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Has graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. While in school, she didn’t waste time at all, joggling between tending classes, studying for exams and working a part-time job at a local appliances and electronics store. June’s experience at the shop is where her interest in dehumidifiers grew as she acknowledged how life-changing these appliances can be, especially for someone suffering from allergies like her. Combining firsthand experience with dehumidifiers, her natural-born talent to write, and the knowledge she earned while in college and while working at the store, she started putting together informed reviews to help others in similar situations lead a better life.

Whirlpool WHEJL1

If you want your tap water to be clean, , and safe to drink, then it is highly recommended to install a whole house water filtration system. The Whirlpool Central water filtration system WHEJL is one of the best choices you could make these days. This system will help you get rid of many harmful contaminants, and therefore, highly protect your health.

Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

Alkaline ionized water is praised by many for its miraculous properties, delivering superior hydration to those who drink it. To benefit from drinking this amazing water yourself, we recommend that you install the Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Alkaline water ionizer, a product that we will review in this article.

Big Berkey BK4X2

When looking for a countertop water filtration system, you put two aspects ahead of everything else – design and performance. Luckily, the Big Berkey BK4X2 shines from both points of view, which makes it a smart acquisition for those who are health-conscious and care about the purity of the water they consume.

iSpring RCC7 WQA 5-Stage

If you want to live a healthier life, then it is highly recommended to consume a healthy water at all times. With the iSpring RCC7 WQA 5-stage reverse osmosis drinking water filter system you will certainly obtain the desired result since this is one of the most efficient filtration systems you can find on the market today.

Filtrete 3US-PS01

If you are looking to purchase a water filter system that provides exceptional performance, then the Filtrete 3US-PS01 is the best choice you can make. It has the ability to reduce chlorine taste and odor from your tap water and it also helps you get rid of sand, rust and sediment. In simple terms, this is the best system to use when dealing with tap water.

Whole House Water Softener System

Hard water presents a threat from multiple points of view as it not only endangers your health but affects the performance and durability of your household appliances while damaging the piping system as well. To take proper action, we recommend that you install a whole house softener system that will effectively handle your hard water issue.

Whole House Water Filter

Whole house water filters are ideal for those who live in areas where the municipal water supply is filled with contaminants that present a threat to their health and to the well-being of their household appliances, and who want to drink, cook, and bathe with clean, contaminant-free water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Superior when it comes to its hydrating capabilities, alkaline water is the preferred drink for all health conscious people. To benefit from it whenever you feel thirsty, however, you need a water ionizer, and seeing how it is an expensive acquisition, we recommend you opt for a quality machine from our roster to make sure your money is well spent.

Water Distiller

Opinions are divided when it comes to the consumption of distilled water, indeed, but its benefits are undeniable, as well as its purity. To benefit from it on demand, however, you need a water distiller for home use, and here we have selected what the market has best to offer.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis water filters use one of the most efficient methods of removing contaminants from the drinking water, their performance recommending them regardless of the severity of the situation. In this article, we will show you what are the best systems that you can buy!

Home Water Test Kit

Water quality is poor in most parts of the world, but you need to know exactly what contaminants you are confronted with in your specific area to take the right course of action when it comes to picking a water filtration system. For this, you need a home water test kit that checks for as many types of water quality issues and contaminants as possible as it provides accurate results in a matter of minutes, without the hassle of sending samples to specialized labs.

Shower Head Filter

Water contamination affects us on all fronts, even when it comes to showering as we need clean water to upkeep the health of our skin and hair. If shower water purity is an issue in your household, we recommend that you install a shower head filter to tackle removing existing contaminants and even soften hard water.

Under Sink Water Filter

If you need to filter the water that comes from a single tap in your home and you want a space-saving solution that doesn’t come at a high price, an under sink water filter is your best option by far. Check out this article to learn what your best choices at the moment are.

Faucet Water Filter

To benefit from purified water from a specific tap in your home, we recommend you install a faucet water filter as it delivers almost the same quality purification a more complex filtration system does without requiring a large investment upfront.

Water Filter Pitcher

To drink clean water whenever you need to hydrate without having to install any actual system, your best solution is a water filter pitcher. Compact in size, perfect to store in the fridge to keep the water cool, and coming at an affordable price, it makes for a smart water purification choice when you are on a budget.

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain

If you have a small household and you are looking to purchase an efficient and affordable water softener, then the WaterBoss 220 is the right choice for you. It features advanced technology and it operates smoothly with no major issues.

Aquasana Whole House Water Systems

Aquasana is, hands down, the leader of the water filtration systems market. Always bringing new products that tackle an effective removal of impurities from the water you consume, it manufactures quality whole house purification systems that impress even in the direst of situations.

Tyent UCE-11

For you to drink only high-quality alkaline ionized water in order to improve your health, you need a great performing water ionizer in your home. To find out what makes us recommend the Tyent UCE-11 model to those who are looking for a top tier water ionizer, read this review.

Bawell Platinum

The ultra-hydrating water the Bawell Platinum provides makes this water ionizer worth every penny. Easy to use and build to last, it provides you with multiple healthy water options to pick between depending on your preference and need.


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