Keystone 95 Pint Dehumidifier

Written by June Spencer on . Posted in Keystone

A household appliance that you can't go without if there are high humidity levels indoors is the dehumidifier. But with the market being filled with such products, it can be hard to settle on a certain model. This is the... Read→

Keystone KSTAD70B 70-pint Review

Written by Jeremy Reddit on . Posted in Keystone

These days, there are many people who deal with mold, which is without a doubt very dangerous. This happens due to the fact that the humidity level in their homes is not at a proper level. If you are in the same situation... Read→

Keystone 70-Pint Dehumidifier Review

Written by Shannon Ward on . Posted in Keystone

A home can get multiple benefits from a dehumidifier because excess moisture can affect the structure of a house, encourage the creation of mold and mildew, and hasten the ruin of delicate items. Yet more than that, it... Read→

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