Pelican Whole House Water Treatment Systems

Water is a quintessential element of our existence as we drink it, we use it for cooking and bathing, and it helps keep us alive. Unfortunately, these days we have to deal with a serious problem, the poor quality of the domestic water supply. Water that contains all sorts of contaminants and toxins is not safe for use and consumption, so efforts have to go into purifying it. Luckily for us, one of the biggest concerns of the Pelican Water Systems company is the quality of the water we drink every day, so they have developed systems that are meant to keep us away from any harmful contaminants by using the latest technologies in terms of water treatment.

The whole house filters are highly efficient and they require little maintenance. There are two sizes available to choose from, namely the PC600 model with a capacity of 600,000 gallons and the PC1000 model with a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons.

NaturSoft Salt Free Water Softeners

In many areas, water with dangerously high levels of calcium and magnesium or hard water as you most likely know it by presents a major threat to the lifespan of water using appliances as well as the health of those who drink it. To tackle this issue, Pelican has developed the NaturSoft system that uses the salt-free technology which is by far a great alternative to the traditional salt water softeners. The NaturSoft is easy to install and it leaves all the beneficial minerals in the water. It doesn’t need any electricity to operate and it is certified to prevent and remove up to 99.6% the scale buildup on plumbing or appliances. It comes in two sizes, one for 1-3 bathrooms, which is the NS3 model and one for 4-6 bathrooms, the NS6 model. They both come with a sediment pre-filter which has to be changed every 6-9 months, while the tank media needs no replacement. Additionally, they are backed by a lifetime warranty and they are ready to install. The difference between the two models is that the first one has a maximum flow rate of 10 gallons per minute, while the second one has a maximum flow rate of 15 gallons per minute.

  • Electricity is not required for it to operate
  • Salt-free water softener – presents a healthy alternative to scale buildup prevention
  • Versatility in installation placement – either install it outside or inside
  • Leaves beneficial minerals in the water you consume for your health to be boosted by them
  • Comes ready to install – you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional installation

A whole house water softener you will not see your life without, the NaturSoft might come at a price which seems spicy for some, but it is worth every cent as it delivers a healthy and natural manner to soften hard water. Furthermore, it boasts superior contaminant removal capabilities that make it one of the healthiest options in terms of water filtration, leaving beneficial minerals while eliminating harmful contaminants.

Fluoride Water Filter System

It comes as an alternative to excessive fluoride found in city water supplies. The side effects of this substance are numerous, so if excess fluoride in tap water is an issue, you must tackle it immediately by installing a filter to reduce it. The Fluoride System uses a high-grade BoneChar carbon and it comes with a 5-micron pre-filter system that is specially designed to protect home appliances from any sediment build up. The pre-filter has to be changed every 6-9 months and it comes with the needed mounting hardware. According to the manufacturer, the maximum operating pressure and temperature are within the normal limits, 25-80 PSI and 36-120 F, while the maximum flow rate is of 15 gallons per minute. We end with naother aspect which impresses, more precisely that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Non-electric system – protects the environment as well as your wallet
  • Unique filter design enables it to remove fluoride
  • Lifetime warranty – never worry about replacement or repair costs
  • Maintenance-free design ensures you will not waste too much time tending to this filtration system

What determines us to recommend it so confidently is its capability to rid the water you use for different purposes, including hydration, of the dreadful fluoride. A contaminant found in dangerous quantities in tap water, it is refreshing to see there exist adequate solutions to eliminating it and leading a healthier life as a direct result of this thorough water purification.

Premium PC600

The PC600 is suitable for homes with 1-3 bathrooms and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. According to the manufacturer specifications, the maximum flow rate is 10 gallons per minute and the recommended operating pressure and temperature are 25-80 PSI and 36-129 F. In terms of water purification, it uses 4 filtration stages that work together to provide clean and safe water for the entire house. The first stage consists of a sediment pre-filter that reduces sand, debris, and sediment, and that has to be replaced every 6-9 months. For the second and third stages, it uses granular activated carbon media, which are a blend of high-grade coconut shell based activated carbons. Due to this combination, the media will be able to filter all sorts of contaminants, including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, herbicide, pharmaceuticals and so on. The fourth and last stage will prevent and reduce the growth of bacteria and algae by using a copper and zinc oxidation media (KDF-55). In what concerns the replacement of the media, the manufacturer recommends to change them every 5 years or after purifying up to 600,000 gallons of water. Additionally, the tank width is 9 inches and the minimum floor space for installing it is 8 ¾ by 17 ½ inches.

