyEfficiency is best shown by the amount of filtration stages that it passes the water through. The more the better, obviously, as a higher amount of contaminants are removed.Aquagear Filter
Removed contaminantsThe reason why you need it to begin with is for it to remove the contaminants that lurk in the water you drink. Thus, it is desirable for it to be able to eliminate as many different types of water pollutants as possible to ensure a high operational efficiency and healthy drinking water.Clearly Filtered Pitcher
Filter replacement indicatorIf you are the forgetful type, it is likely for you to replace the filtration cartridge a lot later than advised. It is important to stick with the recommended replacement frequency as, without the replacement done on time, it won’t be able to remove impurities out of your drinking water. The role of the indicator is to take guesswork out of filter replacement and to remind those who are forgetful by nature exactly when the procedure needs to be done.Brita Everyday


How can I figure out what capacity I need?

An adult should drink approximately 10-13 cups or about 100 ounces of water per day in order to stay hydrated. Thus, the bigger the capacity is, the batter as you won’t have to refill it too often during the day.

Do the materials used in manufacturing affect its quality?

Yes, if it is made with plastic among other materials, it is mandatory that you check for it to be BPA free. This way, you are ensured that the materials used when manufacturing it do not affect the quality of the water that you end up consuming. After all, you bought it to benefit from clean drinking water, and it is your right to be offered what you asked for.

What makes it superior to installing a filtration system?

From many points of view, especially performance-wise, it is better to install a filtration system instead of relying on a pitcher. However, there is one convenience element that makes it a necessity, more precisely its portability. If you want to drink clean water wherever you go, just pack it with your other baggage, and you are ensured to benefit from clean drinking water everywhere. The considerably cheaper asking price doesn’t hurt either as it makes it a more accessible acquisition.


A convenient method to ensure clean drinking water on demand, water filter pitchers come especially in handy for those who do not have the money to install a whole house water filtration system or the space for that matter, but still, want to enjoy the perks of water purification.

Almost as qualitative is the Mavea Elemaris XL which can hold up a maximum of 9 cups of water and that makes limescale an issue of the past with your drinking water. The manufacturing company might not offer a warranty for it, but seeing how well it eliminates impurities and how positive is the feedback from customers who have already used it, we needn’t explain why it is a great pick to go for.

On this rather vast market, there is one product that stands out, the Soma 10-Cup to be precise. As the name basically states, it boasts a 10-cup capacity which ensures you will have plenty of water at your disposal to hydrate with until it needs to be refilled. Furthermore, despite its compact size and stylish design, it delivers a highly efficient performance against copper, zinc, chlorine, and many other contaminants that would otherwise endanger you if you would consume them.

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