Friedrich Dehumidifier Reviews

This is a review of current Friedrich dehumidifiers, D50B1A and D35B1A.

While there are many ways to combat moisture and the damages it can cause at home, a good dehumidifier is still the best solution to maintain healthy humidity levels. If you’re looking for a powerful yet energy efficient portable dehumidifier with high-end features, then Friedrich is a great option for you. This American-owned brand offers indoor air quality solutions including different types of air conditioners and a line of portable dehumidifiers. 

The current Friedrich dehumidifier models are available in 50-pint and 35-pint capacity, the D50B1A, and D35B1A, respectively (formerly D70BP 70-pint dehumidifier and D50BP 50-pint). Some outstanding features of the Friedrich dehumidifiers are the built-in pump in both units with the included drain hose, as well as the well-designed front panel and control interface. To learn more about Friedrich’s performance and long-term reliability, we analyzed customer reviews on both units.

Overall, we found that Friedrich dehumidifiers are both effective and efficient in removing moisture, although they can be quite noisy at high fan speed. With the features and build quality, Friedrich is also on the high end in terms of price. In the following table, you’ll find the important features of each model. 

ModelFriedrich D50B1AFriedrich D35B1A
Moisture Removal Rate50 pints per day35 pints per day
Energy StarYesYes
Coverage Area1,200 sq. ft.1,000 sq ft
Tank Capacity16.2 pints16.2 pints
Built-in PumpYesYes
Maximum Wattage900W600W
Dimensions15 x 23.25 x 12 inches15 x 23.25 x 12 inches
Weight44.3 lbs.40 lbs.

Friedrich Dehumidifier Performance

Friedrich Dehumidifier Performance featured photo

Moisture Removal

The main purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture in the air to prevent potential humidity problems. The moisture removal rate refers to the total amount of water a dehumidifier collects in a day, typically measured in pints. Standard home dehumidifiers today have a moisture removal rate ranging from 20 to 50 pints per day. 

The Department of Energy determines these ratings and the testing conditions for home dehumidifiers such as Friedrich. From 2012, dehumidifiers were tested at 80°F and 60% humidity. However, starting early 2020, the DOE has implemented new conditions of 65°F and 60% humidity. This new testing standard is designed to present a more realistic expectation of the dehumidifier’s performance in a basement setting. Because of this, new dehumidifier ratings seem smaller than the older ones. Before, the highest capacity for most brands is usually the 70-pint dehumidifier. 

Hence, previously 50-pint and 70-pint rated Friedrich dehumidifiers are now labeled 35-pint and 50-pint, respectively. Each unit is recommended for a range of coverage areas: up to 1,000 square feet for the 35-pint and up to 1,200 square feet for the 50-pint unit. 

Since the two Friedrich models include similar features and functionality except for the moisture removal capacity, coverage area, and corresponding power consumption, the following will apply to both unless specified otherwise.

Energy Efficiency

Aide from the moisture removal capacity, official organizations such as the EPA also rate the dehumidifier’s energy efficiency. This is measured by the energy factor in liters per kilowatt-hour. Both Friedrich units are certified by Energy Star with 2L/kWh energy factor, meaning they surpass EPA’s energy efficiency requirements. This ensures that the Friedrich effectively reduces moisture and prevents its damaging effects, while also saving energy and your money in the long run. 

Noise Output

Noise can be subjective, but compressor dehumidifiers are naturally loud when operating. Although, some models have a better way of masking this buzzing noise with the more pleasant fan noise. With an exhaust on top, the fan noise is distributed more evenly, so you will not hear the compressor noise as much. Friedrich has a top exhaust, which contributes to a more pleasant noise output. Although, some users report that at high fan speed, the 50-pint model may produce a higher noise level compared to other similar units.

Friedrich Dehumidifier Features


Friedrich Dehumidifier Control Panel

The Friedrich dehumidifier features simple controls with two digital displays for the humidity and temperature/timer as well as control buttons and the usual indicator lights.

Digital Humidistat

Friedrich has custom humidity control with a digital humidistat which allows you to set your desired humidity level from 30% to 90% RH in 5% increments. The two digit display will show your target humidity level while setting, then the actual room humidity after five seconds. Unlike most other models, Friedrich does not feature a Continuous mode. When operating the dehumidifier continuously, it will only run for 23 hours then stop for one hour to reset and restart operation. In case of power failure, the unit will auto restart in your last settings upon the resume of power.

Temperature Display and Auto Defrost

Friedrich also includes a temperature sensor and display, a very handy feature that even the best dehumidifiers lack. You have the option to view the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing the button on the far right. When the unit is running, the screen displays the current temperature by default. When you press the Timer button, it will show the Timer setting for ten seconds.

Like most compressor-based dehumidifiers, Friedrich operates from 41°F to 90°F. When operating in temperatures below 54°F, frost may accumulate on the evaporator coils. When the unit senses frost, it will go into defrost mode periodically to ensure there is no frost buildup inside the machine. During this, the unit will stop dehumidifying and the defrost lamp indicator will light up. If temperatures drop below 41°F, switch off the dehumidifier.