  • Does not require electricity to run – easy on your wallet and Eco-friendly option
  • Designed to produce no water waste as it operates
  • Stress-free and reduced-cost maintenance for your convenience
  • Tank size and carbon media filter amount makes it a perfect fit for medium-sized households
  • Lengthy performance guarantee + lifetime warranty provided for parts and tank

The PC600 is a smaller and cheaper version of the PC1000. Aside from the minor difference in size that makes it better suited for medium-sized households, it boasts the same traits and features as the aforementioned system. Easy to install and not costly when it comes to maintenance and replacements, it is an investment you must consider making.

Premium PC1000

The PC1000 is recommended for larger homes with 4-6 bathrooms, and the difference between it and the PC600 model is that it has a greater maximum flow rate, which is 15 gallons per minute. Additionally, the media has to be replaced every 5 years or 1,000,000 gallons of water. In what concerns the tank width, it is a little larger, measuring 11 inches in width, and it requires minimum floor space for installing of at least 10.5 by 21 inches. In terms of efficiency, it removes the same contaminants and use the same technology to filter the water as the PC600.

  • Helps inhibit the growth of bacteria – specially designed media ensures bacteria-free water
  • Large tank increases system’s overall lifespan and performance – holds more carbon filtration media than regular filtration systems
  • Cheap replacement costs – filters are significantly cheaper than what competitors offer
  • Healthier water – not even bottled water compares to what this system delivers

A whole house water filter you will not regret purchasing, the PC1000 delivers more advantageous elements than we have space to list – large tank that can hold a big amount of carbon media, cheap replacement filters, little maintenance required, capability to rid the water you use of numerous impurities, including bacteria, and so on.

High-Flow & Estate Filters

The High-Flow & Estate Home Filters are great because they provide better flow and they can be used as an alternative to the Premium Whole House Water Filter Systems. Due to the fact that the Carbon Series uses a granular activated carbon produced from coconut shell, the chlorine, chloramines, sediment, tastes, odors or any other and harmful chemicals are significantly reduced. The non-chemically impregnated activated carbon is very efficient in decomposing noxious compounds, thus reducing a great number of organic species that may exist in the water. These filters come in 4 different models, PC1354, PC1665, PC1865, PC2162, each of them having a different flow rate and different size. The PC1354 has a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute and the tank measures 58 inches by 13 inches. The PC1665 has a flow rate of 25 gallons per minute and the tank measures 70 inches by 28 inches. The PC1865 has a flow rate of 30 gallons per minute, the tank measuring 70 inches by 19 inches. Lastly, the PC2162 has a flow rate of 35 gallons per minute, and the tank measures 67 inches by 22 inches. All these systems are backed by a 10-year warranty, except for the PC1354 model that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • No more unpleasant odors or funky taste – you will love drinking water after installing it
  • Requires solely that you replace the media, not the complete system like other whole house filters do
  • Ability to reduce multiple contaminants ensures healthy water to bathe/shower with – softer skin and hair
  • Beneficial minerals are left in – your health will greatly benefit from drinking the water it produces
  • Specially designed to prevent any water waste from occurring

Although it is quite an expensive option to go with, it is one we nonetheless recommend, especially for those who live in large houses – if you go for the PC1345 or the PC1665, you can install the system even for a medium or small-sized household. Catering to all of your needs in terms of improving water quality, any of the products in this category are worth your money and attention.

The UV Systems

The UV Systems offer us the possibility to choose from a large list of products. Their main purpose is to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses with the help of ultraviolet light. It will add extra protection for your water filters by passing the water through a stainless steel chamber where it is exposed to a UV lamp. Moreover, all these UV Systems are certified by NSF and they have germicidal properties, being very safe and efficient.

Basic Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System

The Basic UV Systems include two models PUF-7 and PUV-14. Both offer the same advantages by using environmentally friendly UV light. They are easy to install and maintain, and they feature warning lights that activate whenever there is a certain problem, even featuring a safety cap to prevent children from accessing them. Furthermore, they have a lamp timer display and the maximum operating pressure and temperature recommended by the manufacturer is 4-125 PSI and 32-122 F. They can be easily installed in either a vertical or horizontal position and they come with a generous warranty: 10-year on the chamber, 3-year on the power supply and 1-year on lamp and sensors. The difference between the two lamps is that the PUF-7 is designed for the PC600 and the PUF-14 for the PC1000. The maximum flow rate of the PUV-7 is 16 gallons per minute and the UV lamp power is 40 watts, while the PUV-14 has a maximum flow rate of 34 gallons per minute and the lamp power is of 70 watts.

