Aquasana Whole House Water Systems

As water contamination is an issue in most U.S. households, more and more water filtration system manufacturing companies have appeared to provide effective solutions for water purification. What we and a lot of people consider as the best company to provide water purification systems is Aquasana, a manufacturer that provides a wide range of products perfectly suited for different contamination issues and household sizes.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Aquasana produces 3 whole house water filter systems. These systems are quite similar, the price differences being justified by their capacities and a few small performance features.

Rhino EQ-600 600,000 Gallons

An excellent whole house filtration system that can offer high water filtering performance for 6 years or 600,000 gallons of water is the EQ-600 which guarantees the removal of up to 97% of the toxins in your water, including the nasty chlorine. It has even received an NSF certification that ensures the highest results in protecting your health and improving the quality of your drinking water. It is designed using the unique up-flow technology that ensures the water passes through every filter cartridge before it gets to you and that contact time with the filtration media is high for purification efficiency to raise.

The EQ-600 includes a 20” pre-filter for the removal of large impurities, a copper-zinc and mineral stone filter that removes heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria, and an activated carbon filter which removes chemicals. It can remove the harmful chlorine and volatile organic chemicals that, when you bathe or shower, evaporate into the air you breathe, thus improving your health in more ways than one as air quality is increased as well. Additionally, it provides clean bathing water that lowers the risk of irritations and allergies and enhances the aspect of your skin and hair.

Besides the filtering benefits, it comes with the option of installing two additional components that increase its performance. The first one is a salt-free water softener that removes the unwanted scale buildup on your pipes and plumbing, which results in softer water that protects your appliances and is more gentle to your skin. The second addition you can make is a UV filter called Sterilight which ensures increased protection against bacteria and germs in the water and prevents their growth.

  • Reduces and even eliminates exposure to synthetic chemicals and chlorine
  • Capability to optimize contaminant reduction as it has never been seen before due to its effective 3-stage filtration
  • Helps improve air quality as VOCs and chlorine will not evaporate when you bathe or take a shower anymore
  • Optimizes your performance in the kitchen – quicker cooking times and better tasting foods are guaranteed
  • Optimizes water and filtration media contact time to enhance its contaminant removal rate
  • Some customers have reported leaks – prevent this occurrence by asking for a professional installation
  • Salt-free softener and Sterilight UV filter must be acquired separately

One of the most intelligently designed water filtration systems at the moment, the EQ-600 is the preferred choice of many as it allows freedom of any and all worries when it comes to potable water quality. Allowing you to use the purest water when cooking, drinking, or bathing, it is a definite must-have. Just remember to call in a professional if you do not possess the right skills to install it in order to prevent leaks or other defects.

Rhino EQ-1000 1,000,000 Gallons

The resistance piece of the company is this whole house water filter that can handle up to 1,000,000 gallons of water and is warranted to work perfectly for 10 years. It is composed of carefully sequenced stages which ensure high performance in removing water contaminants like heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria, and sediment. The water first runs through a 20” pre-filter that catches rust and large sediment, then it goes through the copper-zinc and activated carbon filters before reaching the 10” post filter and into your glass. Furthermore, if you spend some extra bucks you have the option to install the SimplySoft water softener and the Sterilight UV filter that enhance its performance and ensure 100% impurity-free water for use and consumption.

  • Large capacity – you will not need to make any changes for numerous years
  • Helps improve the flavor of the meals you cook
  • Promotes healthier skin and hair due to cleansing the water you bathe/shower with
  • No water waste – designed in a highly efficient manner, ensuring great results without any loss
  • Conveniently priced – a lot cheaper when compared to similar products from competitors
  • Water softener and UV filter must be purchased separately
  • It is recommended to ask for a professional installation as it isn’t the easiest process to go through without prior experience

If peace of mind is what you seek, the EQ-1000 will deliver it as it provides healthiness at a new level when it comes to the water you use and consume. Coming at a reasonable price considering its performance, it is an option we strongly recommend you take into consideration as it reduces numerous contaminants. Featuring quality filtration media and a purification process that is hard to surpass, it will never disappoint.