The Timer function allows you to program the dehumidifier to automatically turn on or turn off after one to 24 hours. To program the unit to auto stop, press the Timer button while the unit is running. To set the unit to auto start, press the Timer button while the unit is off. Select the time from one to 24 hours in one hour increments.

Fan Speeds

Like most other brands, you have two options with Friedrich: Low or High fan speed. Press the Fan Speed button and the indicator light for your selected speed will illuminate on the control panel.

Drainage Options

Drain Bucket

Friedrich Dehumidifier Drain Bucket

Dehumidifiers collect condensate in an internal tank. Both the Friedrich 35-pint and 50-pint units come with a 16.2-pint water collection tank, which is on the larger side for both sizes. When the bucket is full, the dehumidifier will shut off automatically and the Bucket Full indicator light will illuminate to let you know you when you need to empty the water. 

Simply pull out the bucket from the bottom front of the unit and pour the water into the sink or drain or save it for later use. Empty the tank as soon as possible to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria. To ensure the unit’s efficiency, clean the tank at least every week with water and mild soap then wipe it off completely before replacing into the unit.

Drain Hose

Friedrich Dehumidifier Drain Hose

If you want to run your dehumidifier continuously without having to empty the bucket multiple times a day, Friedrich has an option for continuous drainage via gravity. Unlike most other portable dehumidifiers, it also includes a gravity drain hose for this function. To enable automatic draining via gravity, remove the drain cover and attach the hose to the drain port and direct the other end of the hose to a suitable drainage. Make sure the unit is on a higher, even surface and that there are no kinks or knots so that the water can flow down smoothly.

Drain Pump

Friedrich Dehumidifier Drain Pump

For even more convenient moisture extraction, both Friedrich dehumidifier models come with a built-in drain pump that can push out water up to 15 feet away or above the unit. Connect the included 17-feet long hose to the lower drain port and make sure the gravity drainage port is covered to enable the pump functionality. You can position the drain hose up towards a sink or out through a window or hole. This feature is extremely useful in large spaces like basements with no floor drain.

Design and Portability

Both Friedrich dehumidifier models are built with the same design and physical dimensions, except the 50-pint is a couple of pounds heavier since the higher capacity requires a more powerful compressor motor. For easier movement and transport from room to room, the dehumidifier features four rolling casters and a pocket handle on each side. Friedrich is a well built unit overall, from its tank design, front panel, top air vent, and easy-to-use control buttons. However, one drawback is the lack of storage for the power cord which can get in the way when moving the unit.


Friedrich Dehumidifier Filter

Dehumidifier filters improve air quality, ensure the unit’s efficiency, and protect the internal components from dust and other impurities. The Friedrich dehumidifier includes a washable and reusable air filter you can easily access by pulling it up from the front panel. Clean the air filter with water or use a vacuum cleaner and dry it out completely before reinstalling.


A dehumidifier’s warranty policy will say a lot about the unit’s quality and reliability. A longer warranty typically means the manufacturer is more confident in the product. Most dehumidifier brands offer a standard one-year limited warranty. Even top-rated Frigidaire only guarantees one year of coverage. Meanwhile, Friedrich dehumidifiers come with a one-year warranty on all parts as well as five years on the sealed refrigerant system, including the compressor, condenser, and evaporator coils.

Consumer Feedback

Friedrich offers high-quality appliances that are top choices for many homeowners. In terms of build quality and design, you can clearly see why Friedrich costs more than other similar dehumidifiers. While the manufacturer is American-based, production is done overseas like most appliance brands.

According to user reviews from online stores, Friedrich works quickly and efficiently in removing moisture. Both controls and the water collection bucket are easy to use. The unit monitors both humidity and temperature and displays accurate readouts. For continuous dehumidification in highly humid environments, the continuous draining options are very handy features. The included drain hose for gravity drainage and internal condensate pump are another advantage to Friedrich.

Overall, Friedrich dehumidifiers are a great option for home use. They are a lot more pricey than the average mid-range dehumidifier, but if you’re prepared for the cost then you’re in for a real treat. Find more customer reviews here or see Friedrich’s list of products on their website.


If for some reason you think Friedrich is not the right brand for you, here are some similar, top-performing dehumidifiers you can choose from. If you want a unit as well-built as Friedrich, then Frigidaire is a good option for its excellent quality and powerful performance. This 50-pint model is among the best for its size. It’s also available in 22-pint, 35-pint, and 50-pint with a built-in pump. 
If you want to stay on a budget, some great alternatives include the hOmeLabs and Vremi dehumidifiers. Each of these brands offers a similar range of dehumidifiers with most of the standard features and functionality, including a built-in pump for the 50-pint units. Whatever you choose, make sure to get the right size for your space to maximize your unit’s efficiency.

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