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A compact and ideal solution to go with if you want to ensure that clean water will come out of the tap is to install a faucet water filter. With it, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the water that you drink or cook with ever again because it will be free of contaminants.

Top 11 Faucet Water Filters Compared

1. Engdenton B07DCMD991

Engdenton B07DCMD991 Faucet Water Filter

Easy to install and able to filter out quite a wide range of contaminants that include dirt, sand, rust, chlorine, bad odor, bad taste, and organic matter, all while helping inhibit bacterial growth, the Engdenton is a must-have for convenient faucet filtration. To provide this effective purification, it uses an ACF filter that is made of Japan carbon fiber, offering 0.5um filtration accuracy.

The cartridge provides service for up to 320 gallons of water, so you should expect to replace it only once every 6 months. As it boasts a high 0.5 GPM flow rate, installing it won’t affect water pressure to the faucet in any manner. One of its more interesting traits is that it can swivel 360 degrees at any angle, allowing you to adjust it so that you a water fountain function at home.

Due to the 304 stainless steel housing, it boasts a long lifespan as opposed to most systems in this niche, not being prone to leaks or cracks. Lastly, we praise the 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer as it offers peace of mind when it comes to handling eventual issues and defects.

• High 0.5um filtration accuracy ensures water purity
• Activated carbon filter helps inhibit bacterial growth
• It swivels 360 degrees at any angle
• 304 stainless steel housing ensures cracking and leakage won’t ever be an issue

2. Brita COMINHKR063772

Brita COMINHKR063772 Faucet Water Filter

A system that replaces up to 750 16.9-ounce water bottles until cartridge change is needed, this easy to use and install Brita system is one of our favorite selections and recommendations. A single click is needed to replace the filtration media, and this procedure is required only after purifying up to 100 gallons of water, so you will get a good few months of using. Additionally, it features an electronic filter indicator that lets you know exactly when cartridge replacement is needed.

What makes it effective is the fact that it helps remove a hefty amount of contaminants that lurk in the water you use and consume, including VOCs, chlorine, TTHMs, lead, turbidity, cryptosporidium, giardia, atrazine, chlordane, trichloroethylene, and so on.

As it features an On/Off switch and the spray option, there are 3 settings you can select between, more precisely purified water, unfiltered water, and unfiltered spray. Furthermore, for the installation process, there are no tools required, so it is a completely hassle-free procedure that you won’t waste time on.

• Electronic indicator lets you know when cartridge replacement is required
• Puts three settings selections at your disposal – filtered water, unfiltered water, and unfiltered spray
• Except for pull-out faucets, it fits all standard models
• Boasts a space-efficient design

3. PUR PFM400H

PUR PFM400H Faucet Water Filter

The PFM400H is among the best products of its kind due to its amazing performance and impressive contaminant reduction capability. Due to the fact that it’s certified to remove up to 99 percent of lead and over 70 other contaminants from your drinking water, if you use it, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t ingest any harmful particles.

It comes with an advanced MineralClear media that needs to be changed after 100 gallons of purified water, or after 2-3 months, depending on how often you use it. One of the features that make it so great is the fact that it comes with the Maxion filter technology, a technology that ensures the water will always have a crisp and refreshing taste. Another impressive feature is the electronic filter change light that eliminates the guesswork out of replacing the cartridge, announcing you when it’s the right moment to do it.

Its horizontal design makes it a stylish addition to any modern kitchen, while the compact size ensures that it won’t pop out of the decor. Best of all, it’s covered by a 2-year warranty, a period of time during which the manufacturer will repair it free of charge.

• CleanSensor monitor indicates filter status
• Uses an effective 3-stage filtration process for optimum contaminant removal
• Cartridge needs to be replaced after 2-3 months of use
• 6 design options to pick between

4. Culligan FM-100-C

Culligan FM-100-C Faucet Water Filter

With an unmistakable design that makes it pop in a modern kitchen, the Culligan FM-100-C proves once again that Culligan is a top-tier filtration systems manufacturer. It produces fresher tasting water that doesn’t have any foul smell and is purer altogether, encouraging proper hydration even amongst the most squeamish people. Moreover, it comes at a reasonable price, so your budget won’t receive a blow because of this purchase. The filter cartridge requires replacement after filtering 100 gallons of water, so routine maintenance isn’t costly at all. When the time does come to change it, the electronic filter life indicator flashes red to let you know.

