Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier Review

This is a review of the Colzer 232 PPD Dehumidifier with model number CFT4.0D.

If you’re looking for a high capacity dehumidifier for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, then you may be interested in Colzer dehumidifiers. Colzer offers a variety of units that range from a small 30-pint to a heavy duty dehumidifier like the Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier.

If you’re interested in this commercial dehumidifier, then look no further. I’ve analyzed the important features and browsed over 200 customer reviews to give you the information you need before you make a purchase. 

Colzer 232 PPD Industrial Dehumidifier 

Capacity (Max / AHAM)232 PPD / 110 PPD
Coverage Area8,000 sq. ft.
Operating Temperature41°F to 95°F
Airflow Rate353 CFM (600 CMH)
Rated Power1400W
Dimensions (H x W x D)38 x 23.4 x 21.7 inches
Weight105.8 lbs.

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High maximum moisture removal

Effortless humidity control

Large coverage area

High airflow rate

Easy to use controls


Short drain hose

No built-in condensate pump

COLZER 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier Review

Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier

Check the price and availability here.

Colzer Dehumidifier Performance

First, let’s look at how the Colzer industrial dehumidifier generally performs in average conditions.

Moisture Removal Capacity

A commercial dehumidifier is rated by the amount of moisture it can extract from the air in 24 hours, typically measured in pints per day or PPD. Most residential dehumidifiers are given ratings through standard testing determined by the Department of Energy. On the other hand, for a commercial grade dehumidifier, we consider two sets of conditions to determine the capacity to remove moisture.

One way to measure a commercial dehumidifier capacity is at 80°F and 60% humidity, as recommended by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, hence called the AHAM capacity. This should represent the actual performance of the dehumidifier more closely in an average environment. The capacity at saturation is measured at 90°F and 90% humidity. This is the maximum volume of water the dehumidifier removes in extremely hot and humid conditions. 

This Colzer industrial grade dehumidifier can remove a maximum of 232 pints (29 gallons) at saturation or 110 pints under AHAM conditions. It can cover large commercial or industrial spaces up to 8,000 square feet, such as a warehouse, workshop, and office, or residential areas, basements, and garages during humid summer months or after a flood repair.

Another feature you should take note of is the airflow rate, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This is the volume of air the dehumidifier processes per unit of time. A higher airflow rate typically means a larger coverage area, but this isn’t always the case. For instance, the Colzer 232 has a strong airflow rate of 353 CFM. With this power, it’s ideal for constant humidity control in huge industrial spaces, or for quick applications in water damage restoration after a flood or leak, or drying a new construction.

Energy Efficiency

Power consumption and energy efficiency are a common concern for customers when thinking of buying a commercial dehumidifier. I hate to tell you this, but Colzer isn’t the best in this aspect. With a rated current draw of 12 Amps, this Colzer unit is not the most energy efficient commercial dehumidifier you can find. It has a below average energy efficiency with an IEF (integrated energy factor) of only 1.55 L/kWh. It draws up to 1400 Watts when operating, which is quite high even for a unit of this capacity. 

Noise Level

Compressor-based dehumidifiers are typically noisy. Commercial dehumidifiers have large compressors which unsurprisingly can produce a really loud buzzing noise. As a general rule, the higher airflow rate the higher the noise levels. For industrial spaces or water restoration sites, this may not be a big deal, but if you work in an office or any commercial space where employees, guests, or customers stay, a noisy machine can be distracting or annoying. Like most other commercial dehumidifiers, you can expect this Colzer unit to be much louder than your usual household dehumidifier. 

Key Features and Functionality

Digital Controls

Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier digital controls

The control panel on top includes the LCD screen and four buttons with proper labels. Set it and forget it—built with an automatic humidistat, this portable commercial dehumidifier ensures hassle-free use that doesn’t require your constant attention. It allows you to set a target humidity level between 10% and 98% in the increment of 1% according to your needs. The unit will start dehumidifying only if the ambient humidity is at least 3% higher than your setting and stop when it’s 3% lower.

When turning on, the dehumidifier will show the relative humidity on the digital display before you set your desired humidity level. If you choose 30% RH or lower, the unit will operate in Continuous mode (which, if you ask me, defeats the purpose of setting an exact value beyond 30%). The screen also shows the ambient temperature, the smaller digits below the humidity display. But if the timer function is enabled, it will show the remaining time instead. 

You can program the unit to turn on or turn off automatically after one to 24 hours. To set the Timer Auto-On, press and hold the Timing/Function button for three seconds while the unit is off. The Timer icon will light up and the screen will display 00H. Adjust the timer in one hour increments and select your desired value. To set Timer Auto-Off, do the same thing when the unit is turned on. In the event of a power outage, the dehumidifier will automatically resume operation in your last selected settings when the power comes back.

Like most other compressor-based dehumidifiers, this Colzer unit operates from 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C). When the ambient temperature is below 40°F or higher than 113°F, the dehumidifier will stop working. When frost is detected on the coils, the dehumidifier will go on Auto Defrost mode and the Defrosting icon on the screen will illuminate. The compressor will stop and the fan will continue to run until all the accumulated ice has melted. The small icons on the side will light up to indicate when the fan or the compressor is running.

Continuous Drainage

The Colzer 232 PPD commercial dehumidifier drains the collected condensate through a 6.56 feet (2 meter) drain hose included with the unit. You must attach the hose into the drain outlet on the side of the unit before plugging in. Make sure the hose is directed downwards and there are no kinks or knots to allow gravity to pull the water down smoothly. If the hose provided is too short for your liking, you can use any other hose with inner diameter of ⅝ inch.

One thing I would have liked (aside from a longer drain hose) would be a built-in condensate pump. It allows the dehumidifier to drain the water automatically in a vertical direction. If you don’t have a nearby floor drain, you can have the hose run up to a sink or window to release the water. This is an extremely useful feature but built-in pumps aren’t the most durable anyway. If you want this functionality, you can purchase a separate external condensate pump and attach it to your Colzer dehumidifier. 

Build Quality and Warranty

Designed with two large semi-pneumatic wheels, two flexible front casters, and a sturdy bar handle, this compact commercial dehumidifier is easy to move from one job site to another despite its weight. It’s made with anti-collision and anti-corrosion external metal casing for easy maintenance and long life. The unit is also guaranteed with a two-year warranty while other commercial dehumidifier brands offer up to five years.

Check the price and availability here.

Consumer Feedback

The Colzer 232 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier has received mostly favorable reviews from multiple online platforms I’ve found. Similar to most commercial dehumidifiers, it’s very low maintenance yet powerful enough for large spaces and many different applications.

A number of customers use the unit as a replacement for the more common household dehumidifier. Due to its capacity, the Colzer 232 is equivalent to at least two to four 50-pint units for about three times the price. A few users note that the relative humidity in their homes or basements went from 70–80% down to 30–40% in less than 24 hours. It’s also effective in keeping large warehouses or storage areas free of excess moisture. However, like any dehumidifier, its actual performance varies depending on the size of your space and the level of humidity.

Overall, the Colzer 232 PPD dehumidifier works effectively in dehumidifying large spaces. If you’re not too concerned about energy efficiency, then this is one of the best deals you’ll find today considering its price and capacity. See more customer reviews here or find out more about Colzer products here.

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