Air-O-Swiss U 200

In our homes, most of us breathe in a heavy, dusty air which creates many discomforts. These discomforts are even greater during the winter months or when living in a low humidity area where most people often experience dry skin, chapped lips, and many sinus problems. Fortunately, there is a device which can make these problems disappear, more precisely the U 200 from Air-O-Swiss. It is not only useful in adjusting the humidity levels in a home, but it can also freshen the air in order to create a relaxing environment which fills you with energy.


As it is designed for home use, it features an elegant and convenient design. It measures only 11″ by 16″ by 6.2″, its small footprint opening up a lot of possibilities when it comes to its placement. It has a subtle water illumination which makes it easy to use even in low light environments. Furthermore, the illumination can be switched on or off according to the user’s desires.


This is an ultrasonic cold mist product that uses ultrasonic vibrations in order to create cold mist. Unlike evaporation models, ultrasonic devices present no danger as they do not feature a reservoir filled with hot water. Unlike other humidifiers, it will not cover the furniture with a white dust caused by waster limescale.

  • Comes with a fragrance container where you can add your favorite fragrances to freshen the air in the room and breathe in pleasant smells.
  • Due to the presence of the fragrance container, you can even use it for aromatherapy sessions.
  • Uses special technologies in order to purify the air while also adding moisture to it


It is designed for rooms and spaces of up to 50 square meters. It features a demineralization cartridge which removes limescale from the water. The Ionic Silver Stick system uses the anti-microbial properties of silver, thus, the air in your home will not only smell fresh but it will actually be purified. Unlike other ultrasonic models, it is very quiet so it can even be used in an office or a bedroom without it being a disturbance.

Energy Ratings

  • On a full tank, it provides up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Features an On/Off regulator which helps make the machine more energy efficient.
  • Consumes only 20 watts when it operates – low power consumption when in use.

Ease of Use

It should only be used with untreated water and water which is not overly hard. Once a month, it should be cleaned with special products like CalcOff in order to maintain its properties. It has a removable water tank which features a comfortable handle that makes it easy to refill and maneuver. The device has analog controls which allow users to adjust the mist output as desired. It also has a corrosion-resistant membrane surface which makes it a lot more durable than similar products on the market.


  • Small footprint makes it easy to place it in a crowded room – measures 11″ by 16″ by 6.2″.
  • Features a fragrance container that allows you to practice aromatherapy and make the room smell nices than ever.
  • Recommended for use in rooms of up to 50 square meters in size.
  • Low power consumption granted by its 20-watt draw.
  • Analog controls enable you to adjsut the mist output as you please.

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