Some of the contaminants it helps remove from your tap water include the highly dangerous lead, atrazine, sediment, turbid, as well as chlorine taste and odor. Thus, whether you use it for the kitchen faucet or the one in the bathroom, water quality improvement is granted as soon as you screw it in and install it, and you are sure to notice major differences on the spot.

• Electronic filter life indicator
• Space-saving horizontal design
• Installs in seconds
• Reasonably priced

5. Waterdrop WD-FC-01

Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Faucet Water Filter

As it passes the water you drink through a thorough 5-stage filtration process, you are sure to enjoy contaminant-free hydration. During the first stage, it uses a preliminary stainless steel mesh to remove large particles it encounters, in the second stage, it employs a pre-sediment PP cotton media that removes rust and solids, in the fourth stage, it uses a post-filter PP cotton media that removes organic compounds and chlorine taste and odor, and in the final stage, it employs an end-filter stainless steel mesh to eliminate any remaining large-sized particles.

What enhances its efficiency greatly is the fact that, during the 3rd operational stage, it utilizes an activated carbon fiber media that delivers unparalleled results in terms of chlorine removal and bacteria growth-inhibiting. A good piece of news is that the cartridge boasts a long lifespan, requiring that you replace it only once every 6 months or after purifying 320 gallons of water, whichever comes first.

It boasts a high 0.5 gallons per minute flow rate that guarantees a smooth operation, while the leak-proof technology used in the manufacturing process makes it easily installable on any type of faucet.

• Features a highly adsorbent ACF media to provide unparalleled efficiency
• Passes the water through a 5-stage filtration process to purify it properly
• Leak-proof design makes it attach to any faucet safely and easily
• Comes at a very low price

6. DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier

DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier Faucet Water Filter

It easily attaches to standard kitchen faucets and provides a high-performance filtration that ensures the water coming out of the tap will not only smell and taste better, but will be free of a wide range of contaminants as well. The cartridge it comes with is able to purify up to 100 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced.

Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on maintenance-related work. Into the cartridge, the Micro-ban antimicrobial protection is built-in to enhance both its performance and lifespan. Best of all, it’s covered by an impressive 3-year warranty, during this period of time being repaired or replaced free of charge.

• Attaches to most standard kitchen faucets
• Antimicrobial protection for bacteria-free drinking water
• Cheap asking price
• Improves water smell, taste, and clarity

7. Culligan FM-25

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Water Filter

The simple design that it boasts allows for an easy, tool-free installation that ensures you won’t need the help of a professional. Additionally, it’s very easy to use, all that you have to do to activate it is to pull the diverter tab. Besides having a compact design that ensures it won’t ruin the decor of the kitchen, it has a polished chrome finish that gives it a stylish appearance.

The quality filter that it features enables it to remove atrazine, lead, chlorine, sediment, turbidity, and lindane from the water that you drink. Best of all, it will remove bad taste and odor as well, so you will finally be able to enjoy clean and fresh drinking water. The cartridge will require replacement after purifying up to 200 gallons of water, so you won’t have to do much maintenance work. In addition, the manufacturer backs it with a 2-year warranty that spares you of repair costs.

• Pressure range from 30 to 100 PSI
• Temperature range from 40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit
• Fits most faucets
• Eliminates unpleasant taste and odor

8. Kabter KN1

Kabter KN1 Faucet Water Filter

Providing you with clean water at the simple flip of a switch, the Kabter boasts a durable, leak-free design which makes it one of the best acquisitions for those who care for the quality of the water they use and consume. It is compatible with faucets that feature outside threads, inner threads, and thread-free faucets. In terms of installation, its sole limitation is that is doesn’t work with pull-out or handheld faucets.

