Samsung Inverter AY15H7000WQD Review

This dehumidifier is silent, energy efficient and easy to use. It works not only as a dehumidifier, but also as an air purifier, and it can even help you dry the clothes and the inside of your shoes.

AY15H7000WQD Ratings

Design - 89%
Features - 92%
Energy Efficiency - 96%
Safety - 97%
Ease of Use - 90%



This dehumidifier is silent, energy efficient and easy to use. It works not only as a dehumidifier, but also as an air purifier, and it can even help you dry the clothes and the inside of your shoes.

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When it comes to dehumidifiers, we rarely focus on environmental concerns. Dehumidifiers have one job: to remove excess moisture from the air. Most of them get the job done well. Nevertheless, in very humid environments, dehumidifiers must run for many hours, each day. This translates into a high energy consumption. Therefore, the need for an ECO-friendly dehumidifier is very obvious. The Samsung Inverter is one of the most energy-efficient products in its class. It recently received the GREENGUAR GOLD Certification. Issued by the Underwriters Laboratories, this is one of the most prestigious requirements for Eco-friendly products. For this reason, and many others that you are about to discover, we consider the AY15H7000WQD to be a valuable investment for any home that struggles with indoor humidity.

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It has a very simple and clean design that will blend in perfectly in any home. It features a convenient crystal water case that goes very well with the overall impeccable finish. The dehumidifier features a hidden display. When it is running, the touch buttons are illuminated by a crystal blue light. The dehumidifier also features hidden caster wheels that allow for effortless maneuverability. The bucket has a 4 L capacity. The dehumidifier weighs 20,5 kg and has the following dimensions: 383 mm W X 290 mm D X 620 mm H.

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We are well aware of the fact that dehumidifiers eliminate excess indoor humidity. This particular model has a 24L capacity in normal conditions, and 16 L on the Energy standard. The dehumidifier will turn off when the water bucket is full to prevent spilling and damage. However, it surprises us with a lot more than just plain dehumidification features. For starters, it features a Virus Doctor function that eliminates up to 99% of countless types of bacteria, allergens, and viruses. It does this by generating S-plasma ion. According to various consuming science reports, this dehumidifier can eliminate up to 99,9% of black mold, blue mold, the influenza H1N1 virus and the influenza subtype virus AH1N1. Not only is this product very efficient, but it is also surprisingly quiet, having a noise level of 30 dB on the silent mode and 43 dB on the turbo mode, which is twice as quiet than the average conversation.

During rainy seasons, it will prove helpful with house chores. The Clothes Dry mode will dry your clothes up to 95% in only three hours. This is pretty impressive, considering the fact that it takes clothes almost a day to dry naturally. You can also use the Shoe Dry function for drying the inside of the shoes. Overall, the product features 5 main functions: silent, turbo, clothes dry, shoe dry and auto. Its humidity control can range between 40% and 70%. There is also a timer available so you can set it to work for a maximum of 8 hours, which comes in handy when you need to go out and you don’t want to keep worrying about leaving the dehumidifier running. With the Child Lock feature, you can be sure that the little ones will not be able to mess with the functioning of the dehumidifier. As you can see, this dehumidifier has plenty of features. Nevertheless, in order to be perfect, it would have needed two more things: an integrated humidistat and a remote control. Still, we are willing to overlook this inconvenience, considering its many other interesting features.

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Specifications Sheet

Dimensions 383mm x 290mm x 620mm
Weight 20.5 Lbs
Area Coverage N/A
Dehumidification Capacity 24 liters
Reservoir Capacity 4 Liters
Maximum Noise Output 43 dB
Continuous Draining N/A
Fan Speeds 5
Built-In Timer 8-Hour
Full Bucket Indicator/Alert No
Digital Display Yes
Warranty No

Energy Efficiency

This device requires a standard 220 V outlet. It has a grade I energy efficiency standard which means it manages to operate at high standards without requiring too much electricity. Despite its many features, it consumes considerably less energy than similar models in its class. The annual energy consumption stated by the manufacturer is 145 kWh but it can depend on the room temperature and the humidity level it has to deal with.

Other considerations

Modern dehumidifiers can sometimes be hard to use. The more features they have, the harder they are to use. This is not the case of this particular unit, whose maintenance can be performed effortlessly. The crystal water case allows one to easily check the level of the water. It can easily be pulled out and pushed back in. The case is easy to carry and it can be cleaned with minimum effort. It also features a child lock, for safety reasons, as well as a convenient 8 hours timer. It can be purchased for $599.00.


  • George

    If I’m looking for a dehumidifier for the basement, will this unit be able to handle such a task?

  • Benny

    Is this model capable of removing viruses and bacteria from the air? I ask this because I have small children and I want a dehumidifier that can truly keep them safe.

    • Due to the fact that the Samsung Inverter Dehumidifier AY15H7000WQD features the Virus Doctor function, it is capable of effectively removing up to 99 percent of all kinds of viruses, bacteria, and germs that lurk in the air. Therefore, it’s an exceptionally great option to go with if you want to ensure the safety of your children.

  • Sue

    From what you say, this is a heaven-sent product that is stylish, efficient, silent, and very easy to use. Plus, it can kill airborne viruses. I will test it and hopefully, it will offer the advertised results because my home sometimes feels incredibly humid.

  • Damien

    What I can say after a little over a year of owning this dehumidifier is that it is truly a smart investment. Not only is it silent, being perfect even in the room of my small child, but it performs great as mold has never made a comeback since I have it.

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