Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini Dehumidifier Review

Choosing a dehumidifier that meets your requirements can be a difficult task if you don’t have some basic knowledge about them. However, you can also rely on reviews to tell you what a product’s worth and what it can do, and use proper judgment to pick one. The one we will review in what follows is a unique type of dehumidifier, and it immediately indicates what it can be used for; it is the Eva-Dry EDV-300 Mini, a very energy efficient little device that will be very suitable for single rooms, and which offers unbelievable benefits, especially considering its size.

As you will see from its description, it is not suitable for dehumidifying entire houses, or very large spaces like a workshop or a big hall; however, it is perfect for a single room and works just as efficiently as a normal-size unit. Here are more specific details; they should help you determine whether a device like this would be suitable for you or not.


As you’ve probably realized by now, this is a mini version, measuring 2.9 inches in depth, 9 inches in width and 8.3 inches in height. It weighs about 1 pound when empty, so it is definitely very easy to transport anywhere, even in your luggage if you wish to take it on a trip. Its casing is made from durable white plastic; the front is featured with multiple small holes that suck the humid air in, and a small transparent window that allows you to see when the container is full and needs to be emptied. Although it doesn’t use any form of energy to function, it does feature a plug at the back, whose use we will explain later.


What makes it unique is the fact that it is almost completely energy efficient; instead of using electricity to function, this wireless unit functions on silica-gel technology, which is engineered to absorb moisture; you may have heard of this gel as it sometimes comes in small packages with items like shoes or other products that need to stay dry. Similarly, this model is filled with silica gel, and it also features an indicator window, which tells you when the gel has been filled with moisture.
The moisture meter crystal will turn from blue to pink when the device has absorbed its maximum level of humidity, but what’s really interesting is how you empty the device. This is where the plug at the back becomes useful; to dry out the gel, you plug the device somewhere in a vented room; contact with electricity will cause the device to produce heat, which will allow the silica gel to expand and release the moisture out, thus turning blue again and ready for use.

We have already mentioned that this isn’t designed for large spaces, but that doesn’t mean it is not efficient; it can absorb an average of 8 ounces of moisture in a few weeks. Thus, it can be useful for use in a smaller living room, in a bedroom, but even for a clothes closet that is affected by moisture. Once the gel is filled with water, there is no way it can spill or leak, the only method of releasing the moisture is by plugging it in.

Specifications Sheet

Dimensions2.9” x 9” x 8.3”
Weight1 Lbs
Area Coverage333 Square Feet
Dehumidification Capacity8-10 Oz.
Reservoir Capacity4-6 Oz.
Maximum Noise OutputN/A
Continuous DrainingNo
Fan SpeedsNo
Built-In TimerNo
Full Bucket Indicator/AlertNo
Digital DisplayNo
Warranty5 Years

Energy Efficiency

This unit is Energy Star rated, which means it consumes almost no energy to function; it only requires plugging in when it needs to dry. However, it can take up to 8 hours to completely dry it, but during this time it still won’t have great consumption of electricity.

Other Considerations

If you’re concerned about ease of use, you’re not going to find a model that is easier to use than this one; it is wireless, so you can transport it anywhere, or place it in any corner of a room. Unlike other dehumidifier types, with this one you don’t have to concern yourself with emptying the container; we’ve already explained how simple that process is, and how there is no risk of spillage or leaking.

More importantly, it has a lifespan of approximately 10 years, so you can use and reuse it for a very long time before the silica gel no longer actions properly. This is quite impressive for a device this small, and you have to admire the efficiency of this simple technology. Not only that, but it is relatively cheap as well, costing an average of $20 at most retailers. It also comes with a 5-year warranty, which means the manufacturer truly trusts and endorses this product. Thus, even if it were to function only as long as it is covered by the warranty, it is still a great deal. Also, keep in mind that this device is perfectly quiet; this is what makes it ideal for living spaces, such as bedrooms.

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