It comes at a cheap price and maintenance costs aren’t high with it. Additionally, the manufacturing company provides a 30-day money-back warranty for it, so in case you are displeased with it, you can return the product and receive a full refund.

Water Purification Efficiency

Although it removes other contaminants that lurk in your water as well, the MN01 is most effective against chlorine, thus its installation making a big difference when it comes to the way the water tastes and smells. It uses a KDF55 filtration media and an activated carbon media to provide with this impressive purification efficiency.

The KDF55 is the media responsible for most of the removed contaminants, including cysts, mercury, lead, sediment, benzene, bacteria, and so on. Furthermore, it prevents the growth of fungi, mold, lime, and scale. When it comes to the active carbon media, it tends to improve the taste and smell of the water as it focuses more on the chlorine content.


No one wants to spend money on a professional installation, and fortunately for you, with the MN01 you are spared of making this costly and embarrassing move as it is incredibly easy to install. It comes with male and female adapters, which makes it compatible with a wide range of faucet styles, these adapters also eliminating the need for any additional purchases to be made for the installation process. When it comes to installing it, you just need to screw it in and you are done – no hassle involved, so there is no need for you to ask anyone for help.

Important Specs and Features

  • Presence of the KDF55 media ensures it helps inhibit the growth of mold and fungi.
  • Greatly improves the taste and smell of the water you use and consume as it eliminates chlorine.
  • Made with food-grade ABS plastic, thus ensuring durability.
  • Operating water temperature it can withstand ranges from 4 to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Chrome finish gives it a clean aspect.


In addition to costing little money upfront, the Kabter costs little money in terms of upkeep as well. This is all due to the fact that its cartridge actually has a 200-gallon lifespan, meaning that you are likely to change it only once every 3 to 5 months, depending on how often you use it. As this is the sole maintenance task required from you, it’s safe to say that convenience in use is one of its strong points.

• Features the highly effective KDF55 contaminant removal media
• Reasonable asking price and cheap maintenance
• Space-saving design
• Designed to fit most standard faucets

9. Spardar SUW-P08W

Spardar SUW-P08W Faucet Water Filter

This model uses the activated carbon fiber filter to clean your tap water of a wide range of impurities, all while improving its taste and odor. Among the contaminants it removes are included rust, chlorine, heavy metals, and bleaching powder. It is the go-to option for those who are on a tight budget, and considering the fact that the filter cartridge requires replacement after purifying approximately 100 gallons of water, maintenance isn’t costly and it’s required only once every 2-3 months, depending on your water consumption.

Its space-saving design and clean finish make it a perfect addition to any modern kitchen, while the leak-proof technology ensures that once you screw it in, water won’t burst out. It is easy to attach and even easier to use, all that you need to do to switch between filtered and regular water being to turn the switch lever. It is designed to fit standard faucets and is not compatible with spray-style, handheld, or pull-out faucets.

• Retains healthy minerals in the water
• Designed to be leak-proof
• Cheap acquisition
• Space-saving design

10. PUR FM-2000B

PUR FM-2000B Faucet Water Filter

What you will surely like about it is the fact that it features easy one-click installation, so it will take only a few minutes to get the installation over with. The 360-degree swivel design allows it to fit perfectly in most sinks, so you don’t have to worry that it might not be the right choice for you. It is able to remove a wide variety of contaminants, including up to 99% of chlorine. To deliver these impressive results, it employs no less than 3 different filtration stages.

It uses the effective carbon block filtration method that clears chlorine taste and odor, among removing other contaminants, and the cartridge needs to be replaced once every 100 gallons of water. It is NSF certified for its effective operation and for the great design that it boasts. It’s backed up by the manufacturer for 2 years after the purchase date, a period of time during which it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Additionally, it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, so in case you’re not pleased with it, you will be able to return it and receive the money spent on it back.

• LED light indicator shows when cartridge replacement is needed
• Vertical space-saving design
• Affordable asking price
• Cartridge lifespan is approximately 3 months

11. Jetery

Jetery Faucet Water Filter

While the Jetery might lack in the features department as opposed to our better ranked entries, it still makes for a good option as it comes at a very accessible price, doesn’t require hefty investments in maintenance over the years, and does a more than great job at filtering out impurities. To purify the water, it uses a 320-gallon filter that reduces chlorine and other contaminants, all while inhibiting bacterial growth.