  • Eco-friendly design – consumes as little energy as a 40W light bulb
  • Ability to eliminate microscopic pathogens from water – safe option for households where kids live
  • Provides a safe, natural chemical-free method to disinfect water
  • Does not affect the pleasant, natural taste and smell of your drinking water

It will completely turn your life around as it present a healthy and convenient manner to ensure healthy drinking, cooking, and bathing water. Capable of eliminating microscopic pathogens, it is the ideal choice for those who have children, keeping the small ones safe from potential illnesses they otherwise would have fallen victim to. Coming at a reasonable price and boasting a great performance, it is a recommendation we strongly make.

Premium Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection System

The Premium UV Systems are very similar to the Basic UV Systems, but as the manufacturer says, they are an improved version. In addition, they come with an operation lamp and an LCD UV display screen that ensures a more intuitive use. The first model, PUV-8 is designed for the PC600, while PUV-16 works in combination with the PC1000.

  • Gallons per minute flow range makes it a perfect fit for most homes – from 9 to 15 GPM
  • Ability to remove numerous harmful microorganisms ensures your health will always be in check
  • Chemical-free water disinfection – presents a safe and natural method to remove bacteria and other impurities
  • Leaves the water tasting and smelling better than ever

Designed to boost your health through ridding the water you consume of harmful microorganisms, it is mandatory in all households. Its fast acting operation guarantees no contaminant will end up in your drinking water. Additionally, it does not use chemicals to deliver these impressive results, an aspect we must put an accent on as it shows how safe the system actually is.

Trojan UV Pro NSF Certified

The last category of UV systems is the Trojan UVMax Pro models that are NSF certified and offer effective UV disinfection to the required 40m/J for complete disinfection. There are 4 models available, namely Pro10, Pro20, Pro30 and Pro50 and as their names say, the rated flow dose of 40 mJ/cm2 is of 10, 20, 30 and 50 gallons per minute, covering the needs of all customers. What is great about these UV lamps is that they have an age lamp alert and display, a digital diagnostic display, a dynamic flow restrictor and an alarm reset button. Additionally, they have an electropolished exterior and some interesting optional features, like the solenoid shut-off valve that shuts the water flow off in case there is an alarm. Consequently, the water will not flow until the UV will disinfect the water. The price of these UV lamps varies depending on the model that interests you, and they all come with an extended warranty of 2 years, which is more than any other UV lamp on the market.

  • Features a UV sensor that monitors ultraviolet transmittance in the water
  • Broad microorganism elimination range – specially designed to tackle more water threats than ever
  • Reasonably priced – all of these systems are fairly priced considering their performance in eliminating harmful microorganisms and the household sizes they are designed for
  • 4 models to choose between – each is best suited for different sized homes

Featuring the latest technologies and boasting the ability to kill up to 99.9% of microorganisms lurking in water that might affect your health, any of these 4 filtration systems make for great additions to modern households. Best of all, as expected from a respected manufacturer, these systems are backed by generous warranties and they are in the affordable price range.

All the products sold can be bought in combination with other products manufactured by the Pelican company, making them more accessible to people who want to improve the quality of the water in their homes. So, choose the combination that suits you best, and start using clean and safe water that will offer only benefits for you and your family.

Water Softeners

To complete the water purification process, Pelican provides advanced and highly-efficient water softeners that remove the harsh and damaging minerals from the water. The best part is that they are salt-free so the taste of the water is not modified in any way and the beneficial minerals are not eliminated.

They are used to make the water softer in order to prevent limescale that could damage your appliances and affect your skin and hair. If the water in your home is hard, you will often notice limescale deposits after cleaning the bathroom and on the internal parts of the dishwasher or washing machine, and even have a feeling of dry skin after bathing. A softener can solve all these issues by conditioning the water without making it feel slippery. The systems can be installed either indoors or outdoors – just make sure that you keep them away from freezing temperatures.

The NS3 model can handle up to 3 bathrooms while the NS6 is powerful enough to handle up to 6 bathrooms. There is a pre-filter included preventing large debris from getting into the softener in order to prolong its life as well.