Rhino EQ-Well Water 500,000 Gallons

This well water whole house filtration system adapts to the filtering needs of homes supplied with well water. It can remove up to 97% of the harmful contaminants in the water, including rust, sediment, pesticides, herbicides, and industrial solvents, leaving your water tasteless and odorless. The 20” sediment pre-filter catches the large particles, then the water goes through the copper-zinc and the activated carbon cartridges before reaching the 10” sub-micron post filter that handles the remaining sediment as small as 0.35 microns. It also removes chlorine from the water, along with 99.99% of the bacteria and cysts due to the UV filter that comes with it, ensuring that the water is perfect for drinking and cooking without posing a risk to your health.

It comes ready to install, requiring no backflushing or drain lines. You simply connect both ends of the filter to the well water line and it is ready to start filtering the water. The pre and post filters can handle up to 500,000 gallons of water or 5 years of operating without the need to replace the big activated carbon filter. However, the sediment filter will need to be replaced every month to ensure the EQ Well will yield as expected.

For maximum efficiency, you can install the salt-free water softener to remove the minerals that make well water hard, just be prepared to spend some extra cash for this addition as it isn’t included with the system.

  • Easy DIY installation – no backwashing or drain lines are required
  • Complete prevention of scale – Slow Phos technology alters ionic charge in hard minerals to prevent this occurence
  • Prevents the de-mineralization of your drinking water
  • Eco-friendly option as it does not add large amounts of sodium in the water system
  • Salt-free water softener must be purchased separately
  • Sediment filter requires replacement quite often

Those who rely on well water have different needs in terms of water filtration systems, and if you are one of these people, the EQ-Well Water is the Aquasana product for you. Boasting an impressive and hard to top capacity of 500,000 gallons, it is an offer you cannot refuse, especially considering the reasonable price it comes at.

SimplySoft Salt-Free Softener

You can enjoy the efficiency of the SimplySoft water softener even if you already have a water filter installed as it is available separately. It protects your pipes and plumbing from scale buildup using the innovative NAC salt-free technology which alters the structure of hard mineral ions to prevent them from building on the pipes. However, the SimplySoft will not remove the good minerals like calcium and magnesium so you will enjoy healthy drinking water. You can forget about hard water that damages your appliances and leaves an unpleasant feeling on your skin thanks to this system that makes your water softer.

The difference between it and other softeners is that it does not add salt or other chemicals to the environment. You will never have to deal with salt bags and you won’t affect the quality of the water or alter its taste either. It is extremely efficient and is warranted to work at maximum performance for 6 years, and it is very easy to install and maintain as it does not need electricity or complicated plumbing.

  • Presents a chemical-free manner to prevent scale buildup on pipes and plumbing
  • Does not remove healthy, necessary minerals for your well-being
  • Easy to install – helps you save money on a professional installation
  • Helps prolong the lifespan of household appliances that use water to run

A softening system that inhibits scale buildup without using sodium, it presents a natural and safe manner to keep your pipes and plumbing safe. Obviously, it participates in preserving a high performance in water using appliances, so in the long run, it actually ends up saving you money in addition to protecting your health.

SteriLight UV Filter

Another excellent add-on is the UV filter that completes the process of improving the quality of drinking water. Although the copper-zinc and minerals stone filter included in the whole house filters inhibits bacteria growth, this added UV filtration ensures maximum protection against harmful viruses and cysts like giardia. It can remove up to 99.99% of the bacteria and germs, so you can use the water for drinking, cooking, or feed your baby without any health risk.

Adding this UV filter to any of the filtration systems produced by this company requires certain costs but other than that, there are no downsides to making the purchase. The water flow will remain high, around 7 gallons per minute, and it comes with all the necessary parts for a quick installation.

  • Capability to kill microorganisms lurking in potable water
  • High water flow enhances its performance efficiency
  • Easy and quick installation – takes only a few minutes if you have the right tools and knowledge

This add-on to the Rhino collection is a necessity and not a luxury as some wrongly think. What makes it a mandatory installation is its enhanced capability of tackling microorganisms by altering their genetic composition, thus leaving behind clean, bacteria-free water. Providing you with the possibility of finally cooking and bathing with water that does not contain any trace of harmful microorganisms, it is an addition we strongly recommend you install.