Actually, its efficiency in water purification goes beyond simply removing chlorine and other contaminants as it passes the water through 4 filtration stages. In the first stage, a stainless steel mesh is used to remove tiny impurities, in the second stage, it uses PP cotton to ensure impurities and particles do not enter the water, in the third stage it uses the activated carbon fiber media to remove chlorine, odors and unpleasant taste, as well as many other contaminants, while in the fourth stage it uses an advanced filtration layer to reduce lead and fluoride.

Due to its high capacity, the cartridge requires replacement only once every 6 months, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. Woefully, it lacks a filter replacement indicator light, which means that you must keep track of the maintenance schedule on your own. It boasts a BPA-free build, and it maintains a 0.5 GPM flow rate to not affect water pressure on the faucet you install it.

As it is equipped with a variety of adapters, you can install it on most standard faucets. Thus, installation compatibility is unlikely to be an issue. To make it easy for you to toggle between purified water and tap water, it features a 2-stage switch that you simply turn as needed. Furthermore, it is easy to install, an operation that should take only a few minutes.

• Fits almost all standard faucets
• 2-stage switch provides an easy manner to switch from tap to purified water
• Doesn’t produce any waste water
• Made with BPA-free plastic

Rating Our Picks

Rating CriteriaExplanationProduct to Receive the Best Score
Filtration mediaThe type of filtration media it utilizes shows its effectiveness in the removal of contaminants that lurk in your water. It is best for the system to come with more than one media as it indicates that a wider range of pollutants will be handled by it.PUR PFM400H, PUR FM-2000B
Removed contaminantsThe water you drink is contaminated by certain pollutants, and it is crucial for the system you acquire to be able to handle removing the specific issues at hand. The more contaminants it can remove the better, but it is preferable for all systems to tackle common impurities and chemicals found in most water sources, like chlorine, for example.PUR PFM400H
Operating water temperature rangeThis spec shows what is the water temperature range that the product can handle. Basically, it indicates what the conditions it can handle operating are in so that you know what to expect from it. If the water temperature exceeds or goes below its specific operational margin, it will not be able to purify the water and it might even be damaged.Kabter KN1
Faucet compatibilityIt is important for it to be compatible with as many different types of faucets as possible as you wouldn’t want to end up having to replace it or your faucet to make filtration possible.Kabter KN1, Brita COMINHKR063772, Culligan FM-25, DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier
Filter lifespanThis is the spec that shows for how long you can rely on the cartridge to effectively remove impurities from the water you consume. The longer the lifespan the better as it means that maintenance work won’t be required all that often, and that upkeep costs won’t be too high as time passes.Kabter KN1, Culligan FM-25
WarrantyA hefty warranty is needed as you want to be covered against defects for as long as possible. Obviously, a proper installation and operation of the system is required in order to avoid canceling the warranty agreement, so beware how you handle it.DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier


As it is an economical and space-efficient solution to rid the water you drink and cook with impurities, the system that attaches to the faucet has become a favorite option of American families who want to lead a healthier life in a budget-smart manner.

The Kabter KN1 delivers a 0.5 gallons per minute flow rate that ensures you will see no difference after installing it, the water running out of the tap just as fast as it did before. Other highlights that make it desirable include the fact that cartridge replacement isn’t required all that often but rather only after filtering up to 200 gallons of impurities.

Another model we find quite interesting is the Brita COMINHKR063772 that is incredibly easy to install and upkeep. Not only this, but it helps remove a wider range of contaminants than some of our other selections do, thus ensuring a higher purity of the water you end up using.

For those who are on the search for a more budget-friendly pick, however, the DuPont WFFM100XCH Premier is the go-to option as it comes at a cheaper price, all without sacrificing much in the way of operational quality. Highly effective against chlorine contamination and delivering a perfect 0.5 GPM flow rate, it is an option worth taking into consideration regardless of your budget, not only for those who need a less expensive product to work with.